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mons: Torrent=Munden : Andrew Bang=Emery : Solomon Gundy=Fawcett: Henry = C. Kemble : Barford = Kemble: Heartly = Chapman: Hog. more = Waddy: Fanny = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Glas. tonbury = Mrs. Mattocks : Amy=Miss Waddy :acted 10 times the scene lies in Yorkshire-Torrent comes to take possession of an estate which he had purchased-Sir Larry, who had ruined himself by gaming, comes to Lord Alamode's house to avoid his creditors_Lord Alamode is in London Andrew Bang and Mrs. Glastonbury are his gamekeeper and housekeeper — Jonathan Oldskirt had treated Fanny with great kindness—she is hired by Torrent for his housekeeper-Oldskirt comes with her into Yorkshire to see her settled in her placeshe prevails on him not to go with her to Torrents, but to wait at an inn for some few hours—they part -Fanny goes by mistake to Lord Alamode's instead of Torrents — Oldskirt goes to Torrents, and is much disturbed when he cannot see Fanny-Fanny is found at Lord Alamode's—she proves to be the daughter of Barford—and the play ends with the union of Henry and Fanny—this C. by Colman Jun. is on the whole a poor piece—the merit of it consists in the characters of Sir Larry, Andrew Bang, Mrs. Glastonbury, and Oldskirt—the part of Torrent, who from his indiscriminate charity on all occasions, gives the title to the play, is a caricature —that of Solomon Gundy is trumpery_Barford is superlatively dull, and the clap-traps are contemptible.

20. Zara. Osman= Master Betty, 1st time: Lusignan= Hargrave: Nerestan=C. Kemble : Zara=

Mrs. H. Siddons : Selima = Miss Marriot :-acted 5 times.

29. Hamlet = Master Betty : Ghost= Murray. May 4. Douglas. Lady Randolph=Mrs. Glover. 8. Richard 3d. Richard = Master Betty.

9. Incledon's bt. Fontainbleau. Miss Dolly Bull =Mrs. Taylor, 1st time :-with, never acted, Spanish Dollars, or the Priest of the Parish. Father O’Wholloghan = Rock : Sam Shrouds = Munden: Dick Brail=Emery : Joe Mac Mizen (in love with Nancy)= Incledon : Squire Thorn= Taylor : Farmer Wheatly (father to Nancy) = Davenport : Nancy (in love with Joe) = Miss Davies: Jenny=Miss Martyr: -Squire Thorn wants to seduce Nancy-he threatens to turn her father out of his farm for not being able to pay his rent—he makes love to Nancy with some violence-Joe, who was supposed to be dead, rescues her from him-Joe says he and his friends have landed more Spanish Dollars on the Squire's estate than would purchase it 6 times over-the scene lies on the Irish coast-this little piece was written by Cherry at Incledon's request—the author properly calls it a musical trifle.

14. Munden's bt. School of Reform. Lord Avondale=Hargrave :- with Ramah Droog, in 2 acts. O’Liffey=Rock : Margaret = Mrs. Taylor.

16. Fawcett's bt. Surrender of Calais. Eustace de St. Pierre = Kemble, 1st time : La Gloire = Faw. cett: Ribaumont=C. Kemble : O'Carrol=Waddy: 1st Carpenter = Emery: Queen = Mrs. St. Leger : Julia= Mrs. Litchfield : Madelon= Mrs. Atkins :at the end of the play, Master Mori, the young Orpheus, will perform a Concerto on the Violin-on

June 3 Blanchard and Mrs. Taylor acted La Gloire and Madelon,

22. Mrs. Litchfield's bt. Othello. Desdemona = Mrs. H. Siddons: (rest as before)—with Irish Widow, by Mrs. Litchfield.

23. Master Betty's bt. and last performance this season. Hamlet. Hamlet = Master Betty :-with an address to the audience.

25. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. H. Siddons. Macbeth. Macduff=H. Siddons : Lady Macbeth = Mrs. Siddons, being the only night of her performance during the present season.

27. By particular desire, Mrs. Siddons will perform the character of Zara—this being the 2d, and positively the last time of her acting this seasonMourning Bride, and Love a-la-Mode.

29. For bt. of Mrs. Mattocks. Road to Ruin.

30. For bt. of Mrs. T. Dibdin, and Waddy. Never acted there, Guilty, or not Guilty. Edmond Rigid= C. Kemble: Triangle=Mathews, from D. L. : Major Corslet = Munden : Sir Harry Pointer = Farley : William=Emery : Nancy=Mrs. Gibbs : Suzette = Miss Waddy : Lady Rigid = Mrs. Dibdin :-with Recruiting Serjeant. Countryman by the Young Comic Roscius from Rochester.

31. Emery's bt. School of Reform.

June 5. Rock's bt. Cure for the Heart-Ache. Vortex = Rock, 1st time.

15. (Last night) Lovers' Vows.

17. For the bt. of the Widow of the late Mr. Charles Macklin. Wonder. Don Felix = Kemble : Lissardo=Farley: Col. Briton= Hargrave: Don Pedro=Waddy: Don Lopez=Murray: Gibby= Sparks : Violante = Mrs. Jordan : Flora = Mrs. Mattocks : Isabella = Miss Marriot : Inis = Mrs. Beverley :-with Love a-la-Mode. Sir Archy=Cooke : Sir Callaghan (for that night only) = Johnstone: Squire Groom= Farley, 1st time: Beau Mordecai = Simmons : Charlotte = Miss Marriot.

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June 8. (First night) Guilty, or not Guilty ? Suzette = Mrs. Gibbs, 1st time.

10. Mountaineers. Lope Tocho = Mathews, 1st time :—with Village Lawyer. Scout = Mathews : Sheepface=Liston, from Newcastle, 1st app.

13. Road to Ruin. Old Dornton = Dowton, 1st app.

there :-with Jew and Doctor. Abednego Dowton.

14. Heir at Law. Dr. Pangloss = Dowton, 1st time: Zekiel = Liston.

18. Ways and Means, Blue Devils, and Review. Caleb Quotem= Winston, 1st app. there: Lump= Liston.

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19. John Bull. Thornberry = Dowton: Dan = Liston.

20. Inkle and Yarico. Sir Christopher Curry= Dowton :-with Mrs. Wiggins, and Hunter of the Alps.

22. Poor Gentleman. Sir Robert Bramble=Dowton, 1st time: Ollapod = Winston: Stephen Liston.

24. Iron Chest. Adam Winterton =Dowton, 1st time :-with Fortune's Frolic. Robin Roughhead= Liston.

28. Never acted, Partners—Elliston—MathewsDowton- Mrs. Gibbs—Mrs. Harlowe, &c.—acted but once—this C. is attributed to Hoare-see B. D.

July 4. Battle of Hexham, with Follies of a Day. Antonio = Dowton.

5. Chapter of Accidents. Jacob= Liston :-with Gay Deceivers. Pegasus Puncheon=Dowton.

6 or 9. Never acted there, School for Prejudice. Old Liberal = Mathews : Young Liberal= De Camp: Ephraim=Dowton : John Grouse = Liston : Fanny Liberal = Mrs. Gibbs.

10. Dramatist, and Poor Soldier.

15. Speed the Plough. Bob Handy = Elliston : Sir Abel = Mathews : Farmer Ashfield=Liston.

17. Prisoner at Large. Dowdle = Dowton : Muns = Mathews.

18. Never acted, Village, or the World's Epitome. Jack Mutable=Elliston: Process = Dowton: Ti. mothy Anvil = Mathews : Antony = Liston : Rosa Meadows = Mrs. Gibbs :- acted but twice--this Comedy is attributed to Cherry, and is not printed.

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