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Gets acquainted with Dr. His Thoughts on Pastoral


128 Discourse with him concern- What he makes a Shepherd ing Religion ibid speak of his Mistress

138 Writes a Letter to Mr. Jer. A Shepherd's Complaint of vas about his going to Ox Love

144 ford and History Painting What he makes a Shepherd

ibid speak about Magick 158 Writes an Epiftle in Verse to A Quotation from his Pafto

Mr. Jervas with Fresnoy's ; rals
Art of Painting 24 Lashes Welfted, Budgell,
Quotation from it

25 James Moore, and others Part of a Letter of his to

188 Mrs. Blount

36 Why he imịtated Horace and Writes a Letter to her from Dr. Donne

195 Oxford concerning his Re- He vindicates himself 196 ception there

37. How satiriz'd by a Lady Writes a Letter to Mrs.

197 Blount concerning the Camp

At last wishes he had not of. at Hyde-park, and the Pre fended her

199 tender

39 His Praife of Temperance The Regularity of his Life

200 63 His Satire on a great GeneHad a Hand in Mr. Gay's ral

ibid Comedy call's Three Hours What Men ought to do unafter Marriage so der the Frowns of Fortune Writes to' an Honourable Gentleman concerning his Receives a Letter from Lord Quarrel with Mr. Phillips Chancellor Harcourt 217

Thereon alrers his Son's ENot fit for Courts and why pitaph

218 95 Many heavy". Accufations Never owns to have had any brought against him

2 28 Hand in Writing the Come. Some Reflections of kis 261 callid Three Hours after His tender Regard to his PaMarriage


tidur 273 Is uneasy to have Mr. Gay His Mother dies uit' ibid live from him

Has her Picture drawn after Writes him a Letter thereon The was dead

HI: Writ a Letter to Mr. Ri. Receives a Letter of Com-ichardson thoreon ibid plaint from Mr. Gay 187





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His charitable Sentiments Queensbury, Duke and


Dutchess of, take Mr. Gay His Reflections once by under their Protection its Moonlight

ibid Quotation from Mr. Pope's His Kindness to Mr. Savage Character of Women

54 276 From the Epiftle of the Use He writes him an angry Let. of Riches

59 ter to Bristol 308 From the same concerning An universal Prayer 375

the Increase of Corruption Comment thereon 375,&C.

62 Mr. Pope's last Illness and Concerning the Man of Ross Death 385

65 Where buried 386 Who he was

ibid His Will to the End To prove what the falle Pulteney, Mrs. looses the E Talte of Magnificence is fteem of Mr. Pope and his

70 · Friends

114 Shewing how Mr. Pope was Verses thereon

ibid pefter d. with impertinent Preston, whose Family en Visitors

81 gag'd in that Affair 40 Reflecting on Mr. Phillips 89 Pretender, when evpected Reflecting on the Duke of in London


Marlborough Priests three hope to be Con. From his Epiftle to Mr. Jer. feffors to the Pretender 40

94 Prince, a young one, born From Boileau concerning. Pahere while Mr. Pope was in

storal Writing

127 France


From Mr. Gay's Shepherd's Prudery, what it is


132 From Mr. Pope's Pastoral to Q

the Memory of Mrs. Tempeft

ibid Uakers mentioned in From Mr. Phillips's Pastorals

the Dunciad 247 speaking of the Death of Their Principles known to Albino

134 Mr. Pope

ibid. From Mr. Pope's EPistles of Quality, a certain Lady of, Sporus

187 takes Offence at Mr. Pope

R 192


193 The fuppos'd Occasion of Shepherd disconrs'd on 141 her Disgust 194




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Shepherd's Complaint of What Blunder he made in it Love 149

285 Shepherd's Speech about Refus'd the Laurel

286 Magick

162 Becomes Volunteer Laureat Love Dialogue 164 to the Queen

ibid Some Lines of his on Marri: His Extravagance and Indis. age 167 cretion

287 Some other Lines taken No Mr. Pope affifts him 288 tice of by Mr. Pope

168 He leaves London for Swan. Reflections of Mr. Pope's af fea and arrives there 289

ter the Affair at Prelon 42 Forms a Resolution of leave
Concerning Mr. Pope's ing the Country ibid
Friendship for Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Mr. returns to Briz


296 Sonic of Mr. Pope's by Moon- His Behaviour there 297 light

Is arrested

298 Revolution, a short Account His Letter to his friend of it 264 thereon

ibid The Year of Mr. Pope's Carried to Prison 301 Birth

ibid Is kindly usd by the Keeper Rhymers, Advice given to

302 young ones

162 Writes against Bristol ibid Riches not Happiness 365 Letter to a Friend in LonRomeo and Juliet, Quotati don about that

306 on from it

14 Mr. Pope enquires after the State of his Debts

307 S

Receives an angry Letter

from Mr. Pope 308 Avage, Mr. Account of Answers it, takes it to Heart his Birth

and dies

ibid How treated by his Mother At whose Expence buried 279

ibid How she came to be disco. Scriblerus's. Re*ections . on vered to him

ibid Namby Pamby's Pastorals gz Condemn'd for Murder and Shadwell, Dr. what Answer pardon'd

280 a Lady made him about Receiv'd by Lord Tyrconnel Dr. Ratcliffe's Death - 35 but soon abutes his Favour Shepherd's Week wrote by

281 Mr. Gay His Letter to the Earl of South Sea Project, Mr. Pope Middlesex about the Dunci. an Enemy to

263 ad, &c.

ibid Vol. II. Dd Sua



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per Reward

W a

Supremacy, Oath of, fome Villars, George, Duke of
Papifts are willing to take Buckingham, how he died

Sporus, who meant by Mr. Virtue, what is not its pro-

Swift, Dean, his Verses to Commentary thereon ibid
Dr. Delany given into Mr.
Savage's Hands by Mr.



Alb, Mr. etcites Mr.

Pope to write a pato
ral Comedy

Alo, Shepherd's Com Ward, Jobn, Efq; of Hack
plaint of Love
147 ney, who he was

Satirizes the Ladies for wear Convicted of Forgery and
ing falfe Hair


stood in the Pillory ibid
Sylvia and Daphne 170 How he employ'd himself
Taste, a false one of Magni during his Confinement 60

70 Waters, Mr. what he was 62
Temple, Sir Richard, Lord Winter's Tale, Quotation
Cobbam, Mr. Pope writes to

from it
him of the Knowledge and Women, Characters of, by
Characters of Men 26

Mr. Pope

Quotation from the Epistle Commentary thereon 363

ibid Woodward, Dr. under the
Timon, Lord, thought to Name of Foffile is fatiriz'd
mean a very noble Duke in Three Hours after Mar-

73 riage
Mr. Pope denies it ibid






able Way of Thinking

of it

188 Impoflible to satisfy them all
Verses against Mr Pope by a

54 Commentary thereon


V Arity, Mr. Pope clear'a

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The END.

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