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The Driginal Stories of


Sherlock Holmes


A. Conan Doyle

These world-famous sto-

riesare protected by copy-
right, and can be had
ONLY in this edition,
authorized by the author.
Each story is about Sher-
lock Holmes. The books
are not made up of frag- The
ments gathered from ma-
terial written before the
author copyrighted his
real stories in America.
The set consists of three
fine volumes, splendidly
bound in

cloth, with full-page
illustrations, gilt tops,
uncut edges, etc. We
send the three volumes on
receipt of ONE DOL-
LAR and small monthly
payments thereafter.

Introduction by James

The Sign of the Four.
A Study in Scarlet.

A Scandal in Bohemia.
A Case of Identity.
The Red-Headed

The Five Orange Pips.

Boscombe Valley
The Man with the Twisted

The Adventure of the

Blue Carbuncle.
The Adventure of the

Speckled Band.
The Adventure of the

Engineer's Thumb.
The Adventure of the

Noble Bachelor.
The Adventure of the

Beryl Coronet.
The Adventure of the
Copper Beeches.

Silver Bla ze.
The Stock - Broker's Clerk.
The Musgrave Ritual.
The Crooked Man.
The Greek Interpreter.
The Yellow Face.
The “Gloria Scott."
The Reigate Puzzle.
The Resident Patient.
The Naval Treaty.
The Final Problem.

Our Dollar Offer

We will send you the entire set of three volumes, all

charges prepaid, on receipt of $1.00. If you do not like
the bocks when they reach you, send them back at our expense, and we will return the $1.00.
If you do like them, send us $1.00 every month for five months. On receipt of your request for
these books we will enter you at once as a subscriber for one year, without additional cost to
you, for either HARPER'S MAGAZINE or HARPER'S WEEKLY. In writing, state which
periodical you want.

Address Harper & Brothers, Franklin Square, New York City

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