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Section 12 of Revision.
Definition of writing." --- $ 956. The term writing"

” includes printing


Section 14 of Revision. Definition of "oath.— $ 957. The term “oath" includes an affirmation.


Section 25 of Revision. Day defined. - $ 261. Under the term “day," as employed in the phrase "first day of the week," when used in this chapter, is included all the time from midnight to midnight.


Section 2 of Revision. Subd. 9. The term “property” includes both real and personal property, things in action, money, bank bills, and all articles of value.

Section 8 of Revision. Subd. 10. The singular number includes the plural and the plural the singular.

Subd. 11. A word used in the masculine gender comprehends as well the feminine and neuter.

Subd. 12. A word used in the present tense includes the future.

Section 5 of Revision. Subd. 13. The term “person ” includes a corporation or joint association as well as a natural person. When it is used to designate a party whose property may be the subject of any offense, it also includes the state or any other state government or country which may lawfully own property in the state.

Section 3 of Revision. Subd. 14. The term “real property” includes every estate, interest and rights in lands, tenements and hereditamente.

Section 4 of Revision. Subd. 15. The term “personal property” includes every description of money, goods, chattels, effects, evidence of rights in action, and all written instruments by which any pecuniary obligation, right or title to property, real or personal, is created, acknowledged, transferted, increased, defeated, discharged or diminished, and every right of interest therein.


Section 25 of Revision. Night-time" defined. - $ 500. The words "night-time," in this chapter, include the period between sunset and sunrise.




The following draft of a county law, is designed mainly to take the place of the following statutes :

1. Chapter 12, part 1, of the Revised Statutes, entitled “Of the powers, duties and privileges of counties, and of certain county officers,” and laws since passed and relating thereto, as contained in the Revised Statutes, eighth edition, pages 1018-1083.

2. Article 1, title 1, of the laws of 1847, chapter 460, entitled “Designation of the several county prisons, and the discharge and delivery of prisoners confined therein,” as contained in the Revised Statutes, pages 2788-2791.

3. Chapter 464, laws of 1875, relating to houses of detention in the several counties, "For the safe-keeping and proper care of women and children charged with offenses, and held for trial, and for the detention of persons held as witnesses," as contained in the Revised Statutes, pages 2760 and 2761.

4. Title 17, chapter 20, part 1, of the Revised Statutes, entitled Of dogs," and other statutes since passed relating thereto, as contained in the Revised Statutes, pages 2383-2389:

5. Miscellaneous “Provisions relating collectively to towns, villages and counties, or any two of them," as contained in the Revised Statutes, pages 931-961.

6. Certain fugitive provisions in other statutes, relating to the duties of boards of supervisors.

The classification of the laws outlined in the last annual report of the commission has been adhered to, and such provisions of these statutes as more properly belong to either of the codes, have been omitted from this chapter.

Article 1, of the revision proceeds upon the theory adopted in the corporation law ($ 2), that a county is a municipal corporation, and should act, contract, sue and be sued, in its name like a natural person, and not in the name of its board of supervisors,

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