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No. 53.

ORDERED, that no counsel will be permitted to speak, in the argument of any case in this court, more than two hours, without the special leave of the court, granted before the argument begins.

Counsel will not be heard, unless a printed abstract of the case be first filed, together with the points intended to be made, and the authorities intended to be cited in support of them arranged under the respective points. And no other book or case can be referred to in the argument.

If one of the parties omits to file such a statement, he cannot be heard, and the case will be heard ex parte, upon the argument of the party by whom the statement is filed.

This rule to take effect on the first day of December Term, 1849.

WAYNE, J., dissents from this rule.
WOODBURY, J., does not concur in this rule.



Azor Taber Stephen D. Law . John M. Barbour Stephen Powers Henry Wells Smith S. R. Mallory George Taylor C. Van Santvoord George S. Selden David S. Stacy W. O. Kline. Charles Ingersoll J. Mason Campbell William P. Lynde Ambrose L. Jordan William M. Tilghman Joseph P. Bradley . Peter Y. Cutler, William T. Howell Gregory Yale John L. Wendell Samuel S. Williams C. S. Morehead H. M. Paluch W. C. Ferrell. William H. Shumway Orville Robinson James P. Holcombe Timothy Jenkins Ransom H. Tyler Henry M. Chamberlain . Daniel Saunders, Jr. . John De Mott William K. Sebastian Hannibal Hamlin

New York. District of Columbia. District of Columbia. Texas. Massachusetts. Florida. New York. New York. Pennsylvania. Louisiana. Pennsylvania Massachusetts. Maryland. Wisconsin. New York. Pennsylvania. New Jersey. New York. Michigan. Florida. New York. District of Columbia, Kentucky. Pennsylvania. South Carolina. New York. New York. Ohio. New York. New York. Massachusetts Massachusetts. New York. Arkansas. Maine.

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Charles Mason
H. R. Gamble
Charles T. Cromwell
Heman B. Ely
Matthew S. Ward .
Daniel Gott
A. G. Rice
Francis Fellowes
Simeon Smith
Ezra C. Seaman
John B. Manchester
Robert Hughes.
Cyrus Lawton
William Grandin
O. S. X. Peck
E. A. Hannegan
E. W. Cullen.
Francis Brown Hayes
J. P. Benjamin
George Lindley
John Hone
J. H. Thompson
Hanson A. Risley
Daniel Bowly
John W. Pirsson
John S. Hager
Robert H. Shannon
Jeremiah W. Blydenburgh
Hamilton Morton .
William D. Ely .
John Sherwood
William Furniss
S. V. R. Mallory
Joseph Story Pitman
Abraham Lincoln
George Gibbs
John James Devereux
O. B. Matteson
Albert Pike
William H. Ringo
Hiram Leonard
Charles H. Stewart
Hiram Walbridge

Iowa. Missouri. New York. New York. Indiana. New York. South Carolina. Connecticut. New York. Michigan. New York. Texas. New York. District of Columbia. Iowa. Indiana. Louisiana. Massachusetts. Louisiana. Connecticut. New York. Louisiana. New York. New York. New York. New Jersey. New York. New York. New York. Connecticut. New York. New York. New York. Rhode Island. Illinois. New York. Pennsylvania. New York. Arkansas. Arkansas. New York. District of Columbia New York.





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Hand et al., Tyler v.
Hardeman et al. v. Harris.
Harris, Hardeman et al. v.
Harris v. Wall
Hobson, McDonald v.
Hoover et al., Sadler et al. v.
Hugg et al. v. Augusta lusurance and Banking Company.
Hunter et al., Smith v.
Hunt's Lessee, Kennedy's Executors v.

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