International Catalogue of Scientific Literature: General biology. L., Volumes 1-4

International Council, 1903

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Página 113 - Journal de l'Anatomie et de la Physiologie normales et pathologiques DE L'HOMME ET DES ANIMAUX Fondé par Ch.
Página vii - ... that this should be repaid during the ensuing five years. The supreme control over the Catalogue is vested in an International Convention. Such a Convention is to be held in London in 1905, in 1910, and every tenth year afterwards, to reconsider, and, if necessary, to revise the regulations for carrying out the work of the Catalogue ; but the approved Schedules are not to be altered during the first period of five years.
Página 72 - Studies in Evolution. Being mainly Reprints of Occasional Papers selected from the Publications of the Laboratory of Invertebrate Paleontology, Peabody Museum. By CHARLES EMERSON BEECHER, Ph.D., Professor of Historical Geology.
Página 138 - Journal de l'anatomie et de la physiologie normales et pathologiques de l'homme et des animaux, dirigé par M.
Página 79 - Problèmes énergétiques soulevés par une Note de Lord Kelvin sur la régulation de la température chez les animaux à sang chaud.
Página viii - Regional bureaus are established in the following countries : Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cape Colony, Denmark, Egypt, France, Great Britain and Ireland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, India and Ceylon, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, New South Wales, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Queensland, Russia, South Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Victoria, Western Australia, and Finland. Authority over all questions of methods and administration is vested in an international convention to be held in London...
Página ix - ... subject-entries being at present limited in number. But the expense of making subject-entries would be very greatly reduced if all periodicals adopted a practice already carried out by some journals, namely, that of indexing each paper at the time of its publication. Indeed, were this carefully done, the Bureaus preparing the Catalogue would no longer have to study the contents of papers in order to prepare the subject-entries, and the saving thereby effected would make it possible to enlarge...
Página 127 - Neue Untersuchungen über die elektrische Leitfähigkeit und den osmotischen Druck der tierischen Gewebe.
Página 115 - La chronique, rédigée par des spécialistes pour chaque partie du monde, constitue un résumé complet du mouvement géographique pour chaque mois. La Nature REVUE ILLUSTRÉE des sciences et de leurs applications aux arts et à l'industrie DIRECTEUR : Henri de PAR VILLE Abonnement annuel : Paris : 20 fr.
Página 27 - Cranial Nerve; together with a consideration of the origin of the Cranial Nerves as a whole in accordance with the principles laid down in Part I.

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