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Dibdin—it is professedly founded on the novel of the Reprobate.

June 13. Heir at Law. Dr. Pangloss = Bannister Jun., 1st time : Daniel Dowlas = Mathews : Dick Dowlas = Elliston, 1st time: Zekiel = De Camp : Cecily = Mrs. Gibbs :—with Children in the Wood. Walter = Bannister Jun., his 1st app. this season.

14. As you like it. Touchstone = Bannister Jun.: Jaques =R. Palmer : Orlando = Elliston : Rosalind= Lady, 1st app. : Audrey=Mrs. Gibbs :-with Son in Law. Cranky=Mathews : Bowkitt = Bannister Jun.

15. Bannister Jun. acted Sir David Dunder-Sylvester Daggerwood --and Peeping Tom.

16. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Col. Feignwell Bannister Jun: Periwinkle = Mathews : Anne Lovely=Mrs. Gibbs.

20. Purse—with Lyar, by Elliston-and, never acted, Enchanted Island - the bill states-that the story is founded on Shakspeare's Tempest—the incidents which he has mentioned as having preceded the scenes of his play, are given in action, and form the basis of this Ballet-the Enchanted Island was acted about 37 times it was put together by Fawcett-a description of it, with the songs and choruses, was printed-it concluded with the union of Ferdinand and Miranda, as in the Tempest.

23. Village Lawyer. Scout = Bannister Jun. : Sheepface=Mathews.

July 3. Guilty or not Guilty, with, never acted, Hunter of the Alps. Felix = Elliston : Rosalvi = Chapman : Jeronymo (steward to Felix)= Mathews : Juan (in love with Genevieve) Taylor : Baptista (an innkeeper) = R. Palmer: Rosalvi's children =

Miss H. Kelly and Master Horrebow : Helena di Rosalvi = Mrs. Gibbs : Genevieve (in love with Juan) = Mrs. Taylor :-acted about 17 times—Felix returns from India with a good fortune-he is very desirous to find his brother, but can hear no tidings of him-Rosalvi and his family are reduced to great distress - Felix loses his way in a forest-Rosalvi in despair presents a pistol to Felix-he throws it away and implores his mercy-Felix gives him a purseRosalvi rushes off the stage–Felix is conducted by Rosalvi's children to their father's cottage-Rosalvi proves to be brother to Felix

to Felix this musical Drama was written by Dimond-it is a very pleasing piece.

. 6. Who's the Dupe ? Gradus = Bannister Jun. : Doiley=Matthews : Charlotte = Mrs. Gibbs.

7. Jew and Doctor. Abednego = Elliston, 1st time.

11. Good-natur'd Man, in 3 acts. Croaker = Mathews, 1st time: Lofty =R. Palmer: Honeywood = Bartley : Miss Richland = Miss Grimani : Garnet = Mrs. Gibbs :-acted 3 times.

14. Poor Gentleman. Sir Robert Bramble = Ban. nister Jun., 1st time. 17. Citizen.

Old Philpot = Mathews : Young Philpot = Bannister Jun. : Maria = Mrs. Gibbs.

18. Never acted, Foul Deeds will Rise. Mortimer= Chapman : Henry (his son-in love with Lorenza) = De Camp: Ramble (Henry's servant)= Bannister Jun. : Don Ramirez (uncle to Lorenza) Archer : Paulo (an assassin) = R. Palmer : Trusty (servant to Mortimer)= Mathews : Lorenza (in love with Henry)= Miss Daniels : Griselda (her woman) – Mrs. Harlowe :- acted 5 times —21 years before this piece begins, Mortimer had been at Madrid he one night saw two men bury a young womanthe younger of the men was in grief_the elder showed by his countenance that he was accustomed to murder-the two men were Ramirez and Paulo Mortimer at that time did not know them-after his return to England he was struck with horror by meeting with Paulo in the suite of the Spanish minister— Paulo perceived Mortimer's agitation, and made his escape – at the opening of the piece, Mortimer is again at Madrid — Paulo attempts to stab Mortimer, Henry enters and arrests his arm – they exeunt fighting - Paulo is killed-Mortimer accuses Ramirez of having murdered his sister -- Ramirez is penitent-Henry marries Lorenza--the circumstances which give the title to this piece, are more suitable to a regular play than to a musical Drama in 2 acts — there is an unnatural mixture of tragedy and farce—but on the whole this Drama is not a very bad one-it was written by Arnold.

19. Battle of Hexham. Gondibert = Elliston : Gregory Gubbins = Bannister Jun.

25. John Bull. Job Thornberry= Bannister Jun.

26. Follies of a Day. Almaviva = Elliston : Antonio = Bannister Jun. : Susan = Mrs. Gibbs.

27. Road to Ruin. Goldfinch = De Camp, 1st time: Harry Dornton = Elliston: Silky = Mathews : Sulky = R. Palmer: Sophia = Mrs. Gibbs.

30. Dramatist. Vapid = Elliston : Ennui = Ma. thews: Marianne = Mirs. Gibbs.

31. Not acted 7 years, Chapter of Accidents.

Jacob - Bannister Jun.: Governor Harcourt = Ma. thews : Bridget = Mrs. Gibbs.

Aug. 4. Never acted there, Raising the Wind. Diddler = Elliston, 1st time : Sam = Mathews.

7. Miss Grimani's bt. Castle Spectre. Motley (for that night only) = Bannister Jun.: Angela = Miss Grimani :-with Paul and Virginia, by Taylor and Miss Grimani : Alhambra = Mrs. Taylor : Dominique = Mathews.

11. For bt. of Miss Daniels. Spanish Barber. Almaviva = Elliston : Lazarillo = Bannister Jun. : Dr. Bartholo=Mathews : Rosina = Miss Daniels :acted 4 times more.

15. Busy Body. Marplot = Bannister Jun.: Sir Francis = Mathews : Sir George = Elliston : Miranda = Miss Grimani : Patch = Mrs. Gibbs.

18. For bt. of R. Palmer and J. Palmer. Pizarro. Rolla = Elliston, 1st time: Orozembo=R. Palmer : Elvira = Mrs. Litchfield, for that night only : Cora= Mrs. Gibbs.

20. Jew. Sheva - Elliston :- with Obi.

22. Stranger, with, never acted, Gay Deceivers, or More Laugh than Love-written by Arthur Griffinhoof, author of the Review, and Love Laughs at Lock-smiths. Sir Harry Poppinjay (a suitor to Emily, for the sake of her fortune) = Elliston : Nehemiah Flam (partly a quaker -- servant to Welworth) = Mathews: Pegasus Puncheon (an innkeeper who pretends to be a poet) = Bannister Jun. : Trap (servant to Sir Harry) = J. Palmer : Welworth (in love with Emily) = Taylor : Candy (a rich sugar-baker) = Grove : Jenny stumps (woman to Mrs. Flaw) = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Flaw = Miss Daniels : Emily (in love with Welworth) = Miss Howells :-acted 15 times—the Gay Deceivers are Sir Harry and Trap

- they had become intimate with Mrs. Flaw and Jenny Stumps at Reading—the women follow them to Twickenham where the scene lies—Sir Harry and Trap at Reading had assumed the names of Welworth and Nehemiah Flam--this is a most improbable circumstance, but on it all the fun of the Farce turns — Jenny Stumps leaves a letter in Candy's garden directed to Nehemiah Flam, but meant for Trap—the real Nehemiah Flam answers the letter in person—in the last scene, Mrs. Flaw and Jenny Stumps come to Candy's house-Sir Harry and Trap are obliged to acknowledge their real names —and the piece concludes with the union of Welworth and Emily—this F. was not printed till 1808, when Colman Jun. thought proper to avow himself the author of it-he allows that it is a flimsy piece.

23. For bt. of Bannister Jun. Soldier's Daughter. Governor Heartall= Cherry, 1st app. there : Frank Heartall = Bannister Jun. : Timothy Quaint = Mathews : Widow Cheerly (for that night only) = Mrs. Jordan.

25. Mrs. Harlowe's bt. Tale of Mystery. Romaldi = Elliston :—with, never acted, Miller's Maid -and Blue Devils. Megrim = Elliston, 1st time : Annette = Mrs. Gibbs.

The Miller's Maid is attributed to Waldron, the songs were printed with the cast.

Taylor : Bloomly = Archer : Grist=R. Palmer: Judy Mac Gra= Mrs. Harlowe : Nancy = Miss Daniels : Dame Grist = Mrs. Ward.

27. For bt. of Mathews. Young Quaker. Young

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