Golden Treasures of Poetry, Romance, and Art

William Fearing Gill
W.F. Gill, 1876 - 348 páginas

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Página 175 - Give back the true and brave ! Give back the lost and lovely! — those for whom The place was kept at board and hearth so long, The prayer went up through midnight's breathless gloom, And the vain yearning woke midst festal song ! Hold fast thy buried isles, thy towers o'erthrown — But all is not thine own. To thee the love of woman hath gone down, Dark flow thy tides o'er manhood's noble head, O'er youth's bright locks, and beauty's flowery crown : Yet must thou hear a voice — Restore the dead...
Página 244 - Poor JB !— may all his faults be forgiven ; and may he be wafted to bliss by little cherub boys, all head and wings, with no bottoms to reproach his sublunary infirmities.
Página 323 - Langley-dale ; His step is first in peaceful ha", His sword in battle keen " — But aye she loot the tears down fa
Página 284 - A lofty pillar, •, rising from a bastion which bore during many weeks the heaviest fire of the enemy, is seen far up and far down the Foyle. On the summit is the statue of Walker, such as when, in the last and most terrible emergency, his eloquence roused the fainting courage of his brethren. In one hand he grasps a Bible. The other, pointing down the river, seems to direct the eyes of his famished audience to the English topmasts in the distant bay.
Página 239 - DEAR LADY MORLEY, Pray understand me rightly! I do not give the Bluecoat theory as an established fact, but as a highly probable conjecture; look at the circumstances. At a very early age young Quakers disappear, at a very early age the Coat-boys are seen; at the age of seventeen or eighteen young Quakers are again seen; at the same age the Coatboys disappear: who has ever heard of a Coat-man?
Página 166 - Binding the yellow sheaves ; And at this very hour I seem To be with Joseph in his dream. I see the fields of Bethlehem, And reapers many a one, Bending unto their sickles' stroke, And Boaz looking on ; And Kuth, the Moabitess fair, Among the gleaners stooping there.
Página 137 - A virtuous household, though exceeding poor ! Pure livers were they all, austere and grave, And fearing God; the very children taught Stern self-respect, a reverence for God's word, And an habitual piety, maintained W1th strictness scarcely known on English ground.
Página 323 - A chain of gold ye sail not lack, • Nor braid to bind your hair; Nor mettled hound, nor managed hawk, Nor palfrey fresh and fair; And you, the foremost o' them a', Shall ride our forest queen" — But aye she loot the tears down fa
Página 195 - Grand is the leisure of the earth ; She gives her happy myriads birth, And after harvest fears not dearth, But goes to sleep in snow-wreaths dim. Dread is the leisure up above The while He sits whose name is Love, And waits, as Noah did, for the dove, To wit if she would fly to him. " He waits for us, while, houseless things, We beat about with bruised wings On the dark floods and...
Página 137 - He had perceived the presence and the power Of greatness, and deep feelings had impressed Great objects on his mind, with portraiture And colour so distinct that on his mind They lay like substances, and almost seemed To haunt the bodily sense.

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