Acts and Resolutions of the General Assembly of the State of Florida

W. & C. Julian Bartlett, 1848

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Página 84 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened.
Página 33 - Indian title had been, at the time of such settlement, extinguished, and which has been, or shall have been surveyed prior thereto, and who shall inhabit and improve the same, and who has or shall erect a dwelling thereon, shall be, and is hereby, authorized to enter with the register of the land office...
Página 13 - A married woman; The time, during which such disability shall continue, shall not be...
Página 75 - Resolved, That his excellency the Governor be requested to forward a copy of the foregoing resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and to each of the Executives of the several States, with a request that the same may be laid before the respective Legislatures of said States.
Página 74 - That our Senators and Representative in Congress be, and they are hereby requested, to use their best exertions to...

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