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The following bill is intended to include the laws relating to agricultural products and the laws for the prevention of the spread of contagious diseases affecting agriculture.

It comprises the substance of the several enactments found in the eighth edition of the Revised Statutes at pages 1423-30, pages 1440-57, pages 2403-7 and chapter 515 of 1890.

These laws have been grouped in one chapter; a separate article devoted to each subject; the powers and jurisdiction of the dairy commissioner have been enlarged; a department of agriculture established, and the title of his office changed to that of the commissioner of agriculture.

These changes are in accordance with the tendency of modern legislation, as indicated by chapter 515 of the Laws of 1890, and there is no other State officer upon whom the execution of all laws for the prevention of frauds in the manufacture of articles of food for domestic use can more properly be devolved.

For the same reason the Commission propose to transfer to his supervision the execution of the laws for the suppression of the diseases of domestic animals. At present the Governor is required to discharge this duty, but the executive office ought not to be burdened with a work of this character.

The prevention of the sale or use of milk taken from diseased animals is by existing laws made a part of the official duty of the dairy commissioner; and it is apparent that, if his jurisdiction is extended to the prevention of the spread of contagious diseases among domestic animals, greater uniformity and efficiency of police supervision over the entire subject will be likely to be secured.

All the penal provisions in the existing laws are to be transferred to the penal code, and a separate bill for that purpose is submitted herewith.

There is also an appendix accompanying the bill containing the laws to be repealed or superseded, with the usual cross references.

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An Act in relation to agriculture, constituting chapter

thirty-three of the general laws. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : CHAPTER XXXIII OF THE GENERAL LAWS.

ARTICLE 1. General provisions (S$ 1-13).

2. Dairy products (S$ 20–39).
3. Adulterated vinegar (S$ 50–53).
4. Flour and meal (S$ 60-70).
5. Beef and pork (S$ 80-82).
6. Hops and hay (S$ 90-96).
7. Diseases of domestic animals (S$ 100–111).
8. Miscellaneous provisions (S$ 120–129).


SECTION 1. Short title.

2. Commissioner of agriculture.
3. Power of commissioner, his assistants and employes.
4. Expert butter and cheese makers.
5. Annual report.
6. Certificate of chemist presumptive evidence.
7. Evidence. Principal's liability for acts of a rent.
8. Prosecution for penalty.
9. Disposal of fines and moneys recovered.
10. When injunction may be obtained.
11. When citizen may bring action for penalty.
12. When prosecution shall not be compelled to elect.
13. Inspection, how conducted.

1 SECTION 1. Short title.— This chapter shall be known as 2 the agricultural law.

1 82. Commissioner of agriculture.-- There shall hereafter 2 be a department of the state government known as the

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