Digital Cities II. Computational and Sociological Approaches: Second Kyoto Workshop on Digital Cities, Kyoto, Japan, October 18-20, 2001. Revised Papers

Makoto Tanabe, Peter van den Besselaar, Toru Ishida
Springer Science & Business Media, 10 de jul de 2002 - 404 páginas
This book contains the papers presented at the second KyotoWorkshop on Digital Cities that took place in October 2001. This was the third in a series of three related confer- ces. The previous conferences were the KyotoWorkshop on Communityware and Social Interaction in 1998, and the ?rst KyotoWorkshop on Digital Cities, in September 1999. Together they have contributed to the advancement of the research on digital cities, one of the research topics within the emerging ?eld of 'social informatics'. Themeetingaimedatimprovingourunderstandingofthecurrentstatusandfutureof thoseclassesofsystemsthatcanbesubsumedundertheheadingofdigitalcity.Whatare feasiblemodelsfordigitalcities?Whatdoexperimentswithdigitalcitiesteachus?What new technologies for digital cities emerge? The meeting aimed at encouraging research and practical activities in this ?eld, and enabled the interaction between computer sci- tists, social scientists, and enlightened practitioners, engaged with digital cities. Topics of discussion were design and analysis, theoretical perspectives on digital cities, ex- riments with digital cities and with community networks, applications of digital cities, user studies, visualization, (mobile) technologies for digital cities, social interaction and communityware, user involvement in digital cities and community networks, and or- nizational and business models for digital cities.

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