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Durravan acted Buck-Lord Sparkle – Spatter -Bowkitt-Twineall—Jobson - Ralph — Muns Col. Feignwell Chapeau Gradus Acres Kecksey, &c.

Knight acted Orator Mum-Lucio, &c.

D. L. COMPANY AT HAY. 1792-1793.

= R.

Sept. 15. School for Scandal.

19. Haunted Tower, with Cross Purposes. Grub = Hollingsworth : Consol = Suett : Chapeau Palmer: Mrs. Grub=Mrs. Hopkins.

25. Henry 5th, and Lyar. 27. Clandestine Marriage, and Comus, by Palmer.

Oct. 4. Love makes a Man, revived with alterations. Clodio = Dodd : Carlos = Kemble: Don Lewis = King : Sancho= Suett: Don Duart = Barrymore : Antonio = Baddeley : Angelina = Mrs. Goodall : Louisa = Mrs. Powell : Elvira = Mrs. Kemble : -acted 5 times.

16. Heiress, and Cave of Trophonius.

18. Beaux Stratagem, with, never acted, Prisoner. Marcos (in love with Theresa) = Kelly : Bernardo (brother to Theresa) = Dignum : Pasqual = Sedgwick : Roberto = Suett : Lewis (the keeper of the prison)= Wewitzer : Clara (sister to Marcos)= Mrs. Crouch : Theresa (in love with Marcos) = Miss De Camp : Nina = Mrs. Bland :

-Bernardo and Clara were mutually in love- Marcos had refused his consent to their union-Bernardo had made Marcos his prisoner, and had kept him in chains for 2 yearsClara and Nina enlist under Bernardo as a soldier and a drummer-Marcos makes his escape-Clara believes that Bernardo is in love with Theresa-she attempts to kill Theresa, but is prevented—at the conclusion Marcos and Bernardo marry Theresa and Clara-this musical Romance is attributed to Rose -it bears a striking resemblance to Lindor and Clara, which was written by Fennell, and printed in 1791.

20. Not acted 10 years, Tender Husband. Capt. Clerimont=Palmer : Humphrey Gubbin = Dodd : Sir Harry Gubbin=Baddeley : Clerimont=Wroughton: Tipkin= Suett: Pounce = J. Aikin : Biddy Tipkin=Miss Farren : Mrs. Clerimont = Miss Pope: Fainlove=Mrs. Goodall : Aunt = Mrs. Hopkins:acted 3 times.

31. Wonder. Don Felix= Kemble : Lissardo = King : Col. Briton= Wroughton : Gibby = Moody : Violante= Miss Farren : Flora= Miss Pope.

Nov. 5. Richard the 3d. Richard = Kemble : King Henry = Bensley: Richmond = Palmer: Queen = Mrs. Ward.

17. Fugitive. Old Manly = Suett.

20. Inconstant. Young Mirabel = Wroughton : Duretete=Dodd : Old Mirabel=J. Aikin : Bisarre =Miss Farren : Oriana = Mrs. Goodall.

21. Never acted, Pirates. Don Altador = Kelly :

Blazio = Bannister Jun.: Don Gasparo = Suett : Donna Aurora = Mrs. Crouch : Fabulina = Signora Storache : Fidelia = Mrs. Bland :—this C. Op. in 3 acts was written by Cobb—it was acted 30 times— the songs only are printed-see Isidore de Merida D. L. Nov. 29 1827.

27. Miss in her Teens. Miss Biddy = Miss De Camp, 1st time.

Dec. 10. Belle's Stratagem. Doricourt = Whitfield : Letitia Hardy = Mrs. Goodall.

13. Tempest. Caliban = Sedgwick : Dorinda = Mrs. Powell.

15. Farm House. Aura= Mrs. Goodall, 1st time. 17. Isabella--26. Macbeth.

28. Othello, with Patron, revived. Sir Thomas Lofty = Palmer : Sir Peter Pepperpot=R. Palmer : Rust = Waldron : Puff=Baddeley : Dactyl=Suett: Dick Bever=Whitfield : Frank Younger = Bland : Juliet = Miss Heard.

31. Grecian Daughter, and Harlequin's Invasion.

Jan. 4. Douglas, with Cheats of Scapin. Scapin =Bannister Jun.: Thrifty = Suett : Gripe=Wewitzer : Shift =R. Palmer.

7. Regent-as originally.
9. Not acted 9 years, Foundling.

Young Belmont=Palmer: Faddle = Dodd : Sir Charles Raymond=J. Aikin : Col. Raymond=Wroughton : Sir Roger Belmont = Baddeley: Rosetta = Mrs. Goodall: Fidelia=rs. Kemble :- with Divorce. Qui Tam = Baddeley.

10. Muchado about Nothing. Dogberry Moody :-rest as April 30 1788.

11. Know your own Mind.

16. Not acted 5 years, Chances.

Don John = Palmer: 1st Constantia = Mrs. Powell : 2d Constantia= Miss Farren : Mother-in-law= Mrs. Hopkins.

24. On this evening there was not any play performed, from respect to the memory of the unfortu. nate monarch, Louis 16th, who was murdered in Paris on that day—Kemble, without consulting Sheridan, closed the theatre-Sheridan, who was out of town, arrived late that evening, and finding there was no play, was highly incensed at the shutting up of the theatre upon such an occasion; for, he said, it was an invariable maxim with him, that neither politics nor religion should be taken notice of in his playhouse, yet no man deplored the tragical event more sincerely thon he did. (Kelly.)

25. Cymon. Fatima= Mrs. Goodall :-with Ghost. Roger=Bannister Jun. 26. Jane Shore. Hastings

Hastings = Kemble : Dumont = Bensley : Gloster=J. Aikin: Jane Shore=Mrs. Siddons : Alicia = Mrs. Powell :-N.B. the King's Theatre having been rented to the Proprietors of D. L. with a reserve of the nights for the Italian Opera, the D. L. Patent will in future be moved on Tuesdays and Saturdays to the Theatre Royal Hay.— half price not being taken at that theatre, the performances will be reduced to the old established prices - Boxes 58.- Pit 38.—Gal. 28. — Upper Gal. 18. Feb. 9. Mary Queen of Scots. 12. King John, with No Song no Supper.

14. Not acted 7 years, Chapter of Accidents. Woodville = Palmer: Jacob = Bannister Jun.: Governour Harcourt=King, 1st time : Lord Glenmore = Bensley : Capt. Harcourt = Barrymore: Grey=J. Aikin : Vane=R. Palmer: Cecilia = Miss Farren : Bridget = Mrs. Bateman, 1st app. : Miss Mortimer = Mrs. Powell :-with Tit for Tat. Villamour = Barrymore :-- rest as before.

16. King Lear-23. Coriolanus.

25. Never acted, Anna-Palmer-Bannister Jun. -Wroughton-Suett — Mrs. Jordan-Miss PopeMrs. Powell— Mrs. Kemble, &c.—this Comedy was acted but once—it was advertised for a 2d representation on Feb. 28, but the Country Girl was substituted for it—not printed.

March 2. Not acted 6 years, Count of Narbonne. Raymond = Kemble : Austin = Bensley : Theodore = Barrymore : Hortensia = Mrs. Siddons : Adelaide =Miss De Camp, 1st time:-with Virgin Unmasked. Coupee = Bannister Jun.: Blister = Suett: Miss Lucy=Mrs. Bland.

4. As you like it. Touchstone= King : Jaques = Palmer : Orlando = Barrymore: Adam = Moody : Rosalind=Mrs. Jordan :-with Prisoner, 23d time.

5. Merchant of Venice. Shylock=Kemble : Anthonio = Bensley : Bassanio- Wroughton : Gratiano = Dodd : Launcelot = Bannister Jun.: Gobbo = Suett: Portia = Mrs. Siddons :—with Humourist.

7. She wou'd and she wou'd not, with, never acted, Ozmyn and Daraxa. Bannister Jun., Suett, Sedgwick, Barrymore, Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. Bland and Miss De Camp-acted about 5 times—this musical Romance was written by Boaden-it was founded on an interesting story in the Spanish Rogue-not printed

11. Signora Storache's bt. Pirates, with, never acted, the Prize, or 2, 5, 8, 8. Lenitive (an apothe

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