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D. L. 1798-1799.

Sept. 15. For bt. of Palmer's Orphan Familythe Stranger. Baron Steinfort = Barrymore: Count Wintersen - Holland : Countess Wintersen = Miss Biggs :—with Citizen. Maria = Mrs. Jordan :Barrymore succeeded to several of Palmer's characters-he was a poor substitute.

18. Macbeth. Macduff = Barrymore: Witches = R. Palmer, Wewitzer, and Suett :--with My Grandmother.

The Public are respectfully informed that Mr. J. Aikin is appointed Manager.

25. Richard the 3d = Kemble : Henry 6th = J. Aikin : Richmond = C. Kemble :

C. Kemble : Queen

Queen = Mrs. Powell : Lady Anne = Miss Miller : - - with Bon Ton. Miss Tittup = Miss Mellon.

27. Not acted 10 years, Maid of the Mill. Lord Aimworth = Kelly : Sir Harry Sycamore = Suett: Giles = Dignum : Ralph = Liggs, from Bath, 1st app. : Fairfield =J. Aikin : Mervin = Trueman : Patty= Mrs. Crouch : Fanny = Mrs. Bland : Lady Sycamore = Mrs. Walcot: Theodosia = Miss Leak :- with Agreeable Surprise. Lingo = Biggs : Sir Felix Friendly = Suett : Cowslip = Miss Mellon : Mrs. Cheshire = Mrs. Walcot : Fringe = Miss De Camp : --the Theatrical Remembrancer says that Biggs only lived to perform twice.

Oct. 2. Not acted 7 years, Revenge. Zanga

Kemble : Alonzo= Barrymore : Carlos = C. Kemble : Leonora = Mrs. Powell.

4. Hamlet. Ghost = Barrymore: Polonius = Dowton :—with Apprentice. Dick=Bannister Jun.: Simon = Suett.

8. Castle Spectre. Father Philip = R. Palmer : Percy=C. Kemble : Reginald=J. Aikin : Motley = Russel : Angela = Miss Biggs, 1st time.

11. Much ado, with Blue Beard. Abomelique = Barrymore.

13. Beaux Stratagem. Archer = Barrymore : Scrub= Biggs, his 2d app. : Aimwell = Middleton from C. G., his 1st app. : Mrs. Sullen = Miss Biggs : Cherry = Miss Mellon : Dorinda = Miss De Camp.

18. Clandestine Marriage. Brush = R. Palmer : Fanny=Miss Biggs : with (2d time) Outlaws--C. Kemble-Biggs - Bannister Jun. :-Mrs. CrouchMiss De Camp :

this musical Entertainment is attributed to Franklin, and is not printed.

20. Powell from Norwich made his 1st app. in Don Felix, and the Lyar.

25. Wheel of Fortune. Sydenham = Barrymore : Governor Tempest = King.

27. Measure for Measure. Lucio = R. Palmer: Angelo = Barrymore : Claudio= C. Kemble :-with Outlaws, 4th time :-Biggs, &c.—this must have been his sixth time of performing.

30. Jew. Eliza Ratcliffe= Miss Biggs.

Nov. 10. Rivals. Sir Anthony Absolute = Dowton : Capt. Absolute = Powell : Faulkland = Kemble: Acres = Bannister Jun. : Sir Lucius = R. Palmer : Lydia=Lady, 1st app. : Julia = Miss Biggs : Mrs. Malaprop-Miss Pope.

13. Merchant of Venice. Anthonio = Archer, his 2d

16. Grecian Daughter. Evander = Kemble : Dionysius = Barrymore: Philotas = C. Kemble : Euphrasia = Mrs. Powell :—with (3d time) Captive of Spilburg. Kourakin (servant to Korowitz-in love with Moola)= Bannister Jun. : Korowitz (a Bohemian nobleman)=Barrymore: Canzemar (his nephew) = Kelly: Mousic (servant to Canzemar) = Suett : Eugenia (the Captive of Spilburg) = Mrs. Crouch : Moola (in love with Kourakin) = Mrs. Bland : acted about 15 times_Korowitz bad married Eugenia privately --Canzemar had rescued her from some robbers, not knowing who she was — he had carried her to his house, and had in vain endeavoured to make her his mistress-he had released her, on condition that she would solemnly promise not to reveal what had passed — Korowitz suspects Eugenia of having been false to him, and confines her in a dungeon-Canzemar comes to his uncle's-Korowitz is arrested by the Emperour's orders-he intimates to Canzemar that a woman is confined in the dungeon of the castle-Canzemar, to his surprise, finds the woman to be Eugenia-Korowitz escapes from the guards-he sees Eugenia supported by Canzemar-Canzemar convinces him of Eugenia's innocence-Korowitz and Eugenia are reconciled this piece is attributed to Hoare-it is professedly taken from the French—the dialogue is well written, but the plot is rather too serious for a musical Entertainment.

20. Dowton acted Governor Tempest.

22. Never acted there, Young Quaker. Young Sadboy = Powell : Chronicle = Suett: Shadrach = Wewitzer: Capt. Ambush=C. Kemble : Spatterdash = R. Palmer : Clod - Dowton : Dinah = Miss De Camp: Lady Rounceval = Mrs. Walcot : Pink = Miss Mellon : Araminta - Viss Leak.

30. Gamester. Stukely = Barryinore. Dec. 3. Isabella.

Isabella. Villeroy = Barryinore. 4. Surrender of Calais. Eustace de St. Pierre = Cory, his 3d app. : 1st Carpenter = Suett : Julia Miss De Camp.

5. Never acted, A Word for Nature. This C. is printed in Cumberland's posthumous works, as the Passive Husband--but without the names of the performers--the cast was probably - Leonard (son to Lady Truckle by a former husband) = Bannister Jun. : Sir Toby Truckle = Suett: Starling = R. Palmer: Runick (tutor to Leonard) = Dowton : Lord Glenandry=J. Aikin : Clifton (his nephew) = Barrymore : Patrick Malooney Hollingsworth : Lady Truckle = Miss Pope: Matilda (daughter to Sir Toby by a former wife) = Miss Biggs : Mrs. Lofty = Mrs. Walcot : -- acted 5 times Lady Truckle rules her husband with a rod of iron-she had extorted from him a contract by which Matilda was bound to marry Leonard - Matilda had consented to the contract to oblige her father-Leonard has an excellent natural disposition, but is awkward and illiterate-Lord Glenandy and Clifton arrive at Sir Toby's on a visit - Lady Truckle behaves in an outrageous manner-Leonard on finding that Clifton and Matilda had fallen mutually in love,

resigns the contract—his generosity is the greater, as he likes Matilda-a love letter from Lady Truckle to Starling falls into the hands of Lord Glenandry --and she is forced to agree to a separation from Sir Toby--the dialogue is well written, and the characters are well drawn, but the play is deficient in every other respect.

14. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Obediah Prim = J. Aikin.

19. Love makes a Man. Clodio = R. Palmer, 1st time: Don Lewis = Suett, 1st time : Louisa = Mrs. Powell.

20. Grecian Daughter. Euphrasia = Mrs. Siddons.

21. Country Girl. Moody = Dowton, 1st time : Miss Peggy = Miss Molini, her 4th app.

27. Douglas. Norval = C. Kemble, 1st time: Stranger=J. Aikin : Glenalvon = Cory, 1st time: Lady Randolph = Mrs. Siddons.

29. Never acted, Aurelio and Miranda. Aurelio = Kemble : Christoval - Bannister Jun. : Raymond (in love with Agnes) = Barrymore : Lorenzo (in love with Antonia) = C. Kemble : Pedro = Wewitzer : Zingaro (a gipsy) = Archer : Miranda (disguised as Eugenio) = Mrs. Siddons : Agnes (sister to Lorenzo) = Mrs. Powell : Prioress = Miss Tidswell : Antonia (in love with Lorenzo)= Miss Heard : Leonella (her aunt) = Mrs. Sparks : Zingarella (a gipsy) = Mrs. Bland:acted 6 times - Aurelio is a Monk whose eloquence and holiness had made him the idol of all ranks of persons at Madrid --as he is sensible of no imperfections in himself, his severity to others is unbounded-Viranda had fallen in love with Aurelio

had disguised herself as a youth--and had acquired

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