Stray Studies from England and Italy, Volume 1

Macmillan and Company, 1876 - 361 páginas

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Página 129 - Simon and Jude's Eve. — I went into my upper study to see some manuscripts which I was sending to Oxford. In that study hung my picture taken by the life ; and coming in, I found it fallen down upon the face, and lying on the floor, the string being broken by which it was hanged against the wall. I am almost every day threatened with my ruin in parliament. God grant this be no omen ! "Dec.
Página 22 - ... ten bodies occupying one room. It is not surprising that the street in which this occurs has for months been full of small-pox, scarlet fever, and typhus. . . . These are the sort of evils which, where there are no resident gentry, grow to a height almost incredible, and on which the remedial influence of the mere presence of a gentleman, known to be on the alert, is inestimable.
Página 135 - Most of the company gone, and I going, I heard by a gentleman of a sermon that was to be there ; and so I staid to hear it, thinking it serious, till by and by the gentleman told me it was a mockery, by one Cornet Bolton, a very gentleman-like man, that behind a chair did pray and preach like a Presbyter Scot, with all the possible imitation in grimaces and voice.
Página 191 - Lord's mill beside the stream, in the bell that swung out its summons to the crowded borough-mote, in the jealousies of craftsmen and Guilds, lay the real life of Englishmen, the life of their home and trade, their ceaseless sober struggle with oppression, their steady, unwearied battle for self-government.
Página 363 - We know of no record of the whole drama of English history to be compared with it. We know of none that is so distinctly a work of genius. * * * It is a really wonderful production. There is a freshness and originality breathing from one end to the other — a charm of style, and a power, both narrative and descriptive, which lift it altogether out of the class of books to which at first sight it might seem to belong.
Página 16 - I only teach in a night school, and do what in me lies in looking after the sick, keeping an eye upon nuisances and the like, seeing that the local authorities keep up to their work.
Página 288 - So far is the University from being older than the city, that Oxford had already seen five centuries of borough life before a student appeared within its streets.
Página 189 - Churchman read with a perfect sagacity the signs of the times. He had just stood face to face in his German prison with one who, mere reckless soldier as he seemed, had read them as clearly, as sagaciously as himself. When History drops her drums and trumpets, and learns to tell the story of Englishmen, it will find the significance of Richard, not in his crusade or in his weary wars along the Norman border, but in his lavish recognition of municipal life.
Página 135 - Eglington, till it made us all burst ; but I did wonder to have the Bishop at this time to make himself sport with things of this kind, but I perceive it was shown him as a rarity. And he took care to have the room-door shut, but there were about twenty gentlemen there : and myself infinitely pleased with the novelty.
Página 27 - Home" that life is always parting — the boy that has "gone to Canada," the "girl out at service" the little one with the golden hair that sleeps under the daisies, the old grandfather in the country — will perhaps feel with me that in counteracting the tendencies, social and industrial, which every day are sapping the healthier family affections, the sixpenny photograph is doing more for the poor than all the philanthropists in the world.

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