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“ to know in what terms my share of the composi“ tion would be acknowledged---for in all that had “occurred before, tho' not deceived, I had certainly “ been much disappointed-let me ask, by the bye “ --- what right had Mr. Colman to expect my consent?

no reward had been offered me, for the acting (notwithstanding its great success) nor was any

promise held out for the printing of it “since Quotem appeared, there have been several “parts where, perhaps, some kind of resemblance “ may be noticed-I only allude to the matter for the “ sake of observing that if the likeness is any where

thought too strong, the fault does not lie with me, “as Caleb Quotum was undoubtedly the first-I “ verily believe that by this time Mr. Colman heartily “ repents ever having had any thing to do with me,

, “ or my farces-I am afraid, that like some other “ great people, he is not enough accustomed to hear “ truth, to be pleased with the sound of it!"

Lee's Op. has not much to recommend it, except the characters of Caleb Quotem and Mrs. Bustlethere is scarcely any plot --Oddly had opposed his niece's union with Layton-at the conclusion he consents to it--lirs. Lustle is Oddly's housekeeper who disturbs every body with her excessive cleanliness--she is of course the same character as Mrs. Tidy in Throw Physic to the Dogs---Oddly seems to be Sir Nathan Nervous, with alterations- Johnny is in both the pieces, as also Mrs. Quotem.

7. London Hermit. Young Pranks -- Fawcett

19. Surrender of Calais. Eustace de St. Pierre =C. Kemble, 2d time : Ribaumont = Barrymore.

20. Lionel and Clarissa. Lionel = Kelly: Col.

Oldboy = Munden : Diana = Miss De Camp: Jenny – Mrs. Gibbs.

21. Never acted, Cambro-Britons. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales (in love with Elinor) = Barrymore : Prince David (his brother)=C. Kemble : O’Turloch (an Irish piper) = Johnstone : Shenkin = Munden : Cadwall (his son-in love with Winifred) = R. Palmer : Bard = H. Johnston : Gwyn = Suett: King Edward = Davies : Elinor (in love with Llewellyn) = Miss De Camp: Winifred (in love with Cadwall) =Mrs. Bland : Lady Griffith's Shade = Mrs. Gibbs : -acted 12 times--this historical play, in 3 acts, is founded on the invasion of Wales by Edward the 1st-Prince David had joined the EnglishElinor is taken prisoner, and carried to Chester David makes love to her-she rejects him with scorn

- Llewellyn goes to Chester in the disguise of a pilgrim-O'Turloch, Gwyn and Winifred are disguised as minstrels-O'l'urloch gives Elinor a letter from Llewellyn--the scene changes to the Abbey- Llew. ellin and Elinor embrace - David enters--David and Llewellyn quarrel - Llewellyn discovers himself--as they are going to fight, a voice from Lady Griffith's tomb calls on them to forbear—the upper part of the tomb falls down--and the Shade of Lady Griffith, who is their mother, rises in her funeral dressshe enjoins them to be reconciled, and they comply with her injunction- at the conclusion, King Edward disclaims all thoughts of conquest -- he and Llewellyn become friends – Llewellyn and Elinor are united this play was

this play was written by Boaden-it should seem from the preface, that his chief object in writing it was to shew his Patriotism and Loyalty - in this he has succeeded in the inferiour consideration of writing a good dramatic piece, he has been very unsuccessful—his play is a vile mixture of Tragedy, Comedy, and Opera—and to crown the whole we are treated with a Ghost in the 3d act, a Welsh Bard, from the top of a cliff, vents his reproaches on King Edward, and then throws himself into a torrent below-in this scene Boaden has very fairly made some use of Gray's famous Ode of the Bard- this is indeed the best part of the play.

Aug. 6. For bt. of Mrs. Gibbs. Heir at Law, with Sylvester Daggerwood, and Farmer. Betty Blackberry=Mrs. Gibbs, 1st time.

8. Cross Purposes. Grub = Munden : Chapeau =R. Palmer : Mrs. Grub=Mrs. Davenport :-after which, Ways and Means. Sir David Dunder = Fawcett, 2d time: Random = Barrymore: Tiptoe= R. Palmer : Kitty = Mrs. Gibbs : Lady Dunder= Mrs. Davenport, 2d time :-and Dead Alive.

Motley - Fawcett: Sir Walter Weathercock = Suett: Miss Hebe Wintertop= Mrs. Davenport: Comfit= Miss De Camp

9. Bannister's bt. Iron Chest. Sir Edward Mortimer=H. Johnston.

11. Never acted, False and True. Lealto (servant to Florenzi- in love with Lauretta)=C. Kemble : O’Rafarty (a poor Irishman) = Johnstone : Count Florenzi = Trueman : Marchese Caliari = Barrymore : Count Benini=Munden : Malevole (servant to Florenzi) = Waldron Jun.: Marchesa Veteria (an old lady) = Mrs. Davenport : Janetta (her maid)= Mrs. Bland : Juliana (daughter to Benini) = Miss Heard : Lauretta (in love with Lealto)= Miss Griffiths :-acted 10 times-Florenzi and Juliana are engaged to marry-Caliari pretends to be the friend of Florenzi, but is secretly his rival—Florenzi, on his return to Naples, is attacked by some assassins in the pay of Caliari —but his life is saved by the courage of Lealto—Caliari determines to be revenged on Lealto for his fidelity to his master-he bribes Malevole — Malevole steals Juliana's picture from Florenzi, and puts it into Lealto's pocket-Florenzi makes great search for the picture-the picture is found on Lealto, and Florenzi dismisses him from his service-Malevole promises to let the assassins into Florenzi's chamber at night-Lealto overhears their discourse_Caliari and the assassins are concealed in Florenzi's chamber—as they are about to murder Florenzi, Lealto enters with a party of sol. diers-Caliari is discovered, and carried off-Florenzi marries Juliana, and rewards Lealto-in the underplot, Count Benini pays his addresses to Veteria for the sake of her money-she rejects them with scorn-Benini dresses up O’Rafarty as a nobleman—he marries Veteria—this play in 3 acts is attributed to Moultru—it is a moderate piece—it is not called an Opera, but there are 12 songs in it.

14. Munden's bt. Never acted there, Road to Ruin. Goldfinch = Fawcett : Silky = Suett : Sophia = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Warren = Mrs. Davenport.

18. For bt. of the 4 Youngest Orphans of the late Mr. Palmer. Heir at Law.

21. Miss De Camp's bt. Much ado. Benedick = Barrymore, Ist time: Leonato=J. Aikin: Claudio =C. Kemble, 1st time: Dogberry=Suett : Beatrice (for that night only) = Mrs. Jordan : Hero = Miss De Camp :—with Poor Soldier. Patrick (for that night only) = Miss De Camp.

29. C. Kemble acted Shylock, 1st time.

Sep. 3. Hamlet = H. Johnston, 2d time : Ghost = Barrymore : Ostrick = R. Palmer : 1st Gravedigger = Suett: Ophelia = Mrs. H. Johnston, her

1st app

1st app

6. Mountaineers. Bulcazin Muley Egerton,

: 10. Jewell's bt. Not acted 7 years, Rivals. Sir Anthony Absolute = Davenport : Capt. Absolute = Barrymore: Faulkland =C. Kemble : Acres = Munden: Sir Lucius = Johnstone: Fag = R. Palmer: David = Suett: Lydia = Mrs. Gibbs : Julia = Miss De Camp : Mrs. Malaprop= Mrs. Davenport.

Dec. 17. By authority of the Lord Chamberlain. For Lacy's bt. Jealous Wife. Oakly=Lacy : Mrs. Oakly = Mrs. Abington :-with Sylvester Daggerwood, and High Life below Stairs. Lovel = Dowton: Kitty = Miss Pope.

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