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formation contained in them is not of much importance-a great part of it relates to Pantomimes, to Minor Theatres, and to his personal concerns-he was a rapid writer-very ready to oblige his friends with a song or an epilogue, and (seemingly) capable of doing better things than he did.

Wilkinson says that Knight was a man of respectable family, and that he went on the stage rather from choice than necessity -- he retired from the stage in consequence of a fortune which was left him by his uncle, and which he did not live many years to enjoy—at one time he took a house on the confines of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, and was visited by the gentlemen of the neighbourhood.

Thomas Knight engaged under Wilkinson in 1782 - he came from Edinburgh, and made his 1st app. in the York Company as Lothario - Mrs. Jordan was Calista-Knight was not well received, and Wilkinson had no hopes of him --but he soon convinced Wilkinson of his errour, and became a great favour. ite-in the drunken scenes of Charles in the Jealous Wife, and of Spatterdash in the Young Quaker, he was superiour to any actor Wilkinson had seen-at Bath he played many parts with discrimination and justice-he was particularly happy in characters of low Comedy---( Wilkinson) –Jacob Gawkey was his great part -- the Bath Company, on their return from Bristol, used to stop and sup at an inn on the road

- the ostler of this inn was a country fellow with a good deal of drollery about him-Knight used to get into conversation with him, for the sake of improving himself in his country parts. (Mrs. Summers.)

[blocks in formation]

Knights characters--selection only.

In the York Company. Charles Oakly-Spatterdash-Carbine in Fair American.

Bath 1787-1788. Copper Captain—SpatterdashRamilie in Miser — Marquis in Midnight HourTrim in Funeral — Trudge-Coupee in V. U.-Claudio in M. for M.-Dupely—Col. Briton-Dabble in Humourist-Granger in Who's the Dupe?-Trappanti-Frankly in S. H.-Prattle-Brush in C. M. -Caleb in He would be a Soldier-Lord Abberville in F. L.–Pendragon-Filch—Jacob Gawkey-Prince of Wales—at Bristol-Blunder in Honest Yorkshireman-Ben Block in Reprisal.

1788-1789. Marquis in Animal MagnetismCharles Surface-Antonio in Follies of a Day-Capt. Dormer in Word to the Wise-Spatter in E. M.Warmans in Disbanded Officer-Clown in All's Well -at Bristol – Darby.

1789-1790. Vapid-Shelty in Highland Reel Muskato in Pannel_Lackland—Jack Hustings in Natural Son-Mercutio.

1790-1791. Gregory Gubbins—Capt. BrazenDuretete-Don Vincentio in Bold Stroke.

1791-1792. Nominal in Notoriety-GuideriusBowkitt in Son in Law-Goldfinch_Sheepface. at Bristol - Dromio of Ephesus.

1792-1793. Osrick-Edward in Irishman in London-Random in Ways and Means-Sam Stern in Positive Man— Harry Herbert in Columbus-Har

mony-Moll Flagon-Jemmy Twinkle_Hob - Pistol in Henry 5th.

1793-1794. Nipperkin-Hippy in How to grow Rich-Launcelot in M. of V.-Walter in Children in the Wood—Sadi_Lazarillo in S. B.-Cameleon in Invasion-Autolycus— Muscadel in Love's Frailties-- Gentleman Usher in Lear.

1794-1795, Dicky Gossip-Jack Crotchet in BoxLobby Challenge-Twineall—Billy Bristle in Hunt the Slipper-at Bristol - Lord Sands.

The characters which Knight afterwards acted at C. G. are here omitted.

C. G. 1795-1796. Jacob Gawkey-Skirmish Sim in Wild Oats—Watty Cockney-Hodge-Squire Richard - Modely in Farm House --Farmer Harrow in Ghost – AcresFrancis in Henry 4th-Natty Maggs in London Hermit-Chapeau in Cross Purposes -- *Capt. Vain in Lock and Key-Slender-Sir Harry's Servant-* Larry Kavanagh in Lie of the Day-*Squire Turnbull in Mask'd Friend_Gratiano -Kite.

1796-1797. Jabal in Jew — * Young Testy in Abroad and at Home--Young Clackit in GuardianRoderigo — * Abel in Honest Thieves — Crazy in Peeping Tom-Sparkish.

1797-1798. Jack Meggot-Sir Charles RacketRalph in Maid of the Mill — Petulant-Dick Dow. las--*Plethora in Secrets worth Knowing-Sir Benjamin Backbite—Sir Harry Beagle-Master Stephen.

1798-1799. Tony Lumpkin — Tag in Spoild Child--Count Cassel in Lovers' Vows-Drunken Colonel in Intriguing Chambermaid—*Changeable in Jew and Doctor-Orator Mum-Goldfinch – Tag in Tag in Tribulation-Surrey in Henry 8th.

1799-1800. *Robert Maythorn in T. G.–* Timothy Starch in Wise Man of the East — * Farmer Ashfield-Gingham in Rage-Puff.

1800-1801. *Corporal Foss in Poor GentlemanSir Andrew Aguecheek.

1801-1802. Touchstone-Joey in Modern Antiques.

1802-1803. Young Philpot.
1803-1804. Lucio in M. for M.-Lenitive.

* Originally.

HAY. 1804.

May 15. Mountaineers.

16. Miss Daniels from Bath made her 1st app. in Rosina—she came to Bath as Mrs. Cooke having been married to Cooke of C. G., but she afterwards resumed her maiden name, in consequence of a cause at Doctors' Commons July 4 1801, when Sir William Scott pronounced the marriage to be null and void. ( Thespian Dictionary.)

17. Iron Chest- -18. Surrender of Calais.

23. Henry 4th part 1st. Falstaff=R. Palmer: with Sultan. Roxalana= Mrs. Taylor, from Bath,

1st app


26. Never acted, Guilty or not Guilty. Edmond Rigid (son to Lord Rigid) = Elliston : Triangle (a schoolmaster, &c.) = Mathews: Major Corslet (father to Suzette) = R. Palmer : William (in love with Nancy) Taylor : Charles (son to Balance) =Palmer Jan. : Sir Harry Pointer = De Camp: Balance (a rich merchant)=Chapman : Gregory (servant to the Major)=Grove : Lord Rigid= Archer : Dicky = Master Tokely : Suzette (privately married to Edmond Rigid) = Miss Grimani : Sophia Pointer (sister to Sir Harry) = Miss Woodfall : Nancy (in love with William) = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Balance= Mrs. Ward : Lady Rigid = Mrs. T. Woodfall : acted 22 times Edmond Rigid is generally considered as a Reprobate—he is supposed to have offered violence to his mother in law-to have made an attempt on the life of his father and to have seduced Suzette-he is also considered as having been deservedly expelled from the University and the Army -at the conclusion, every part of his character is cleared up in a .satisfactory manner-his father and Major Corslet are of course reconciled to himCharles marries Sophia-Edmond Rigid had saved Sir Harry from ruin by associating with a set of gamblers under the assumed name of Wilson-this circumstance likewise had been turned to his disad. vantage—his reluctance to enter into a vindication of himself had prolonged the misconceptions which had been formed of him—this is a moderate C. by T.

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