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Felix Holt. By George Eliot.
Foul Play. By Charles Reade.
Gotthold's Emblems. By Christian Scriver.
General Gordon. By the author of “Our Queen," etc.
Great Expectations. By Charles Dickens.
Griffith Gaunt. By Charles Reade.
Grimm's Fairy Tales. By The Brothers Grimm.
Gulliver's Travels. By Dean Swift.
Guy Mannering. By Sir Walter Scott.
Happy Find (A). By Madame Gagnebin.
Heart of Mid-Lothian. By Sir Walter Scott.
Henry Esmond. By W. M. Thackeray.
Heroes and Hero Worship. By Thomas Carlyle.
Her Only Brother. By W. Heimburg.
House at Crague (The). By Mary B. Sleight.
Hilda. Charlotte M. Braeme.
Hypatia. By Charles Kingsley.
In Far Lochaber. By William Black.
In Perils Oft. By W. H. Davenport Adams.
Ivanhoe. By Sir Walter Scott.
Jane Eyre. By Charlotte Brontë.
John Halifax. By Dinah Mulock Craik.
John Holdsworth. By W. Clark Russell.
Kenelm Chillingly. By Lord Lytton.
Kenilworth. By Sir Walter Scott.
Knickerbocker's New York. By Washington Irving.
Lady Audley's Secret. By M. E. Braddon.
Lady of Lyons and Richelieu. By Lord Lytton.
Last Days of Pompeii. By Lord Lytton.
Last of the Mohicans. By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Legend of Montrose (A). By Sir Walter Scott.
Life of Washington. By Uncle Juvinell.
Lorna Doone. By R. D. Blackmore.
Madcap Violet. By William Black.
Marquis of Peñalta. A. P. Valdés.
Maximina. By A. P. Valdés.
Martin the Skipper. By James F. Cobb.
Mutiny on the Leander. By Bernard Heldmann.
Meditations of a Parish Priest. By Joseph Roux.

Middlemarch. By George Eliot.
Mill on the Floss (The). By George Eliot.
Monastery (The). By Sir Walter Scott.
Monte Cristo. Part I. By Alexander Dumas.
Monte Cristo. Part II. By Alexander Dumas.
Mysterious Island. By Jules Verne.
Never too Late to Mend. By Charles Reade.
Nicholas Nickleby. By Charles Dickens.
Nigel. By Sir Walter Scott.
Old Mortality. By Sir Walter Scott.
Oliver Twist. By Charles Dickens.
Pathfinder (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Paying the Penalty, and other Stories.
Pickwick Papers. By Charles Dickens.
Pilot (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Pioneers (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Prairie (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Princess of Thule (A). By William Black.
Put Yourself in His Place. By Charles Reade.
Quentin Durward. By Sir Walter Scott.
Red Gauntlet. By Sir Walter Scott.
Red Rover. By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel Defoe.
Rob Roy. By Sir Walter Scott.
Romola. By George Eliot.
Salmagundi. By Washington Irving.
Sartor Resartus. By Thomas Carlyle,
Scottish Chiefs. By Jane Porter.
Sea Queen (A). By W. Clark Russell.
Shandon Bells. By William Black.
Sketch-Book (The). By Washington Irving.
Self-Help. By Samuel Smiles.
Spy (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
St. John's Eve. By Gogol.
Stories from Life. By Sarah K. Bolton.
Strange Adventures of a House Boat. William Black.
Strange Adventures of a Phaeton. By William Black.
Strange Story (A). By Lord Lytton.
Springhaven. By R. D. Blackmore.

Swiss Family Robinson.
Tale of Two Cities (A). By Charles Dickens.
Tales of a Traveller. By Washington Irving.
Talisman (The). By Sir Walter Scott.
Ten Thousand a Year Part I. By Samuel Warren.
Ten Thousand a Year. Part II. By Samuel Warren.
Terrible Temptation (A). By Charles Reade.
Thaddeus of Warsaw. By Jane Porter.
The World Went Very Well Then. By Walter Besant.
Three Guardsmen. By Alexander Dumas.
Three Times Tried.
Tom Brown at Oxford. By Thomas Hughes.
Tom Brown's Schooldays. By Thomas Hughes.
Taras Bulba. By Gogol.
Tour of the Prairies, and Spanish Voyages. By Washington Irving.
Tour of the World in Eighty Days. By Jules Verne.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. By Jules Verne.
Twenty Years After. By Alexander Dumas.
Twice-Told Tales. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Two Admirals. By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Two on a Tower. By Thomas Hardy.
Two Years Before the Mast. By R. H. Dana.
Unswerving. By Ernest Gilmore.
Vanity Fair. By W. M. Thackeray.
Vicar of Wakefield, and Paul and Virginia.
Vivian Grey. By Disraeli.
Voyage to the Cape (A). By W. Clark Russell.
Walton's Angler. By Izaak Walton.
Water Witch (The). By J. Fenimore Cooper.
Waverley. By Sir Walter Scott.
Willy Reilly. By William Carleton.
Wing and Wing. By J. Fenimore Cooper.
White Cross and Dove of Pearls.
Watchers on the Longships. By James F. Cobb.
Wooing O't (The). By Mrs. Alexander.
Zanoni. By Lord Lytton.
Alice: a Sequel to Ernest Maltravers. By Lord Lytton,
An Egyptian Princess. By Georg Ebers.
Barnaby Rudge. By Charles Dickens.

Bride of the Nile. By Georg Ebers.
Charles Auchester. By E. Berger.
Cousin Pons. By Honoré de Balzac.
Crown of Wild Olives. By Joha Ruskin.
Daughter of an Empress, The. By Louisa Muhlbach.
Dombey and Son. By Charles Dickens.
Egoist, The. By George Meredith.
First Violin, The. By Jessie Fothergill.
Frederick the Great and His Court. By Louisa Munlbach.
Gold Elsie. By E. Marlitt.
Green Mountain Boys. By Judge D. P. Thompson.
Guilderoy. By Quida.
Hardy Norseman, A. By Edna Lyall.
Harry Lorrequer. By Charles Lever.
Handy Andy. Samuel Lover.
In the Schillingscourt. By E. Marlitt.
Lothair. By Lord Beaconsfield.
Martin Chuzzlewit. By Charles Dickens.
Old Curiosity Shop. By Charles Dickens.
Old Mam'selle's Secret. By E. Marlitt.
Our Mutual Friend. By Charles Dickens.
Paul and Virginia, and Rasselas.
Pilgrim's Progress. By John Bunyan.
Rory O'More. By Samuel Lover.
Sesame and Lilies. By John Ruskin.
Silence of Dean Maitland. By Maxwell Gray.
Syrlin. By Ouida.
Uarda. By Georg Ebers.
Woman's Face, A. By Mrs. Alexander.


HALF RUSSIA, Marbled Edges. Without Red Lines. In new

and attractive style of binding. 110 vols., 12mo


Including FRANKLIN SERIES of Poetry, formerly published

by the J. W. Lovell Co.

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