The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Volume 10

J. Johnson, 1808

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Página 267 - Dear Mat, hide the nakedness of thy country, and give the best turn thy fertile brain will furnish thee with to the blunders of thy countrymen, who are not much better politicians than the French are poets.'* Soon after, the duke of Shrewsbury went on a formal embassy to Paris.
Página 449 - THE Earl of Oxford was removed on Tuesday : the queen died on Sunday. What a world is this ! and how does Fortune banter us ! John Barber tells me, you have set your face toward Ireland.
Página 436 - I have not tired you t£te-at£te, fling away so much time upon one who loves you. And I believe, in the mass of souls, ours were placed near each other. I send you an imitation of Dryden, as I went to Kensington : To serve with love, And shed your blood, Approved is above. But here below, Th' examples show, 'Tis fatal to be good.
Página 34 - It was so universal, that I observed the dogs in the streets much more contumelious and quarrelsome than usual ; and the very night before the bill went up, a committee of whig and tory cats, had a very warm and Joud debate, upon the roof of our house.
Página 4 - ... cold temper, and unconfined humour, is a much greater hindrance than any fear of that which is the subject of your letter. I shall speak plainly to you, that the very ordinary observations I made with going half a mile beyond the University, have taught me experience enough not to think of marriage till I settle my fortune in the world, which I am sure will not be in some years ; and even then itself, I am so hard to please, that I suppose I shall put it off
Página 394 - ... abrupt division of the paper, it may not be unpleasant to try to fit and rejoin the broken lines together. All these amusements I am no stranger to in the country, and doubt not but (by this time) you begin to relish them, in your present contemplative situation.
Página 36 - I'll teach you a way to outwit Mrs. Johnson : It is a new-fashioned way of being witty, and they call it a bite. You must ask a bantering question, or tell some damned lie in a serious manner, and then she will answer or speak as if you were in earnest ; and then cry you,
Página 439 - I OWN it looks unkind in me not to thank you, in all this time, for your sincere kind letter ; but I was resolved to stay till I could tell you the queen had got so far the better of the dragon, as to take her power out of his hands. He has been the most ungrateful man to her, and to all his best friends, that ever was born. I cannot have so much time now to write all my mind, because my dear mistress is not well, and I think I may lay her illness to the charge of the treasurer, who, for three weeks...
Página 4 - And this is it which a person of great honour in Ireland (who was pleased to stoop so low as to look into my mind) used to tell me, that my mind was like a conjured spirit, that would do mischief if I would not give it employment.
Página 304 - Ireland ; and all that the court and ministry did for me was to let me choose my situation in the country where I am banished. I could not forbear showing both your letter and verses to our great men, as well as to the men of wit of my acquaintance ; and they were highly approved of by all.

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