Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education, for ..., Edições 2-3

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1874

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Página 96 - Any city or town may, and every city and town having more than ten thousand inhabitants shall, annually make provision for giving free instruction in industrial or mechanical drawing to persons over fifteen years of age, either in day or evening schools, under the direction of the school committee.
Página 88 - Among all the branches of instruction which, in different degrees from the highest to the lowest grade, can contribute to the technical education of either sex, drawing, in all its forms and applications, has been almost •unanimously regarded as the one which it is most important to make common.
Página 89 - Exhibition of 1867, England stood among the foremost, and in some branches of manufacture distanced the most artistic nations. It was the schools of art, and the great collection of works of industrial art at the South Kensington Museum, that accomplished this result. The United States still held her place at the foot of the column.
Página 126 - ... where engineering is taught, mechanical drawing is of necessity taught. SCHOOLS OF DESIGN In schools for the practical teaching of art, as applied to industry and manufactures, the free industrial classes for adults in Massachusetts, the Lowell free school of industrial design at the Boston institute of technology, the schools of Cooper union, the Philadelphia school of design for women, and the school of design of the University of Cincinnati complete the short list. SCHOOLS OF...
Página 94 - Just as libraries are worthless to those who cannot read, so are art collections to those who cannot comprehend them ; just as all literature is open to him who has learned to read, so is all art to him who has learned to draw, whose eye has been trained to see, and his fingers made facile to execute.
Página 90 - A few of the pupils who have shown most skill and taste are sent to the Superior Art School at Nuremberg. " Thus there have been established in the kingdom of Wurtemberg more than four hundred drawing-schools ; and this organization, which does not date back more than ten years, has already led to very decided improvements in the manufactures of the country. " It is satisfactory to know that the designers trained in these schools, if they evince any considerable degree of taste and invention, easily...
Página 93 - Indeed, this has already been exemplified in a marked degree in the different developments of the schools of science in the several States, adapting themselves, in their chief courses of instruction, to the industrial demands of their localities. So we may hope to have, in the art-future of this country, as have the different European countries, art-capitals famous for their peculiar developments.
Página 90 - School for Art-Masters. European nations competing in establishment of art-schools. — The French imperial commission in 1865, in their report, after proposing oral lectures for the instruction of apprentices and workingmen, say that " drawing, with all its applications to the different industrial arts, should be considered as the principal means to be employed ia technical instruction.
Página 90 - By the extent of the resources placed at the disposal of this special and new department, created for the purpose of enabling English industry to compete with ours, an opinion may be formed of the importance rightly attributed in England to the participation of the art of design in all industrial productions...
Página 86 - Special schools of training for special professions and industries will doubtless be provided as the need arises, but the great bulk of the population is to be trained for usefulness in the public schools of the country ; and the obvious duty of those in whose charge these schools are placed is to devise a plan by which, during the few years of average attendance, the pupils may be so trained as to be best prepared for the duties of life. It is found that merely to read, to write, and to cipher does...

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