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object has been attained is for the profession to determine. As neither the 24th nor 25th Nevada are yet in print, pages could not be given, and cases cited in them must be found by reference to the “Table of Cases Reported,” when those volumes are printed.

The use of head notes instead of marginal notes for each section was suggested by many attorneys, by our Supreme Court, and by the later compilations and codes of other states.

The appendix contains references to local and special Acts and others which were not thought worthy of reprinting, all of which, however, are referred to in the index, and the pages on which they are to be found in the session laws are given.

No separate index is given for the State Constitution nor the United States Statutes printed in the front of the book, but everything is included in the general index, as it was thought desirable that a party, when looking up a legal point, should have not only the statute law but the fundamental law thereon as well.



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I, EUGENE HOWELL, the duly elected, qualified and acting Secretary of State of the State of Nevada, do hereby certify that the annexed is a true and full compilation of the General Laws of the State of Nevada, prepared by H. C. Cutting, under and by authority of an Act of the Legislature of the State of Nevada entitled "An Act to provide for the compiling and publishing of the laws of the State of Nevada," approved February 15, 1899.

IN WITNESSS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand

and affixed the Great Seal of State, at my office in Carson City, Nevada, this 28th day of October, A. D. 1899.


Secretary of State.

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