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be given to such an eccentric piece—some parts of it remind us of the Tempest and King Arthur.

Aug. 2. Mrs. S. Kemble's bt. Never acted there, Rivals. Sir Anthony Absolute = Wilson : Capt. Absolute = Palmer: Faulkland = Williamson : Acres = Bannister Jun., 1st time: Sir Lucius = Johnstone : Fag=R. Palmer: David=Edwin : Lydia Languish = Mrs. Goodall : Julia= Mrs. S. Kemble, 1st time: Mrs. Malaprop= Mrs. Webb :-with, not acted 4. years, Dead Alive. Motley = Edwin, 1st time.

6. Henry 4th pt. 1st. Falstaff=King, 1st time: Hotspur= Bensley : King=J. Aikin : Prince = Williamson :- King acted Falstaff 4 times -- Mrs. Pitt, who had played with several Falstaffs, says in a letter to her grandson, Thomas Dibdin, (see his Reminiscences vol. 1 p. 147) “I went the other night “ to see King in Falstaff, I suppose it was great, but

yet I liked it not-he undoubtedly understood the “anthor well, the rest was wanting-I well knew “ his physical inability for the character.”

9. Wilson's bt. Hail Fellow well met—with Ways and Means-and, not acted 15 years, Rehearsal. Bayes = Wilson: Gentleman Usher = Baddeley : Physician= Wewitzer: Volscius =R. Palmer: Prettyman = Palmer Jun. : Drawcansir = Edwin :—and Rights of Women.

Four vols. of Farces and Entertainments were published at Edinburgh in 1782 and 1783—2 other vols. were added in 1788–the 6th vol. contains the Rehearsal in 3 acts as altered by Wilson and acted at Edinburgh—the Rehearsal was played in 3 acts at C. G. Sep. 28 1785.

15. Johnstone's bt. Beggar's Opera. Macheath = Miss De Camp, 1st time : Jenny Diver = Mr. R. Palmer : the other characters as at Johnstone's bt. the last season.

22. Bannister's bt. Bannister Jun. acted Peeping Tom for the 1st time.

23. Never acted, Cross Partners. General Touchwood = King: Sir Charles Cullender = Wilson : Capt. Herbert=Palmer: George Cleveland (in love with Louisa Fairfax)= Williamson : Corporal Smack = Wewitzer : Maria Sydney=Mrs. Goodall : Lady Diana Dupely=Mrs. Webb : Mrs. Mutter (her woman) = Miss Fontenelle : Louisa Fairfax (in love with Cleveland) = Miss Heard : acted 9 times—this is a moderate C. by a Lady—it has a strong resemblance to the Contract-see Hay. June 12 1776 -both of them are said to be founded on the same French piece-General Touchwood and Lady Diana had been contracted—he returns from India, after an absence of 20 years—he is in love with Louisa Fairfax, whom he introduces to Lady Diana as his niece—she is in love with Cleveland, whom she introduces to the General as her nephew—the old people agree to tear their contracts, but are disappointed in their views, by finding that Cleveland is to be married to Louisa—this part of the play is pretty good-but the underplot is very improbable -about 5 years before the play begins, Capt. Herbert had fallen in love with Sophia the supposed daughter of Farmer Hobson—he had gone abroad-during his absence, Sophia Hobson had turned out to be Maria Sydney, and the daughter of a gentleman

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Herbert on his return from India, immediately sends Corporal Smack in quest of Sophia Hobson, with an intent to marry her-Smack comes back without being able to gain any intelligence of Sophia Hobson -in the mean time Herbert falls in love with Maria Sydney–Lady Diana turns off Mrs. Mutter, and takes the supposed Sophia Hobson for her womanMaria enters dressed as Sophia Ilobson-Herbert again offers her his hand-she tells him that she is really Maria Sydney and accepts his offer — Sir Charles Cullender is the best character.

28. Palmer's bt. Surrender of Calais. Ribaumont=Palmer : Madelon = Miss De Camp :-with, never acted there, Sultan. Roxalana= Mrs. Esten, 1st app. at Hay.

31. Battle of Hexham, with, never performed, in 3 acts, Two Sosias—taken froin Amphitryon-Sosia =King: Jupiter=Davies: Amphitryon=Williamson: Mercury =R. Palmer: Gripus= Wewitzer: Alcmena – Mrs. Goodall : Phædra = Miss Palmer:-acted but once—the bill said Amphitryon was altered by Garrick from Plautus and Moliere-just as if Dryden had had no hand in it.

Sep. 5. Mrs. Bannister's bt. and last app. on the stage. Mogul Tale -- Peeping Tom-and Agreeable Surprise. Laura = Mrs. Bannister :-with a Farewell Address-Mrs. S. Kemble acted Maud and Cowslip

6. Never acted, Family Compact — J. Aikin Wewitzer - Baddeley - Bannister Jun.- R. Palmer-Mrs. Brooks - Miss Fontenelle — and Mrs. Goodall ---acted 3 times this Farce is attributed

to Rose and is not printed. Field.)

(Bills from Mr.

BATH 1791-1792.

Sept. 27. Wonder.

Frederick = Charlton, 1st

app. there.

28. Percy. Elwina = Mrs. Taylor, 1st app. there. 30. Inkle and Yarico. Trudge = Durravan.

Nov. 8. Haunted Tower. Baron of Oakland = Blisset : Edward=Durravan.

29. Wild Oats. Rover = Dimond: Sir George Thunder = Blisset : Harry = Durravan: Sim = Knight : Lady Amaranth = Miss Wallis : Jane = Mrs. Knight. Jan. 17. Notoriety. Nominal

Knight : Col. Hubbub= Blisset : O'Whack = Durravan: Sophia Strangeway = Mrs. Knight : Lady Acid = Mrs. Didier.

March 6. For bt. of Miss Wallis. Romeo and Juliet. Romeo = Dimond : Mercutio = Knight: Friar=Murray : Juliet = Miss Wallis, 1st time : with Romp- £136-Dimond was so hoarse that he could not act — Knight was wounded in the thigh by Tybalt, and could not act in the Romp.

April 28. Road to Ruin. Goldfinch = Knight: Dornton = Murray: Harry Dornton = Dimond: Sophia=Mrs. Knight. May 22. Knight's bt. Duplicity.

bt. Duplicity. Osborne = Murray : Squire Turnbull=Knight : Clara = Miss Wallis : Miss Turnbull = Mrs. Knight :-with Village Lawyer. Scout=Durravan : Sheepface = Knight: -£100.

June 23. For bt. of Bath City Infirmary and Dispensary. Such things are, and Padlock -N.B. For the accommodation of the public, who have so liberally taken a greater proportion of box tickets than usual, many of whom have given Gold; the whole Pit will be converted into Boxes, and the front rows of the Gallery into Pit-£128.

The Company removed to Bristol June 18.

July 16. Murray's bt. Earl of Essex. Queen= Mrs. Murray : Rutland = Miss Wallis, 1st time :with Guardian. Young Clackit = Durravan : Harriet = Miss Wallis, 1st time : Lucy = Mrs. Knight, 1st time :-£136—Mrs. Murray, on her first coming to Bath, played several parts, but she had not acted lately; when she was in the Norwich Company she played a good line of business.

Aug. 3. Werter. Charlotte=Miss Wallis.

In the course of the season Miss Wallis acted Lady Teazle-Cecilia in Chapter of Accidents Lady Bell Bloomer-Lady Frances TouchwoodOlivia in Bold Stroke-Mrs. Euston- Arabella in More Ways—Susan in Follies of a Day—Isabella in

1. for M.-Horatiaat Bristol-Cordelia-Jane Shore.

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