Plays: Adapted for Family Reading, and the Use of Young Persons, by the Omission of Objectionable Passages, Volume 2


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Página 203 - For your sons' truth, and they shall answer all They have run out : the masters never prosper'd Since gentlemen's sons grew prentices : when we look To have our business done at home, they are Abroad in the tennis-court, or in Partridge-alley, In Lambeth Marsh, or a cheating ordinary, Where I found your sons.
Página 191 - No more, I pray you. Luke. Of this, be sure, you shall not I'll cut off Whatever is exorbitant in you, Or in your daughters, and reduce you to Your natural forms and habits ; not in revenge Of your base usage of me, but...
Página 164 - My brother made thy place of rest his bosom, Thou being the keeper of his heart, a mistress To be hugg'd ever ! In by-corners of This sacred room, silver in bags, heap'd up Like billets saw'd and ready for the tire, Unworthy to hold fellowship with bright gold That flow'd about the room, conceal'd itself.
Página 165 - Here lay A manor bound fast in a skin of parchment ; The wax continuing hard, the acres melting. Here a sure deed of gift for a market town, If not redeem'd this day ; which is not in The unthrift's power.
Página 239 - ... and looks backward, And mankind trembles to see me pursue What beasts would fly from. For when I advance This sword, as I must do, against your head, Piety will weep, and filial duty mourn, To see their altars which you built up in me, In a moment razed and ruin'd.
Página 372 - Of him that feeds her greedy lust, yet suffers The lawful pledges of a former bed To starve the while for hunger; if a matron, However great in fortune, birth, or titles, Guilty of such a foul, unnatural sin, Cry out, 'Tis writ for me, — WE CANNOT HELP IT.
Página 225 - So spake the grisly terror, and in shape, So speaking and so threatening, grew tenfold More dreadful and deform. On the other side. Incensed with indignation, Satan stood Unterrified, and like a comet burn'd, That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge In the arctic sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes pestilence and war.
Página 241 - As a serpent swollen with poison ; who surviving A little longer, with infectious breath, Would render all things near him, like itself, Contagious. Nay, now my anger's up, Ten thousand virgins kneeling at my feet, And with one general cry howling for mercy, Shall not redeem thee.
Página 163 - Twas no fantastic object, but a truth, A real truth ; nor dream : I did not slumber, And could wake ever with a brooding eye To gaze upon't ! it did endure the touch ; I saw and felt it ! Yet what I beheld And handled oft, did so transcend belief, (My wonder and astonishment pass'd o'er,) I faintly could give credit to my senses. Thou dumb magician...
Página 54 - My ends in being a duke, I wore these robes. This crown upon my head, and to my side This sword was girt ; and witness truth, that, now 'Tis in another's power, when I shall part With them and life together, I 'm the same : My veins then did not swell with pride ; nor now Shrink they for fear.

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