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Α. D.32.

MARK Ix. 22-32.

Α. D. 32.

οι τι δύνασαι, βοήθησον ημίν, σπλαγχνισ

VER. 97. θείς εφ' ημάς.

ο δε Ιησούς, κρατήσας αυτόν της χειρός, And afttimes it hath cast him into the | ήγειρεν αυτόν, και ανέστη. fire, and into the waters, to destroy him : But a Jesus took him by the hand, and but if thou canst do any thing, have com- lifted him up; and he arose. passion on us, and help us.

a And he came and took her by the VER. 23.

hand, and lifted her up; and immeο δε Ιησούς είπεν αυτώ Το, ει δύ- | diately the fever left her, and she miνασαι πιστεύσαι, πάντα δυνατά τω πισ. nistered unto them, Mark i. 31. And τεύοντι.

he took the damsel by the hand, and Jesus said unto him, a If thou canst said unto her, Talitha cumi ;-and believe, all things are possible to him that straightway the damsel arose, and believeth.

walked, v. 41, 42. a See on Matt. xv. ver. 28.

VER. 28.

Και εισελθόντα αυτόν εις οίκον, οι μαVER. 94. Και ευθέως κράξας ο πατήρ του παιδίου, 1 θηταί αυτού επηρώτων αυτόν κατ' ιδίαν: μετά δακρύων έλεγε: Πιστεύω, Κύριε, βοή

"Οτι εμείς ουκ ηδυνήθημεν εκβαλείν αυτό; θει μου την απιστία.

a And when he was come into the house, And struightway the father of the his disciples asked him privately, Why

could not we cast him out ? child cried out, and said with tears, a Lord, I believe ; help thou mine un

a See on Matt. xvii. ver. 19-21. belief. .

VER. 29. a And the apostles said unto the Και είπεν αυτοίς. Τούτο το γένος εν Lord, Increase our faith, Luke xvii. 5. | ουδεν δύναται έξελθεϊν, ει μη εν προσευχή For by grace are ye saved through και νηστεία: faith; and that not of yourselves : it is And he said unto them, This kind can the gift of God, Eph. ii. 8. For unto

come forth by nothing, but by prayer and you it is given in the behalf of Christ; fasting. not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake, Phil. i. 29.

VER. 30. Looking unto Jesus the author and Και εκείθεν εξελθόντες παρεπορεύοντο finisher of our faith, Heb. xii. 2. δια της Γαλιλαίας και ουκ ήθελες να τις

γνώ. VER. 25. ιδών δε ο Ιησούς ότι επισυντρέχει όχλος, through Galilee ; and he would not that

And they departed thence, and passed επετίμησε το πνεύματι τα ακαθάρτω, λέγων αυτω" Το πνεύμα το άλαλον και | αny man should know it. κωφών, εγώ σοι επιτάσσω: “Εξελθε εξ αυ

a See on Matt. xvii. ver. 22, 23. του, και μηκέτι εισέλθης εις αυτόν.

VER. 31. When Jesus saw that the people came 'Εδίδασκε γάρ τους μαθητές αυτού, και running together, he rebuked the foul | έλεγεν αυτοίς "οτι ο υιός του ανθρωπου spirit, saying unto him, Thou a dumb | παραδίδοται εις χείρας ανθρώπων, και and deaf spirit, b I charge thee, come out αποκτενούσιν αυτόν και απ ανθείς, τη of him, and enter no more into him.

τρίτη ημέρα αναστήσεται. a See on Matt. ix. ver, 32.

a For he taught his disciples, and said • See on Μatt. viii. ver. 3. clause 2. unto them, The Son of man is delivered

into the hands of men, and they shall VER. 26.

kill him; and after that he is killed, he Και κράξαν, και πολλά σπαράξαν αυτόν, | shall rise the third day. εξήλθε και εγένετο ώσει νεκρός, ώστε

VER. 32. πολλούς λέγειν ότι απέθανεν. And the spirit cried, a und rent him

Οι δε ήγνόουν το ρήμα, και εφοβούντο

αυτόν επερωτήσαι. sore, and came out of him: and he as one dead ; insomuch that many said, a But they understood not that saying, He is dead.

and were afraid to ask him. . See on chap. i. ver. 26.

a See on verse 10.


A. D. 32.

MARK IX. 33–39.

A. D. 32.

VER. 33.

εάν έμε. δέξηται, ουκ έμε δέχεται, αλλά Και ήλθεν εις Καπερναούμ και εν τη τον αποστείλαντά με: οικία γενόμενος, επηρώτα αυτούς· Τί εν a Whosoever shall receive one of such τη οδώ προς εαυτούς διελογίζεσθε ; children in my name, receiveth me: and And he came to Capernaum : and be

whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not ing in the house he asked them, a What me, but him that sent me. was it that ye disputed among yourselves

a See on Matt. x. ver. 40. by the way?

VER. 38. a See on Matt, ix. ver. 4. clause 1. 'Απεκρίθη δε αυτώ ο Ιωάννης, λέγων· VER. 34.

Διδάσκαλε, είδομέν τινα εν τω ονόματί σου Οι δε εσιώπων προς αλλήλους γαρ διε- ημίν και εκωλύσαμεν αυτόν, ότι ουκ ακο

εκβάλλοντα δαιμόνια, ός ουκ ακολουθεί λέχθησαν εν τη οδώ, τίς μείζων.

λουθεί ημίν. . But they held their peace: afor by the

And John answered him, saying, way they had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest.

a Master, we saw one casting out devils

in thy name, and he followeth not us: a At the same time came the disci- and we forbad him, because he followet ples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the not us. greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Matt. xviii. 1. And he said unto her, told Moses, and said, Eldad and Me

a And there ran a young man, and What wilt thou?

She saith unto him, dad do prophesy in the camp. And Grant that these my two sons may Joshua the son of Nun, the servant sit

, the one on thy right hand, and of Moses, one of his young men, anthe other on the left, in thy kingdom, swered and said, My lord Moses, forxx. 21. Then there arose a reasoning bid them. And Moses said unto him, among them, which of them should be greatest, Luke ix. 46.

And there was

Enviest thou for my sake? would also a strife among them, which of God that all the Lord's people were them should be accounted the great- put his Spirit upon them! Numb. xi,

prophets, and that the Lord would est, xxii. 24.

27–29. And John answered and VER. 35.

said, Master, we saw one casting out Και καθίσας έφώνησε τους δώδεκα, και | devils in thy name; and we forbad λέγει αυτούς. Είτις θέλει πρώτος είναι, him, because he followed not with us, έσται πάντων έσχατος, και πάντων διά- Luke ix. 49. And if Iby Beelzebub

cast out devils, by whom do your sons And he sat down, and called the twelve, cast them out? xi. 19. and saith unto them, a If any man desire

VER. 39. to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servunt of all.

ο δε Ιησούς είπε: Mή καλύετε αυτόν a See on Matt. xx. ver. 26, 27.

ουδείς γάρ έστιν ός ποιήσει δύναμιν επί τω

ονόματί μου, και δυνήσεται ταχύ κακοVER, 36.

λογήσαι με. Και λαβών παιδίον, έστησεν αυτο εν But Jesus said, Forbid him not : for μέσω αυτών και εναγκαλισάμενος αυτό, a there is no man which shall do a miraείπεν αυτοίς:

cle in my name, that b can lightly speak a And he took a child, and set him in evil of me. the midst of them : and when he had

a Many will say to me in that day, taken him in his arms, he said unto them, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied

a And he took them up in his arms, in thy name? and in thy name have put his hands upon them, and blessed cast out devils? and in thy name them, Mark x. 16. And Jesus called a done many wonderful works? Matt. little child unto him, and set him in vii. 22. Then certain of the vagabond the midst of them, Matt. xviii. 2, Jews, exorcists, took upon them to and xix. 14, 15.

call over them which had evil spirits VER. 37.

the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, "Os lay or tão TOSCŪTAV Tardíor dental We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul kmi z ivóvati Mou, fjà dixeral' xal às preacheth, Acts xix. 13. VOL. I.


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Α. D. 32.

MARK Ix. 39-50.

Α. D. 32.

b No man speaking by the Spirit of

VER. 45. God calleth Jesus accursed, 1 Cor.

Και εάν ο πούς σου σκανδαλίζη σε, απόxii. 3.

κοψον αυτόν καλόν εστί σοι εισελθεν εις VER. 40. “ος γάρ ουκ έστι καθ' ημών, υπέρ ημών βληθήναι εις την γέενναν, εις το πυρ το

την ζωήν χωλόν, και τους δύο πόδας έχοντα εστιν.

ασβεστον For he that is not against us is on

And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: our part.

it is better for thee to enter halt into VER. 41.

life, than having two feet to be cast “ος γαρ αν ποτίση υμάς ποτήριον ύδατος | into hell, into the fire that never shall be εν τω ονόματί μου, ότι Χριστού έστε, αμήν | quenched: λέγω υμίν, ου μη απολέση τον μισθόν

VER. 46. αυτού.

"Όπου σκώληξ αυτών ου τελευτα, και For και whosoever shall give you a cup of | το πυρ ου σβέννυται. water to drink in my name, because ye

Where their worm dieth not, and the belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, fire is not quencher. He shall not lose his reward. a See on Matt. x. ver. 42.

VER. 47.

Και εάν ο οφθαλμός σου σκανδαλίζη VER. 42.

σε, έκβαλε αυτόν καλόν

έστι μονόφθαλΚαι δς αν σκανδαλίση ένα των μικρών μον εισελθείν εις την βασιλείας του Θεού, και των πιστευόντων εις εμέ, καλόν έστιν αυτώ δύο οφθαλμούς έχοντα βληθήναι εις την μάλλον, ει σερίκειται λίθος μυλικός σερί 1 γέενναν του πυρός: τον τράχηλον αυτού, και βέβληται εις την

And if thine eye offend thee, pluck θάλασσαν.

it out : it is better for thee to enter into a And whosoever shall offend one of the kingdom of Gort with one eye, than these little ones that believe in me, it is having two eyes to be cast into hell fire : better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into

* Or, cause thee to offend. the sea.

VER. 48. a See on Matt. xviii. ver. 6-9.

“Οπου ο σκώληξ αυτών ου τελευτα, και VER. 43.

το πυρ ου σβέννυται. Και εάν σκανδαλίζη σε ή χείς σου,

Where their worm dieth not, and the απόκοψον αυτήν· καλόν σοι εστί κυλλον | fre is not quenched. εις την ζωήν εισελθεϊν, και τας δύο χείρας

VER. 49. έχοντα ασελθείν εις την γέενναν, εις το

Πάς γαρ πυρί αλισθήσεται, και πάσα πυρ το ασβεστον

θυσία αλ' άλισθήσεται. And if thy hand *offend thee, cut it

Por every one shall be salted with

fire, off: it is better for thes to enter into life and a every sacrifice shall be salted with maimed, than having two hands to go

salt. nto hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched :

a And every oblation of thy meat * Or, cause thee to offend : and so neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the

offering shalt thou season with salt; ver. 15.

covenant of thy God to be lacking from VER. 44.

thy meat offering: with all thine offer"Όπου ο σκώληξ αυτών ου τελευτά, και | ings thou shalt offer salt, Lev. xi. 13. το πυρ ου σβέννυται.

VER. 50. a Where their worm dieth not, and b the fire is not quenched.

Καλόν το άλας: έαν δε το άλας αναλον a And they shall go forth, and look γένηται, εν τίνι αυτό αρτύσετε και έχετε εν upon the carcases of the men that have εαυτούς άλας, και ειρηνεύετε εν αλλήλοις. transgressed against me : for their

a Salt is good : but if the salt have worm shall not die, neither shall their lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season fire be quenched ; and they shall be it? b Have salt in yourselves, cand have an abhorring unto all flesh, Is.lxvi. 24. peace one with another.

See on Matt. iii. ver. 12. cla 5. a Salt is good : but if the salt have

A.D. 32.

MARK IX. 50.

A. D. 32.

lost his savour, wherewith shall it be one another, even as God for Christ's seasoned? It is neither fit for the sake hath forgiven you, iv. 31, 32. land, nor yet for the dunghill, but And walk in love, as Christ also hath men cast it out, Luke xiv. 34, 35. loved us, and bath given himself for

b Let no corrupt communication us, v. 2. Stand fast in one spirit, proceed out of your mouth, but that with one mind striving together for the which is good to the use of edifying, faith of the Gospel, Phil. i. 27. Fulthat it may minister grace unto the fil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, hearers, Eph. iv. 29. Let your speech having the same love, being of one be alway with grace, seasoned with accord, of one mind. · Let nothing be salt, that ye may know how ye ought done through strife or vain-glory; to answer every man, Col. iv. 6. but in lowliness of mind, let each es

c Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear teem other better than themselves, any grudge against the children of thy ii. 2, 3. Put on therefore, as the people, but thou shalt love thy neigh- elect of God, holy and beloved, bowbour as thyself; I am the LORD, Lev. els of mercies, kindness, humbleness xix. 18. Behold, how good and how of mind, meekness, longsuffering; pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to- forbearing one another, and forgiving gether in unity! Ps. cxxxiii. 1. A new one another, if any man have a quarcommandment I give unto you, that rel against any : even as Christ for. ye love one another; as I have loved gave you, so also do ye. And above you, that ye also love one another. By all these things put on charity, which this shall all men know that ye are my is the bond of perfectness. And let disciples, if ye have love one to another, the peace of God rule in your hearts, John xiii. 34, 35. These things I com to the which also ye are called in one mand you, that ye love one another, xv. body; and be ye thankful, Col. iii. 12 17. Be kindly affectioned one to ano -15. And the Lord make you to inther with brotherly love ; in honourpre- crease and abound in love one toward ferring one another, Rom. xii. 10. If another, and toward all men, even as it be possible, as much as lieth in you, we do toward you, 1 Thess. ii. 12. live peaceably with all men, 18. Let | But as touching brotherly love ye us therefore follow after the things need not that I write unto you: for which make for peace, and things ye yourselves are taught of God wherewith one may edify another, to love one another, iv. 9. Follow rív. 19. That there should be no righteousness, faith, charity, peace, schism in the body; but that the with them that call on the name members should have the same care of the Lord out of a pure heart, one for another. And whether one 2 Tim. ii, 22. Follow peace with member suffer, all the members suffer all men, and holiness, without which with it; or one member be bonoured, no man shall see the Lord, Heb. xii. all the members rejoice with it, 1 Cor. 14. Let brotherly love continue, xiüi. rü:25, 26. Finally, brethren, farewell. 1. If ye fulfil the royal law according Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy one mind, live in peace; and the God neighbour as thyself, ye do well, Jam. of love and peace shall be with you, i. 8. The wisdom that is from above 2 Cor. xiii. 11. But the fruit of the is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffer- and easy to be entreated, full of mercy ing, gentleness, goodness, faith, meek- and good fruits, without partiality, ness, temperance : against such there and without hypocrisy. And the is no law, Gal. v. 22, 23. With all fruit of righteousness is sown in peace lowliness and meekness, with long- of them that make peace, iii. 17, 18. suffering, forbearing one another in Seeing ye have purified your souls love ; endeavouring to keep the unity in obeying the truth through the Spiof the Spirit in the bond of peace, Eph. rit unto unfeigned love of the breiv. 2, 3. Let all bitterness, and wrath, thren, see thut ye love one another with and anger, and clamour, and evil a pure heart fervently, 1 Pet. i. 22. speaking, be put away from you, Finally, tie ye all of one mind, having with all malice : And be ye kind one compassion one of another, love as to another, tender-hearted, forgiving I brethren, be pitiful, be courteous, iii.

Α. D. 33.

MARK Ix. 50.-Χ. 1-13.

A, D. 33.

8. And to godliness brotherly kind- | προς την σκληροκαρδίαν υμών έγραψεν υμίν ness; and to brotherly kindness cha την εντολήν ταύτην. rity, 2 Pet. i. 7. Beloved, let us love And Jesus answered and said unto them, one another : for love is of God; and For the hardness of your heart he wrote every one that loveth is born of God,


this precept. and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love,

VER. 6. 1 John iv. 7, 8. Beloved, if God so 'Απο δε αρχής κτίσεως, άρσεν και θηλυ loved us, we ought also to love one | εποίησεν αυτούς ο Θεός. another, 11. Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God : tion God made them male and female.

But from the beginning of the creaand every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of

VER. 7. him, v. i.

"Ενεκεν τούτου καταλείψει άνθρωπος τον CHAP. X.-VER. 1.

πατέρα αυτού και την μητέρα, και προσ

κολληθήσεται προς την γυναίκα αυτού, Κακειθεν αναστάς έρχεται εις τα όρια της Ιουδαίας, διά τού πέραν του Ιορδάνου και

For this cause shall a man leave his συμπορεύονται πάλιν όχλοι προς αυτόν, father and mother, and cleave to his wife; και, ως είώθει, πάλιν εδίδασκεν αυτούς.

VER. 8. a And he arose from thence, and com. Και έσονται οι δύο εις σάρκα μίαν. "Ωστε eth into the coasts of Judea by the far- | ουκέτι εισί δύο, αλλά μία σάρξ. ther side of Jordan: and the people resort unto him again; and, as he was

And they twain shall be one flesh : so wont, he taught them again.

then they are no more twain, but one a See on Matt. xix. ver. 1--9.


VER. 9.
VER. 2.

“ο ούν ο Θεός συνέζευξεν, άνθρωπος μη Και προσελθόντες οι Φαρισαίοι, επηρώ- χωριζέτω. τησαν αυτόν, εί έξεστιν ανδρί γυναίκα What therefore God hath joined togeαπολύσαι· πειράζοντες αυτόν.

ther, let not man put asunder. And the Pharisees came to him, and asked him, Is it Inwful for a man to put

VER. 10. away his wife? a tempting him.

Και εν τη οικια πάλιν οι μαθηταί αυτού 2 See on Μatt. xvi. ver. 1. clause 2. περί του αυτού επηρώτησαν αυτόν. VER. 3.

a And in the house his disciples asked ο δε αποκριθείς, είπεν αυτοίς. Τι him again of the same matter. ιμϊν ενετείλατο Μωσής ;

a See on Matt. xiii. ver. 11. And he answered and said unto them,

VER. 11. i What did Moses command you ? Και λέγει αυτούς: Ος εάν απολύση

* To the law and to the testimony: την γυναίκα αυτού, και γαμήση άλλης, ifthey speaknot according to this word, μοιχάται επ' αυτήν. it is because there is no light in them, And he saith unto them, a Whosoever Isa. viii. 20. He said unto him, What shall put away his wife, and murry ano. is written in the law? how readest ther, committeth adultery against her. thou? Luke x. 26. Search the Scrip

a See on Matt. v. ver. 32. clause 2. tures, John v. 39.

VER. 12.
VER. 4.
Οι δε είπον Μωσής επέτρεψε βιβ- και γαμηθή άλλων, μοιχάται.

Και εάν γυνή απολύση τον άνδρα αυτής, λίον αποστασίου γράψαι, και απολύσαι. And they said, Moses suffered to write

And if a woman shall put away her a bill of divorcement, and to put her husband, and be married to another, she

committeth adultery. away. VER. 5.

VER. 13. Και αποκριθείς ο Ιησούς, είπεν αυτοίς: Και προσέφερον αυτώ παιδία, ένα άψη

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