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Malisounis on him licht,
He swoppit ane May bricht,

Sib to the king
Of this royame braid;
And doomit to the deid,
Scho is perdie Ilede,

Sua sorrowis spryng.
Sith quhen the king heris
Fra mi foirfleyit feeris

Of this cace;
Certes, baith me and myne
Schal dree moche pyne,
Quhilk makis me dwyne

And sike, alace."

Up stertit Gormalyn,
Lyk ane suche of wynd,

Fers and fellone,
« Be him that bled on tre,
This samen May schall I fre,
And the grim woulff schall die

Be mie yron.”

Out syne he drawis his suerd; And settis its poynct till the erdh

Wittand to ken Quhat airt it mote fall, Quhilk fallow he schall, Quhyll he mote saif mell

Wi the woulffis der.

Waffland till the west,
Joukand till the east,

Was sumdele the suerd, Southlandis it whiles did beck, Quhyll in fine north its neck Bendand bot ane cheque

Daddit on crd.

(Multa deerant)

Furth prickit he throch the wud,
Lyk ane blak clud,

In tide tempestive,
Calland loud and hie,
On the woulff ne to flee,
Quhan fleand sikarlie,

He was belive.

Alace! in the woulffis mouth,
Borne was the mayd in trouth,

Shrikand dolore,
Hir waist jimp and smaw,
Crushit was atwixt his jaw,
And hir heid hong law

Sad thoch decore.

Hir armis saft and lyte,
And halse ivorie quhyt

Sweepit the grund.
Quhyll hir goun in the wynd,
Trailand wes behind,
Alace! sicht of sic kynd,

Nevir was fund.

Wae wes Schir Gormalyp,
Syne neir he ne win,

Albe he straive;
Eftsime his horss coupit
Ouir ane roche knoupit,
To erd Gormalyn loupit,

Deliver and braise.

On feet he swyth ran
Manie ane myl of land,

Nicht and day
Thorow day he ay saw
Mir sklendir waist in woulffis gav,
And thorow nicht a mane law,

For mercie alware.

« O for ane egillis wing!
O for ane vyperis sting!"

Quod Gormalyn.
« O for ane lyounis pawe,
That this woulf mote I drawey
Lith and limb assinder sma,

And slay in fine.

Mi hert ben sair ysmote,
Be this mayis wordis swote,

Tendir and sad,
That it bene molten clene,
Fulfilland mi tua eyne,
With manie saut tene,

Of dolor and drad,

O woulff let the Ladie fre,
And ye schall haif kye thre,

Soncie and sweit.
Ilk yere as manie moe,
Scheip wi yong to throw
Scball until ye eith goe,

Trewlie I weet.

Bot hard wes the Woulfis herty Lyk heid of ane steel dert,

Lyte reckit hee Of Schir Gormalyn gude, Rampagand fell and wud, And scuddand lyk simmer clud,

In welkin blee.

Schakand his salvage pow,
Wi bludie eyne on low,

And ane lang gowl,
Up muntanis he speelis,
Doun braes he reelis,
Wingis weren at his heelis,

Deth in his gowl

Evir the mayd he schuke,
Wi ane feidfou leuk,

Girnand and yamfand.
And quhyl he dois hir dasch,
His teith stikis in hir flesch,
Makand ane deip gasch,

With felloun champand.

Mervailous it was to heir Amangis hillis and heuchis dreir,

The maydis mane. It seemit waneirdlie sound, Suchand in aire around, Calculed to astound,

Wi fricht and pain.

Chewand his lippis wi yre,
Gormalyn fers as fyr,

Shoutand persewit,
Bot the Woulff unfoirfairn,
Bure aff the bonnie bairn,
Fleet lyk ane schot stern,

Far frae his bruit.

Doun on the garss grene,
Fawis stout Schir Gormalyn,

In disperaunce;
Forfauchten foirgane,
He list him mak mane,
That the May awa was tane

In hour wanchance.

Alace! nouthir Tristram,
Nor bauld Schir Gawan,

Launcelot du Lak,
Nor'anie perle of hardiment,
Of Chivalrie culd schent,
This woulff quha owre the bent;

Schupeth his trak.

* Rise up stalwarth schir,"
Spak sune his gude Squier,

As him lay,
“ Rise up run and rive,
Lang as ye bene on live,
This woulf, and reprive,

The dulce May.

Here is ane strang drinck,
Famose for hard swynck,

Richt blyth of chere,
Gif it be al dronck,
Thou schall be nevir sonck,
In disperaunce donck,

For ane hail yere.

Airt qubairswaeir thow lista
Natheles will it assist

Thee to run
Owir everilk holt hoar,
Fers as the wud boar,
Lustand annone to gore ;

Or lyk the sun,
Rydand in blew skyis,
Throw cluddis of purpour griss,

Swift for to see, ".

(Cætera desunt.)

Very little more of the manuscript from which the above is anscribed, can be at all legible. Several stanzas seem to rerate to the ingredients which composed the sovereign beverage elministered to Schir Gormalyn by his Squyer, who, we are elsewhere informed, is “ cunnand and lerit in al erbis of erd." From ought that can be perceived, this cordial was of a much are invigorating and wholesome description, than that which live lank jawed knight of La Mancha swallowed, after the rib Pasting he received from the Yanguesian carriers; for the jtrsuit after this wolf is continued with fresh ardour, and as might be expected, becomes of no ordinary length, being intera

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