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Sadboy = Bannister Jun.: Clod = Mathews : Dipah Mrs. Gibbs : --with Mrs. Wiggins, in one act, and Raising the Wind.

Sept. 6. Never acted there, George Barnwell. George Barnwell = Elliston : Millwood = Mrs. Litchfield : Lucy=Mrs. Gibbs.

10. Under the sanction of his Majesty-Mr. Elliston respectfully informs the Public that his bt. will take place at the Opera House-Pizarro and Love Laughs at Lock-smiths—at Hay. prices.

When the doors were opened, the press was so violent, that it was impossible to take the money, and numbers rushed in without paying — Elliston accommodated those who could not obtain situations in front, as well as he could behind--when the curtain drew up, the stage was filled with people, (Oulton )-- as in former times.

12. For bt. of Mrs. Gibbs. Not acted 20 years, Love in a Village. Justice Woodcock = Mathews : Hawthorn = Taylor : Hodge = Bannister Jun., 1st time, and for that night only : Madge= Mrs. Gibbs, 1st time.

Oct. 16. For bt. of Bannister. Ways and Means. Sir David Dunder = Bannister Jun. : Young Random = Bartley : Scruple = De Camp: Tiptoe Palmer: Kitty = Mrs. Gibbs : Lady Dunder = Mrs. Davenport :---after which, Honest Thieves. Teague =Johnstone: Obediah = Munden : Abel = Simmons: Col. Careless = Bartley : Ruth = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Day= Mrs. Davenport :—with several songs, and Rival Soldiers. Nipperkin = Munden :-Mr. Bannister respectfully informs the public, that on account

= R.

of his present severe illness, which renders it impossible for him to have the honour of appearing on his benefit night, the proprietors of D. L. and C. G. have in the most liberal manner granted their permission, and the performers of their respective theatres have in the kindest manner offered their assistance.

Bannister died Oct. 26–in the course of the season he had acted Compton and some small singing characters—he was not only a singer, but an actor_his Steady, &c. were good-his Caliban and Grimbald were excellent-his voice and figure were peculiarly suited to these 2 characters.

BATH 1803-1804.

Oct. 8. Mountaineers. Sadi = Lovegrove.

Nov. 17. Maid of Bristol. Ben Block = Elliston : Stella = Mrs. Edwin :—with Love Laughs at Locksmiths : Beldare = Elliston : Risk = Edwin: Solomon Lob= Taylor : Totterton = Evans :—he played this part very well.

Dec. 3. Marriage Promise. Tandein = Edwin : Emma= Miss Fisher, her 1st app. on any stage.

15. Macbeth=Elliston :-with Camp. Gauge = Edwin: William = Taylor : Nell = Mrs. Taylor : Nancy=Mrs. Edwin.

29. Raising the Wind. Diddler=Elliston : Sam = Taylor.

Feb. 7 and 14. H. Caulfield, late of C. G., acted Richard 3d, and Hamlet.

23. Bath and Bristol Theatrical Fund. Henry 4th part 1st-7 of the principal characters were performed by independent Gentlemen—they acted another night at Bristol, when Mr. Joseph Maddocks, so well known as a performer in the Margravine of Anspach's theatre, was Falstaff - this Gentleman was not like the generality of Amateurs—he is said to have really played Falstaff better than any of the regular actors at this time on the stage-he acted the part at several of the public theatres—and would have acted it on this night at Bath, if due notice had been given to him.

25. H. Caulfield acted Ranger, and the Lyar, for his bt.

28. Elliston's last bt.-- he acted Belcour-Sylvester Daggerwood -- and Capt. Beldare.

March 3. Mrs. Johnstone acted Elvira for her bt.

6. Mrs. Edwin's bt. Provoked Husband. Sir Francis = Blisset, 1st and only app. this season : with Blue Beard. Irene (for that night) = Mrs. Edwin :—the whole of the pit was turned into boxes, and part of the gallery was railed off at pit prices -Elliston had done the same at his bt. -

- they both made an apology in the bill.

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8. Eyre's bt. Lionel and Clarissa. Lionel=Elliston : Sir John Flowerdale = Eyre : Jessamy=Lovegrove : Col. Oldboy = Edwin : Clarissa = Mrs. Edwin.

10. Sedley's bt. Henry 8th = Eyre : Wolsey = Elliston, 1st time:-with Spanish Barber. Tallboy= Elliston :-Elliston did not act so well as usualWolsey was not suited to him.

17. Bennett's bt. Blisset acted Daniel Dowlas, and Justice Credulous, in St. Patrick's Day.

24. Egerton acted Goldfinch for his bt.

April 21. Wife of two Husbands. Carronade = Edwin : Count Belfior= Egerton : Theodore=Mrs. Edwin.

28. Hero of the North. Gustavus Vasa = Ellis. ton: Gabriel = Lovegrove: Princess Gunilda = Mrs. Edwin.

May 8. Last night of Elliston's engagement—he
acted Rolla and the Lyar-he had acted many of his
usual parts in the course of the season.
· 10. Soldier's Daughter. Governor Heartall =
Edwin : Timothy Quaint = Lovegrove : Widow
Cheerly = Mrs. Edwin.

22. Lovegrove acted Lord Ogleby for his half bt.
24. Who's the Dupe ? Doiley= Blisset.
26. As you like it. Jaques = Egerton.

31. For bt. of Miss Summers and Webber. Point of Honour. Durimel = Egerton :-with Farm-house. Modely= Egerton : Aura = Mrs. Edwin :—and Devil to Pay. Nell (for that night only)=Mrs. Edwin.

June 5. Heir at Law. Dr. Pangloss = Lovegrove, 1st time : Daniel Dowlas = Blisset.

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Sep. 3 1804.

Othello =

Meggett: Roderigo = Melvin : Æmilia = Miss Smith :--with Raising the Wind. Diddler=Melvin : Sam= Knight.

17. John Bull. Tom Shuffleton = Melvin : Dan =Knight : Lady Caroline = Miss Smith :—with Jew and Doctor. Abednego = Melvin : Old Bromley = Knight : Emily = Miss Smith.

20. Will for the Deed. Old Hairbrain= Knight : Motto = Melvin :--with Highland Reel. Shelty = Knight:boxes 38.--pit 28. - gallery 1s.

D. L. 1804–1805.

Sept. 15. Soldier's Daughter. Mrs. Malfort = Mrs. H. Johnston, 1st time.

18. She wou'd and She wou'd not. Don Manuel = Mathews, from Hay., 1st app. : Hypolita

= Miss De Camp:

with Devil to Pay. Nell = Mrs. Jordan.

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