Bank Book-keeping: A Text-book for Business Schools and for Private Students

S.S. Packard, 1897 - 88 páginas
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Página 81 - ... whether then due or not due, making proper rebate for interest on liabilities not then due, and returning the overplus, if any, to the undersigned, who agree to be and remain liable to the said bank for any deficiency arising upon such sale or sales.
Página 77 - Banking-house, furniture and fixtures.. Other real estate and mortgages owned. Due from National banks Due from State banks and bankers Due from approved reserve agents Checks and other cash items...
Página 81 - ... Bank, at its option, at any time, to appropriate and apply to the payment and extinguishment of any of the obligations or liabilities, hereinbefore referred to, whether now existing or hereafter contracted and whether then due or not due...
Página 87 - A merchant's capital is the sum of his net available resources, plus his credit. The giver of credit is a contributor of capital, and becomes, in a certain sense, a partner of the debtor, and, as such, has a perfect right to complete information of the debtor's condition at all times.
Página 68 - ... be actually paid into the hands of the Manager. The responsibility of the Association is strictly limited to the faithful .distribution by the Manager among the creditor Banks, for the time being, of the sums actually received by him ; and should any loss occur...
Página 77 - Undivided profits, less current expenses and taxes paid National bank notes outstanding State bank notes outstanding Due to other national banks Due to State banks and bankers Dividends unpaid Individual deposits...
Página 87 - Good credit in the markets of the world enables every merchant to add to his ability to do business. It gives him the use of enlarged capital, thus enabling him to carry a more complete stock, increase his sales, and magnify his profits. Large assets are...
Página 78 - Every association shall make to the Comptroller of the Currency not less than five reports during each year according to the form which may be prescribed by him, verified by the oath or affirmation of the president or cashier of such association, and attested by the signature of at least three of the directors.
Página 81 - ... bank, on deposit or otherwise, to the credit of or belonging to the undersigned, whether the said obligations or liabilities are then due or not due.
Página 81 - Bank may from time to time demand; and also hereby give to the said Bank a lien for the amount of all the liabilities aforesaid, upon all the property or securities at any time given unto or left in the possession of the said bank by the undersigned, and also upon any balance of the deposit account of the undersigned with the said Bank.

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