Report and Plan for the Reclamation of the Alluvial Basin of the Mississippi River Subject to Inundation


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Página 150 - An act to provide for the appointment of a commission of engineers to investigate and report a permanent plan for the reclamation of the alluvial basin of the Mississippi River subject to inundation," I appointed a commission of engineers.
Página 7 - I have the honor to transmit herewith the report of the commission of engineers appointed in compliance with the act of Congress approved June 22, 1874, to investigate and report a permanent plan for the reclamation of the alluvial basin of the Mississippi River subject to inundation.
Página 42 - ... general river-laws, as is fully explained on page 363, Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi. It is therefore carefully to be borne in mind that the maximum discharges of two floods are by no means necessarily proportional to the relative water-levels attained in them.
Página 1 - THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES : I have the honor to transmit herewith an address to the President of the United States...
Página 150 - Army, and of the secretary, shall be paid upon the approval of bills for the same by the Secretary of War.
Página 55 - In fine, then, as already stated, the flood of 1862 must probably always remain a source of anxious perplexity to engineers having the direction of the levee system of the Mississippi. The actual high-water marks of that year generally exceed those of any other by several inches, (see table already given;) but, as fully explained above, this proves absolutely nothing respecting the relative difficulty of restraining these floods had the levee system been perfected at their date. In my judgment, the...
Página 53 - ... in maximum discharge into the head of the alluvial region, upon which, of course, the difficulty of restraining floods primarily depends. The daily oscillations at Cairo and at New Orleans, the former recorded by the engineers of the Cairo City Company, and the latter by Mr. Bayley, are represented upon the accompanying Plate I.
Página 50 - March, a wide-spread series of furious rain-storms occurred. The belt containing them extended from the head-waters of the Washita and White Rivers of Arkansas eastward across the States of Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, western North Carolina, and western Virginia; but it was in the mountain region, where heads the Tennessee River, that the greatest deluge occurred. The downfall here was entirely beyond precedent, raising the Tennessee River at Chattanooga, on March 11, 53 feet above low...
Página 42 - At any given gauge-reading there is usually more water passing in a long and rapid than in a short and slow rise, but this is not always the case, the discharge being governed by the relative stage of the water in the channel above and below. 3. The maximum discharge, in any normal rise, occurs when the has reached a point a few inches below the highest point attained.
Página 114 - April 17, about 3 inches of rain. On April 1, the river was at usual summer level, but a sudden and excessive (10 feet) freshet in the Niobrara raised it rapidly. Combined with the rise above, this freshet raised the Missouri, on April 18, to a point 1.5...

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