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BATH 1797–1798.

At the beginning of the season the company played chiefly at Bristol.

Sep. 25. Quick from C. G. acted Tony Lumpkin, and Miser.

27. Duenna. Isaac = Quick.

29. Brothers. Sir Benjamin Dove = Quick :with Quaker. Solomon=Quick.

Oct. 2. Quick acted Hardy, and Lying Valet.
4. Love makes a Man. Don Lewis = Quick.
6. Quick acted Spado, and Barnaby Brittle.

9. Quick's bt. Way to get Married. Allspice = Quick :-with Hartford Bridge. Sir Gregory Forester=Quick :--Edwin from Dublin, who was shortly to have made his app. in a favourite character, acted Peregrine Forester, Williamson, who was to have played the part being taken ill.

Quick acted only 2 nights at Bath.

Bath Oct. 14. Mrs. Edwin from Dublin made her 1st app.

in Amanthis and Roxalana. 21. As you like it. Rosalind = Mrs. Edwin :with Prize. Lenitive= Edwin, 1st app. there : Caroline - Mrs. Edwin.

Nov. 7. Roman Father. Horatius = Harley : Horatia = Miss Allingham from C. G., 1st app.

9. Heir at Law. Dr. Pangloss = Elliston : Daniel Dowlas = Blisset : Dick Dowlas = Edwin : Zekiel Homespun

= Biggs : Stedfast = Harley : Cecily

= Miss

Homespun = Mrs. Edwin : Deborah Dowlas = Mrs. Didier : Caroline Dormer = Miss Allingham.

23. Not acted 20 years, Jubilee in the Pageant Elliston walked as Jachimo and Shylock :--Edwin as Ghost in Hamlet and Falstaff.

Dec. 5. Will. Sir Solomon Cynic = Harley : Howard – Elliston : Veritas = Edwin : Albina Mandeville = Mrs. Edwin :—with Midnight Hour. Flora = Mrs. Edwin.

14. Provoked Husband. Lady Townly Allingham : Miss Jenny = Mrs. Edwin :—with Raymond and Agnes. Robert = Edwin :--acted several times.

26. Road to Ruin. Goldfinch - Edwin. Jan. Incledon acted some few nights. March 6. Blisset's bt. West Indian.

West Indian. Varland Blisset : Miss Rusport

Miss Rusport = Mrs. Edwin :- after the play Blisset will deliver an address called the Seven Ages of an Actor's Life, or Blisset's Farewell.

April 21. Castle Spectre. Osmond = Elliston : Percy = Dimond : Reginald Harley : Motley = Edwin : Hassan = Eyre : Angela = Mrs. Edwin : Alice = Mrs. Didier : Evelina = Miss Allingham. May 15. Edwin's bt.

Purse. Will Steady Edwin :- with Child of Nature and Midas. Midas (in imitation of his Father)=Edwin.

22. Mrs. Taylor's bt. Rage. Lady Sarah Savage (for that night only)=Mrs. Edwin :—with Imitations by Taylor for the last time-he imitated the actors who were, or had been, on the Bath stage-viz. Elliston in Dr. Pangloss, &c.—Mrs. Taylor was Miss Herbert, who had been several years on this stage.

June 7. Henry 5th = Elliston, 1st time : Fluellin -Edwin.


23. Murray from C. G. acted Shylock.

30. Guardian. Harriet = Miss Murray, 4th app. on any stage.

July 7. Miss Murray acted Amanthis, and Perdita. The Company removed to Bristol June 11.

July 16. Murray's bt. King Lear. Lear = Murray : Bastard = Elliston : Cordelia = Miss Murray, 1st time :—with Comus. Lady = Miss Murray :£105.

23. Elliston's bt. Lie of the Day, with Edgar and Emmeline — Sylvester Daggerwood, and Peep behind the Curtain-Elliston acted Aircourt-Edgar -Sylvester Daggerwood, and Glib.

In the course of the season Elliston acted Dashwould-Hilario in Chimney Corner-Copper Captain -Welford in Fashionable Levities_Modely in Farm House — Vapid

- Vapid -- Count of Narbonne-JachimoGradus.

Mrs. Edwin acted Beatrice-Little Pickle-Lady Ruby—Letitia Hardy - Lady Teazle— ViolanteBetty Blackberry - Miss Tittup-Susan in F. of D. -Miss Herbert in Fugitive—Wowski—MadelonWidow Belmour-Moggy-Lucy Lockit-MadgeMaria in Citizen-Bridget-Annette in Robin Hood -Mrs. Oakly-Priscilla Tomboy-Lady ContestSophia in Road to Ruin-Lady Bell - Joanna in D. D.-Sophia in Lie of the Day-Marianne in Dramatist-Estifania - Lydia Languish— Miss Lucy in V. U.-Lady Flippant Savage Rosina in S. B.Aura in Farm House-Edward in Every one has his Fault-Miss Vortex-Fatima in Cymon-Adelaide in Count of Narbonne-at Bristol-Coun

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try Girl-Cymon in Cymon-Emmeline in Ed. and Em. - Miss Fuz-Clarinda in S. H. - Fanny in Clandestine Marriage.

Mrs. Edwin, at that time Miss Richards, acted Maria in the Citizen at C. G. Nov. 13 1789-she was engaged under Wilkinson in 1790–he thought her face not unlike Mrs. Bellamy’s-she played Euphrosyne, and a variety of characters with success, and pleased much in Mrs. Jordan's line --- Wilkinson was over-persuaded to allow her a fortnight's absence to assist in Lord Barrymore's private theatricals—she stayed beyond her time, which put Wilkinson to great inconvenience—a quarrel ensued on her return, and they parted— Mr. and Mrs. Edwin engaged under Wilkinson in 1794, and performed at Doncaster in Oct.—she was greatly improved—was excellent in the burletta scene in the Prize--no actress in or out of London was so able to sustain Mrs. Jordan's characters-an inch or two more in height would have been a great advantage to her -- she possessed a handsome, expressive, and healthy countenance, aided by great spirit, nature, and sensibility-(Wilkinson )-in 1792 Edwin and his wife were at the Hay.

Edwin was a good actor for a provincial theatrehe often reminded one of his father--he acted Hengo in Bonduca at the Hay. in 1778--his 1st app. as a man was in the Apprentice for his father's benefit at C. G. March 26 1788-he left Bath in 1804 - went to Dublin, and died there.

Francis Blisset left the stage at the close of this season-but he sometimes returned to it, either for

a certain number of nights, or to act for a benefithe was deservedly a favourite with the Bath audience -Grub- Justice Woodcock—Sir Francis Wronghead-Doiley-Vellum-Solus and Daniel Dowlas were some of his best parts—but he chiefly distinguished himself in Falstaff-he is said to have acted Aubrey well, and to have been very happy in Renault.


Miss Brand published 3 plays and some poems by subscription at Norwich in 1798.

1. Huniades-see D. L. Company Jan. 18 1792.

2. Conflict, or Love, Honour, and Pride-the D. P. are-Carlos, General of Castile-Don Manrique, Don Lopez, and Don Alvarez, Grandees of Castile-Don Raymond of Arragon-Donna Isabella, Queen of Castile-Donna Leonora, Queen Dowager of Arragon-Donna Elvira, Princess of Arragonthe scene lies at Valladolid–Donna Elvira is the rightful Queen of Arragon, but the throne had been usurped by Garcia before her birth-she was born and bred in Castile--at the opening of the play, the people of Arragon had revolted from Garcia, and had sent deputies to Elvira to hail her as Queen

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