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22 six months, and the term a quarter of a year, three 23 months.

R. S., 2026, pt. 1, cb. 19, tit. 1, $$ 1-3.

(Post, pp. 1389-90.) 1 $ 24. Month. In a statute, contract or public or private 2 instrument, unless otherwise provided in such contract 3 or instrument or by law, the term month means a 4 calendar month and not a lunar month. A number of 5 months after or before a certain day shall be computed 6 by counting such number of calendar months from such 7 day, exclusive of the calendar month in which such day 8 occurs, and shall include the day of the month in the 9 last month so counted having the same numerical order 10 in days of the month as the day from which the compu11 tation is made, unless there be not so many days in the 12 last month so counted, in which case the period com13 puted shall expire with the last day of the month so 14 counted.

R. S., 2096, pt. 1, ch. 19, tit. 1, $ 4.
Id., 2514, pt. 2, ch. 4, tit. 3, § 9.

(Post, p. 1390.) 1 $ 25. Day; mode of computing days ; night-time.- A 2 calendar day includes the time from midnight to mid3 night. Sunday or any day of the week specifically 4 mentioned means a calendar day. A number of days 5 specified as a period from a certain day within which or 6 after or before which an act is authorized or required to 7 be done means such number of calendar days exclusive 8 of the calendar day from which the reckoning is made. 9 In computing any specified number of days, weeks or 10 months from a specified event, the day upon which the 11 event happens is deemed the day from which the 12 reckoning is made. The day from which any specified 13 number of days, weeks or months of time is reckoned 14 shall be excluded in making the reckoning. 15 Night-time includes the time from sunset to sunrise.

Penal Code, SS 261 and 500.
Code Civ. Pro., $ 788.
(Post, pp. 1393, 1395, 1396.)

1 $ 26. Standard time. The standard time throughout 2 this state is that of the seventy-fifth meridian of longi. 3 tude west from Greenwich, and all courts and public 4 officers, and legal and official proceedings shall be 5 regulated thereby. Any act required by or in pursuance 6 of law to be performed at or within a prescribed time, 7 shall be performed according to such standard time. R. S., 2097, pt. 1, ch. 19, tit. 1, $ 5.

L. 1884. Ch. 14. (Post, pp. 1389, 1390.)

1 $ 27. Laws of England and of the colony of New York.2 A statute of England or Great Britain shall not be 3 deemed to have had any force or effect in this state since 4 May 1, 1788. Acts of the legislature of the colony of 5 New York shall not be deemed to have had any force or 6 effect in this state since December 29, 1828. 7 The resolutions of the congress of such colony and of 8 the convention of the state of New York, shall not be 9 deemed to be laws of this state hereafter. R. S., 125, L. 1828, ch. 21, SS 3 and 4.

(Post, p. 1392.)


1 $ 28. Limiting the effect of repealing statutes. The 2 repeal hereafter or by this chapter of any provision of 3 a statute, which repeals any provision of a prior statute, 4 does not revive such prior provision, The repeal here5 after or by this chapter of any provision of a 6 statute, which amends provision of a prior 7 statute, leaves such prior provision in force unless 8 the amendatory statute be a substantial re-enact9 ment of the statute amended. The repeal of a statute 10 or part thereof shall not affect or impair any act done 11 or right accruing, accrued or acquired, or liability, 12 penalty, forfeiture or punishment incurred prior to the 13 time such repeal takes effect, but the same may be 14 asserted, enforced, prosecuted or inflicted, as fully and 15 to the same extent as if such repeal had not been 16 effected; and all actions and proceedings, civil or 17 criminal, commenced under or by virtue of any pro18 vision of a statute so repealed, and pending immediately 19 prior to the taking effect of such repeal, may be prose20 cuted and defended to final effect in the same manner as 21 they might if such provisions were not so repealed.


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1 $ 29. Re-enactment of prior statutes in a revision.-A 2 provision in a revising statute, which is a substantial 3 re-enactment of any provision of a former statute shall, 4 if such former provision be repealed, be construed as a 5 continuation of such former provision, modified or 6 amended in accordance with the language of such re-en7 actment, and not as a new enactment, and a reference 8 to such former provision shall be construed as a 9 reference to such re-enactment and continuation.


1 $ 30. Laws repealed.Of the laws enumerated in the 2 schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the 3 last column is repealed.


1 $ 31. Time of taking effect.This chapter shall take 2 effect immediately.



Sections repealed.


[blocks in formation]

Revised Statutes, part I, chapter

8, title 8 ..... Revised Statutes, part I, chapter

19, title 1...... Revised Statutes, part II, chapter

4, title 2 ...... Revised Statutes, part II, chapter

4, title 3 ..... Revised Statutes, part III, chap

ter 8, title 17. Revised Statutes, part III, chap

ter 10, title 4. Revised Statutes, part IV, chap

ter 2, title 8..
Laws 1828, chapter 20..
Laws 1828, chapter 21
Laws 1857, chapter 536.
Laws 1874, chapter 321
Laws 1877, chapter 466.
Laws 1884, chapter 14.
Laws 1886, chapter 21.
Code of Civil Procedure

[blocks in formation]

9, 10, 11 3 and 4

27. 3...


All ..

18. 27..

8. All

26. 20...

16. 29, 788, 960, and

subdivisions 6, 7,
8, 15, 17, 21, 22,
23 and 24 of sec-
tion 3343.....

13, 25, 3, 4, 2,

7, 21, 22, 20,

12, 11. 955, 956, 957 ... 18, 12, 14. 261, 500, and sub

divisions 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14 and
15 of section 718. 25, 2, 8, 5, 3,

and 4.

Code of Criminal Procedure.... Penal Code....



Laws to be Repealed by the Statutory

Construction Act.

(EXPLANATIONS.- Page reference is to eighth edition Revised Statutos. Section reference ima ediately following is to the text of the revision which will take the place of the laws repealed.)


Section 13 of Revision. $ 16. In all conveyances and other writings, executed by the comptroller, under his seal of office, and upon all commissions issued, and certificates granted by the secretary of state or the adjutant-general, it shall be lawful to affix the proper seal, by making an impression directly on the paper, which shall be as valid as if made on a wafer,

or on wax.


Sections 23, 24 and 26 of Revision. Section 1. Time shall continue to be computed in this state, according to the Gregorian or new style; and the first day of January, in every year, which has happened according to such style, since the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-two, and which sball hereafter happen, shall be reckoned to be the first day of the year.

§ 2. For the purpose of preserving the method of reckoning and computing the days of the year, in the same regular course, as near as may be, in all future times, the several years one thousand nine hundred, two thousand one hundred, two thousand two hundred, two thousand three hundred, or any other future hundredth year, of which the year two thousand shall be the first, except only every fourth hundredth year, shall not be taken to be bissextile or leap years, but shall be taken to be common years, consisting of three hundred and

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