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HE general Plan of this work is explained in the Title ; fome Particulars, however,

with regard to the Execution of it, the Editor judged not amiss to make the Subject of a Page Op two.


Whatever may be the Merits of other Compilations in this Way, it must be owned that they are commonly voluminous ; consequently improper for the Pocket, and thereby rendered incapable of answering one of the main purposes for which they are confesedly intendo ed, the Use of the Road. Tbe Editor has therefore attempted to accommodate the English Traveller with a small portable Alliftant, proper to direct bim to such Particulars as appear to be worthy his Attention, in the respective Counties to which they belong:

Few Englishmen have acquired such a competent Knowledge of what their Country exhibits, as to be able, when they travel, in ang tolerable Degree, to satisfy their own Curiosity . And it is in vain to expeet that we should always find upon the Spot, Persons sufficiently skilful and willing to give us the necessary Information : A 2


Without the Asistance therefore of such a Guide as is now offered, the Traveller is likely to be deprived of the greatest Part of tbat Pleasure or Instruction which every one of an inquisitive Turn hopes to reap from an agreeable Tour.

But-though the Intention of this Volume is chiefly to afijt the Traveller ; it will, at the same Time, prove not unuseful to those who are desirous of forming at home some Idea of the Magnificence which this Island boasts of ; by bringing to tbeir Minds Objefls, which they have no Opportunity of personally visiting.

In order to answer both these Intentions, Care has been taken to give a succinet Account of the Cities, Market Towns, and most considerable Villages, in England and Wales ; their Trade ; tbeir Situati. on ; their Distance from London, ond often froga: each other : to describe the principal. Churches, and other remarkable Structures, the Seats of the No. bility and Gentry, Ruins of Castles, Monasteries.,.. and other Monuments of Antiquity : curious Machines, Paintings, Statues, Cascades, and other Pieces of Art : together with the most uncommon Produktions of Nature, such as Mineral-Waters, reciprocating Springs, Mines, Caverns, subterraneous Rivers, curious Stones, Metals, Minerals and Petrifacti,


To render these Accounts as autbentic as poffible, Regard has been paid to what Information could be procured from Gentlemen residing in different Parts. But Anstances of this Kind are never adequate to the Want of them, and the Editor is not fanguine enough

to imagine that the present Compendium, notwithstanding the Care that has been taken, will be found sufficiently accurate in every Instance. The candid Reader therefore is requested to communicate an Account of any Errors or omissions be may discover : which will be gratefully acknowledged ; and due Care taken to profit by them in another Edition.

The List of_Seats belonging to the Nobility and Gentry at the End of each County, is doubtless among the Number of those Articles which will admit of Improvement ; particularly with regard to their respective Distances from the nearest Market Town; and the Names of their present Owners : the latter being a Circumstance which, in one Part of the Kingdom or other, is continually varying. Asistance in tbesë Particulars, will be of public Service, as by that Means a more copious and authentic Account of ibe se noble Stručtures may be given than has appeared on any former Occafion.

With respeet to the present Edition, those who will please to take the Trouble of comparing it with the former, will soon be convinced of tbe Improvements it bas received ; particularly in regard to Gentlemen's Seats, and Monuments of Antiquity. In the left Article bave been introduced the many Descriptions given by Messrs. Bucks, in their perspective Views of Ruins, &c. in England and Wales. A Work of much accurate Labour, and of great estimation and Value.


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