The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Volume 12

C. Bathurst, C. Davis, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. Hodges, R. and J. Dodsley, and W. Bowyer., 1755

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Página 282 - where two or three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be in the midst of them, and bless them.
Página 209 - I could not behave myself tolerably, and should redouble her Sorrow. — Judge in what a Temper of Mind I write this. — The very time I am writing, I conclude the fairest Soul in the World hath left its Body.
Página 73 - I directly advise you to go upon the road, which is the only post of honour left you; there you will meet many of your old comrades, and live a short life and a merry one, and make a figure at your exit, wherein I will give you some instructions.
Página 73 - Your good behaviour on this article will concern your whole community: deny the fact with all solemnity of imprecations: a hundred of your brethren, if they can be admitted^, will attend about the bar, and be ready upon demand to give you a...
Página 321 - The two maxims, of any great man at court are* always to keep his countenance, and never to keep his word.
Página 276 - Swift, because his great grandfather by the. grandmother's side was Admiral Deane, who having been one of the regicides, had the good fortune to save his neck by dying a year or two before the Restoration.
Página 348 - By each brother firm stand ; Let's be merry, and put a bright face on : What mortal can boast So noble a toast As a free and an accepted Mason.
Página 208 - I look upon this to be the greatest Event that can ever happen to me, but all my Preparations will not suffice to make me bear it like a Philosopher, nor altogether like a Christian.
Página 226 - I am now extremely ill; for it would have been a reproach to me to be in perfect health, when such a friend is desperate. I do profess upon my salvation, that the distressed and desperate condition of our friend, makes life...
Página 72 - To grow old in the office of a footman is the highest of all indignities ; therefore, when you find years coming on without hopes of a place at court, a command in the army, a succession to the stewardship, an employment in the revenue...

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