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Hay. 1780. *Governour Harcourt in Ch. of Acc. -Polonius–Cranky in Son in Law.

C. G. 1780-1781. Major Oakly-Crack in Sir Courtly Nice-*Lord Lumbercourt in Man of the World.

Hay. 1781. *Sir Walter Weathercock in Dead Alive-Janus in Nabob-Mrs. Peachum-Moneytrap-King in Tom Thumb—*Sir Felix Friendly in Agreeable Surprise.

C. G. 1781-1782. *Sir Hornet Armstrong in Duplicity.

Hay. 1782. Spanish Fryar.
C. G. 1782-1783. *Don Scipio

Pinchwife in Country Wife-Sir Wilful Witwou'd—*Gasper in Bold Stroke for a Husband-Old Groveby in Maid of the Oaks—Sir Toby Belch-Spanish Curate.

Hay. 1783. *Rory in Gretna Green. C. G. 1783-1784. *Father Luke in Poor Soldier _*Evergreen in More ways than One.

Hay. 1784. Jonas Dock in What d'ye call it ?— Sterling in C. M.-*Mayor in Peeping Tom.

C. G. 1784-1785. *Sir John Bull in Fontainbleau -Lord Chalkstone-Devil in Devil upon two Sticks.

Hay. 1785. Gripe in Confederacy-Sapskull in Honest Yorkshireman.

C. G. 1785-1786. *Don Salvador in Choleric Fathers.

1790-1791. Sir Pertinax Mac Sycophant, his 1st app. for 6 years—Sir Hugh Evans— *Rummer in German Hotel — Metheglin in Toy-Bullock in R. O. -Falstaff in Henry 4th part 1st-Duke Murcia in Midnight Hour—*Sir Paul Peckham in School for Arrogance—*John Dory in Wild Oats-Capt. Ironsides in Brothers-Sir Archy Macsarcasm.

1791-1792. Major Sturgeon-Tipkin in T. H.Sir Andrew Acid in Notoriety~*Sulky in Road to Ruin—Sir Toby Fuz in Peep behind the Curtain— *Frost in Irishman in London.


BATH 1792-1793.

Sept. 18. Clandestine Marriage. Sterling = Blisset : Sir John Melvil=Murray : Fanny=Miss Wallis : Mrs. Heidelberg=Mrs. Didier. Oct. 20. Next Door Neighbours.


Sir George Splendorville=Durravan : Bluntly= Knight.

Nov. 13. Fugitive. Admiral Cleveland = Murray: Old Manly = Blisset: Young Manly = Dimond : Lord Dartford = Durravan : Miss Herbert = Miss Wallis.

Dec. 13. Surrender of Calais. Ribaumont = Dimond : La Gloire=Durravan : Eustace de St. Pierre= Murray : Carpenter = Blisset : Julia = Miss Wallis.

Jan. 8. Irishman in London. Colloony = Durravan : Edward = Knight.

Feb. 7. Hartford Bridge. Cartridge = Durravan. 26. Miss Wallis acted Elwina for her bt.-£127.

March 16. Durravan acted Goldfinch and Motley for his bt.-£89.

April 11. Battle of Hexham. Fool - Durrayan : with Cross Purposes. Chapeau = Durravan :- this seems to have been his last time of acting-his name was in the bill at Bristol April 15, but he was too ill to act and the Farce was changed.

13. Columbus. Columbus = Murray: Harry Herbert=Knight: Alonzo=Dimond : Dr. Dolores – Blisset : Cora= Miss Wallis.

May 2. Everyone has his Fault. Harmony = Knight: Lord Norland= Murray: Irwin= Dimond: Solus = Blisset :

Blisset : Lady Eleanor Irwin = Miss Wallis.

21. Knight's bt. Natural Son. Lady Paragon = Miss Wallis, 1st time :-£92.

23. Double Falsehood. Leonora = Miss Wallis. The Company went to Bristol June 10.

June 3. Dimond's bt. Law of Lombardy. Paladore=Dimond : Bireno=Murray: Princess = Miss Wallis.

24. For bt. of Mrs. Didier and Mrs. Smith. Inkle and Yarico, with Trip to Scotland. Jemmy Twinkle = Knight: Mrs. Fillagree = Mrs. Didier : Miss Griskin (for that night only)= Miss Wallis.

July 1. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. Murray. King John=Murray : Prince Arthur = Miss Murray, her 1st app. on any stage : Queen Elinor =

Mrs. Murray: Constance = Miss Wallis, ist time :-with Miss in her Teens. Fribble=Blisset : -£87.

8. Durravan's bt.-- he was too ill to act and probably died not long after- £47.

15. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. Knight. Rule a Wife, and Hob in the Well. Hob = Knight, ist time :-£86. 29. (Last night) Mrs. Keasberry's bt.

Henry 5th=Murray : Chorus = Dimond : Pistol=Knight : Mrs. Quickly = Mrs. Keasberry : Princess Katha- . rine= Miss Wallis :- £104.

When the Company were at Bath they played one night in the week at Bristol this accounts for June 3.

In the course of the season Miss Wallis acted Euphrasia—Miss Aubrey_Miss Rusport-Lady Mac beth-Catharine in C. and P.-Mrs. Ford - Rosamond in Henry 2d, &c.

Knight acted Osrick Random in Ways and Means Roger in Ghost - Crazy in Peeping Tom — Moll Flagon, &c.

Durravan acted Clodio, &c.


Jackson published his History of the Scottish Stage in 1793—it is very incomplete--but it seems correct as far as it goes, and it throws some light on the English Stage.

In Scotland, the Presbyterian clergy were possessed with the most illiberal and violent animosity against the stage—the magistrates kept pace with the clergy, and restricted the actors from performing within the limits of their jurisdiction-the Presbytery in a solemn deputation thanked them “ for the just zeal they had shown in the matter."

Even so late as in 1727, an act of exhortation against the frequenters of stage plays was drawn up by a committee of divines, which was read from all the pulpits in the district—these violent proceedings of the clergy excited a spirit of party among the nobility and gentry, who not only made a point of supporting their theatrical amusements by forming parties for the boxes, but to preserve the performers from the prosecutions with which they were threatened, they procured for them personal protectors Lord Somerville told Jackson, that in order to screen a principal performer from molestation, he had been obliged to receive him into his house as butler.

Jackson says—" In the time of Charles the 2d “ when the Duke of York took up his residence in

Holyrood house, a party of performers from his company and by his command, attended him thither

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