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the last scene Vivaldi enters as Abelino - he declares his readiness to support the conspirators—the conspirators determine that the Doge should be deposed, and that Orsano should succeed him- they draw their poniards—the soldiers whom Vivaldi, as Walstein, has under his command, now advanceby Vivaldi's orders they seize the conspirators - Vi. valdi throws off his disguise - the Doge acknowledges that he owes the safety of himself and the republic to Vivaldi -this play in 3 acts was taken from the French, and adapted to the English stage by Elliston -it is much better calculated for representation than perusal—but it pleases even in perusal—it seems from the preface to Rugantino, that the story comes originally from a German novel – see Rugantino C. G. Oct. 18 1805.

29. Bannister's bt. Country Girl. Moody=Wroughton : Sparkish (for that night only) = Bannister : Miss Peggy = Mrs. Jordan, 1st app. for 4 months :

-with, never acted, Personation, or Fairly taken in. Lord Henry = Bannister : Lady Julia = Miss De Camp :-and Comus. Comus=Elliston, 1st time : Euphrosyne = Miss De Camp.

Personation is not printed—it pleases in representation, if well acted—but every thing depends on the acting.

May 2. For bt. of the Young Roscius. Richard 3d. Richard = Young Roscius : Richmond = Pope : Queen = Mrs. Powell : --with Prize.

3. First Love. Sir Miles Mowbray = Dowton: Lady Ruby=Miss Duncan, 1st time: Mrs. Wrangle = Mrs. Harlowe, 1st time.

13. Miss De Camp's bt. All in the Wrong. Sir John Restless - Wroughton : Beverley=Elliston : Belinda = Mrs. Jordan : Lady Restless = Miss De Camp :-with Personation-and (never acted there) Castle of Sorrento. Blinyal = Elliston, 1st time : Rosina = Mrs. Mountain :--rest as at Hay. July 17 1799.

14. Wheel of Fortune. Weazel=Mathews, 1st time :—with Anatomist. Mons. le Medicin = Wewitzer: Crispin = Bannister : Old Gerald = Mathews, 1st time: Beatrice = Mrs. Harlowe.

15. Mrs. Mountain's bt. Soldier's Daughter. Mrs. Malfort = Mrs. Mountain :—with Poor Soldier. Darby Cherry: Patrick (for that night only) = Mrs. Mountain : Norah = Miss De Camp, 1st time.

17. Miss Duncan's bt. Know your own Mind. Millamour=Elliston, 1st time : Lady Bell = Miss Duncan, 1st time : Mrs. Bromley = Miss Pope : with Rosina. Belville = Kelly, 1st time: William = Miss De Camp, 1st time : Rosina = Miss Duncan, 1st time.

20. Mrs. Jordan acted Rosalind for her bt. 21. Miss Mellon's bt. She acted Mrs. Ford.

22. Miss Pope's bt. School for Scandal. Sir Peter = Wroughton : Crabtree=Collins, 1st time: Lady Teazle=Mrs. Jordan : Mrs. Candour= Miss Pope : - with Personation, and Comus-Miss Pope was now the only original performer in the School for Scandal still on the stage.

24. Kelly's bt. Irishman in London, with, never acted, Youth, Love and Folly. Florimond (in love with Clotilda)= Elliston : Louis de Linval (in love with Arinette) = Kelly: Baron de Briancourt (his

uncle) = Dowton : Antoine (an innkeeper) = Collins : Arinette (in love with Linval) = Miss De Camp : Clotilda (in love with Florimond) = Mrs. Mountain : Bona (her maid)= Mrs. Bland :-Linval had taken Arinette to his uncle's chateau, on the supposition that his uncle would not leave Paris till the summer —the Baron arrives unexpectedly, and brings Clotilda with him— Arinette disguises herself as a little jockey—the Baron insists that his nephew should marry Clotilda—in the ad act, Linval and Clotilda come to an explanation—the Baron discovers that the little jockey is a woman --and sees Florimond kneeling before Clotilda—the Baron at first is in a passion—but he afterwards allows the young people to follow their inclinations—this comic Op. in 2 acts was written by Dimond.

30. Fosbrook's bt. Jealous Wife. Charles =H. Johnston : Mrs. Oakly=Miss Duncan, 1st time :with Collins' Ode on the Passions by Elliston.

31. Miss Fisher made her 1st app. at D. L. in Little Pickle.

June 3. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. H. Johnston. Never acted there, John Bull. Job Thornberry = Bannister : Dennis Brulgruddery = Johnstone: Tom Shuffleton De Camp: Peregrine Pope: Sir Simon Rochdale = Mathews : Frank Rochdale = H. Johnston : Dan= Collins : Mary = Mrs. Mountain : Lady Caroline = Mrs. H. Johnston : Mrs. Brulgruddery = Mrs. Sparks :- with Katharine and Petruchio, by Mr. and Mrs. H. Johnston, 1st time.

4. Mrs. Jordan (by particular desire, and for that night only) acted Miss Lucy in Virgin Unmasked.

6. Elliston acted Romeo, 1st time.

10. Honey Moon. Duke Aranza= H. Johnston : Lampedo = Suett: on the 13th Russell acted Lampedo.

14. Miss Fisher's bt. Never acted there, Every one has his Fault. Sir Robert Ramble = Russell : Capt. Irwin = Pope: Solus Pope: Solus = Cherry :

Cherry : Edward = Miss Fisher : Lady Eleanor Irwin = Mrs. Johnstone, 1st time :-- with Spoild Child.

17. For bt. of Raymond and Russell. Never acted there, Way to get Married. Tangent = Russell : Toby Allspice = Cherry : Capt. Faulkner = Raymond : Caustic = Dowton : Dick Dashall = Bartley : Clementina Allspice = Mrs. Sontley : Julia Faulkner = Miss Duncan : Lady Sorrel = Mrs. Sparks :-Master Wigley, a child only 4 years and half old, will perform several pieces of military music on the bugle horn—a rage for children was created by Betty's success.

20. Lacy's bt. Spoild Child. Little Pickle = Miss Fisher :-after which, Sultan. Roxalana = Mrs. Jordan :—and Lying Valet. Sharp= Cherry : -in the course of the evening Master Wigley performed as before—and Caulfield gave his Imitations.

Richard Suett is said to have died in July—he ruined himself by drinking-a gentleman told me, that he called on Suett one morning at breakfast, and that he found him with a bottle of brandy, and a bottle of rum on the table.

Suett was a good actor, but he did not appear to advantage in the characters which Parsons had played – few performers would have played them better--but Parsons was not to be forgotten - the author of Strictures on the Performers, in 1795, observes—“Suett is too fond of distorting his features “ into grimace, and saying more than is set down “ for him—his method of delivering dialogue is how“ever entirely his own, and not in the least borrowed “ from any other actor-indeed, take him with all his “ imperfections on his head, he is a pleasant enter“ taining comedian.”

Among Suett's best characters may be reckoned -Moll Flagon-Tipple - Apathy-Dicky GossipWeazel — no part suited him better than the Drunken Porter in Feudal Times --in that part he was sure to be at home-O'Keeffe says—“ Suett “was, in my judgment, the most natural actor of any “ -his tall, thin, ungainly figure, was very comic" -Kemble, in lamenting Suett's death, observed to Kelly—“ Penruddock has lost a powerful ally in “ Suett-I have acted the part with many Weazels, “ and good ones too, but none of them could work

up my passions to the pitch Suett did–he had a “ comical impertinent way of thrusting his head “ into my face, which called forth all my irritable “ sensations—the effect upon me was irresistible.” (Kelly.)

On one evening Suett engaged to sup with a party of young men at a tavern near the Strandit was agreed that the person who should come last, was to pay for the supper--they were all to go to the play-Suett suspected, with good reason, that the agreement was made with a view to himself, as he was to act in the Farce, and to be on the stage in the last scene -as soon as the curtain was. dropt, he bolted out at the stage door, and ran

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