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20. Pizarro. Rolla = Elliston, from Bath, 1st app. : Elvira = Mrs. Johnstone, from Bath, 1st app. : Cora= Mrs. H. Johnston, 1st time.

22. Busy Body. Miranda = Mrs. Jordan.

25. Belle's Stratagem. Doricourt = Elliston, 1st time : Hardy = Dowton : Flutter = Bannister Jun.: Letitia Hardy = Mrs. Jordan.

Oct. 6. Beaux Stratagem. Archer= Elliston, 1st time : Scrub = Bannister Jun. : Mrs. Sullen = Mrs. Jordan : Cherry = Miss De Camp :—with, not acted 8 years, Richard Cour de Lion. Richard = Kelly : Matilda = Mrs. Mountain :--acted 17 times at least.

8. School for Scandal. Sir Peter Teazle = Mathews, 1st time : Charles = Elliston), 1st time: Lady Teazle= Miss Duncan, from Edinburgh, 1st app.

13. Wonder. Don Felix = Elliston, 1st time.

16. Wonder. Lissardo = Mathews, 1st time : Bannister Jun. acted at Hay. for his Father's bt.

18. As you like it. Touchstone = Bannister Jun.: Jaques = Raymond, 1st time : Orlando = Elliston : Rosalind=Miss Duncan, 1st time : Audrey – Miss Pope.

20. Never acted, Dash, or Who but He?- this musical F. was damned-Oulton says it was first produced under the title of Holiday Time -- he is probably right, as it is clear from the bill that Miss De Camp played a breeches part—the cast seems to have been—Jack Squirrel = Miss De Camp: Old Dubbs = Mathews : Morgan O'Mallawack = Jobnstone: Hoddy Doddy = Collins : Miss Matilda Clementina Octavia Dubbs (sister to Dubbs) = Miss Pope : Lucy=Mrs. Mountain.

Holiday Time, or the Schoolboy’s Frolic was printed in 1800 Dubbs is a schoolmaster his daughter, Lucy, is in love with Jack Squirrel, who is still at school under her father-Jack Squirrel passes himself on Dubbs, first as an usher, and then as Lady Dash-in the 2d act he passes himself on Miss Dubbs as an old critic-she reads to him a piece of a play which she has written -Jack and Lucy rehearse part of a scene—he carries off Lucy with the consent of Miss Dubbs—this is a poor Farce—it was written by Lathom, and had been acted by the Norwich Company.

23. Foundling changed to Beaux Stratagem. Scrub= Collins, 1st time.

25. Wife of two Husbands. Fritz = R. Palmer : -with Lyar, by Elliston.

27. Provoked Husband. Lord Townly Pope : Squire Richard = Collins : John Moody = Suett: Lady Townly=Miss Duncan, 1st time.

31. Mathews acted John Moody, 1st time.

Nov. 1. Not acted 10 years, Foundling. Young Belmont = Elliston : Sir Charles Raymond=Wroughton : Faddle = De Camp: Col. Raymond = Raymond : Sir Robert Belmont = Cherry: Rosetta = Mrs. Jordan : Fidelia = Miss Cherry, 3d app. :-acted but once.

2. Mountaineers. Octavian = Elliston: - with Of Age To-morrow. Baron Willinhurst = Bannister :-Jun. was omitted in the bill, his Father being just dead.

3. Much ado. Benedick=Elliston ; Leonato = Wroughton : Dogberry = Suett: Beatrice = Mrs. Jordan.

[blocks in formation]

5. She Stoops to Conquer. Miss Hardcastle = Miss Duncan, 1st time :-rest as Jan. 7 1801. 6. Stranger

-9. George Barnwell. 13. Rivals. Faulkland = Elliston, 1st time : Lydia Languish = Mrs. Jordan : Julia = Mrs. H. Johnston, 1st time.

14. Recruiting Officer. Plume = Barrymore : Brazen = Bannister: Kite = R. Palmer : Bullock = Dowton : Costar Pearmain=Collins : Thomas Appletree = Mathews: Sylvia = Miss Duncan, 1st time: Rose = Miss Mellon.

16. Way to keep him. Mrs. Lovemore = Mrs. H. Johnston: - with Citizen. Maria = Miss Duncan,

20. Lovers' Vows. Agatha Friburg = Mrs. Johnstone, 1st time: with, never acted, Matrimony. Delaval = Elliston : Baron de Limburg – Dowton : O’Cloghorty (his gamekeeper) = Johnstone : Clara = Mrs. Jordan : Lisetta (her maid) = Mrs. Bland :acted with success—Delaval and Clara had married for love—they had afterwards had a serious rupture without any real cause of reproach on either side, the minister, who is Clara's uncle, sends them separa tely to the castle of Limburg, which is at a short distance from Berlin---they are made to believe that the castle is a prison-that the Baron is the governour of it—and O'Cloghorty the gaoler-Delaval and Clara are much surprised when they meetthey at first renew their quarrel, but at the conclusion they become more attached than ever-the Baron tells them that all which had been done was only meant as a friendly lesson to them—this comic Op by Kenney is professedly taken from the French - it has a tolerable degree of merit, and would have had more, if an Irishman had not been improperly introduced for the sake of Johnstone.

23. Busy Body. Miranda = Miss Duncan, 1st time.

24. Hamlet = Elliston, 1st time :--he acted the part 5 times.

29. Miss Duncan acted Letitia Hardy, 1st time. 30. Deaf and Dumb, with Matrimony, 10th time.

Dec. 7. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Col. Feignwell = Bannister : Obediah Prim = Dowton: Periwinkle = Suett.

10. Douglas. Norval = the Young Roscius, his 1st app. at D. L. :— the Young Roscius was announced at C. G. as Master Betty

Garrick was properly called Roscius, but when the name was given to a boy, it sunk into contempt-Roscii and Rosciæ sprang up like mushrooms.

“ When Roscius was an actor in Rome,” his reputation was so great, that whoever particularly excelled in any art, was called Roscius.

Cicero (in his Oration for Archias) says _“ Who “ of us is so rustic and unfeeling as not to have “ been affected lately by the death of Roscius ? who, “ tho' he died in a good age yet, for the excellence “ and beauty of his performance, ought to have lived 66 for ever" —Plutarch tells us, that Roscius was in the highest favour with Sylla, in the latter part of his life, when he had laid down the dictatorshipHorace says

Que gravis Æsopus, quæ doctus Roscius egit.

The use of the Mask on the Greek and Latin stage was a vile contrivance, as it precluded all change of countenance-if Garrick and Mrs. Siddons had acted in a mask, they would have been upon a level with other first rate performers—it was the expression of countenance which gave them a decided superiority--the mask however had its conveniences—it prevented what we too often see on the English stage—an old character with a young face, and vice versâ—to Roscius himself it was of singular advantage, as he squinted so confoundedly, that in a modern theatre, all his talents would not, without difficulty, have overcome that natural defect. (Cicero.)

Dec. 11. Not acted 7 years, Heiress. Sir Cle ment Flint = Cherry : Clifford = Pope : Lord Gayville = Barrymore: Alscrip= Suett: Lady Emily = Miss Duncan : Miss Alscrip = Miss De Camp.

15. Barbarossa. Achmet = Young Roscius : Barbarossa = Raymond : Zaphira = Mrs. Powell :—with Spoild Child. Little Pickle=Miss De Camp.

21. Rule a Wife, with Doctor and Apothecary.

27. Richard 3d – Elliston, 1st time : Richmond= Pope.

29. Never acted, Land we live in. Sir Rowland English = Wroughton : Young Melville (son to Sir Edward)= Elliston : Dexter (his servant) = Bannister: Sir Harry Lovelace = Barrymore: Harcourt = De Camp: Sir Edward Melville = Powell : Larry Macboof=Johnstone : Robert = Mathews : Rightly = Raymond : Lady Lovelace = Mrs. Jordan : Liddy (her maid) = Miss Pope : Miss Betty (daughter to Sir Rowland) = Miss De Camp: Mrs. Doublecharge

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