Journal of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Volume 109

Eagle Graphics, Legislative Printers., 1888

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Página 959 - I, AB, do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent on me as , according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to the constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.
Página 944 - A question containing two or more propositions capable of division shall be divided whenever desired by any member. When a motion to strike out and insert is thus divided, the failure of the motion to strike out shall not preclude amendment ; or, if the motion to strike out prevails, the matter proposed to be inserted shall be open to amendment before the question is taken on inserting it.
Página 935 - Petitions, memorials, and other papers addressed to the House, shall be presented by the Speaker, or by a member in his place...
Página 944 - No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment.
Página 959 - I AB do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and will support the constitution thereof. So help me GOD.
Página 166 - ... sale or transportation of any such article or commodity, or by which they shall agree to pool, combine, or unite any interest they may have in connection with the sale or transportation of any such article or commodity that its price might in any manner be affected.
Página 933 - Clerk shall retain bills and other papers, in reference to which any member has a right to move a reconsideration (except petitions, enacted bills, orders of inquiry, and orders of notice...
Página 16 - RULE 1. The following joint standing committees shall be appointed at the commencement of the January session, viz.: — A committee on Agriculture ; A committee on Banks and Banking; A committee on Cities ; A committee on Claims ; A committee on Education ; A committee on Election Laws ; A committee on...
Página 938 - House shall proceed with them in regular course, as follows : Matters not giving rise to a motion or debate shall first be disposed of in the order in which they stand in the calendar ; after which the matters that were passed over shall be considered in like order and disposed of.
Página 296 - Springfield, by vote of its city council, is hereby authorized to issue bonds to an amount not exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for the purpose of...

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