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World; thy Sin is found out for thee. Thou mayst see in this Glass wherein thou comest short of the Glory of GOD of glorifying God by a profound Submission to his Will, which is his Glory in, and from Man; — and what is the true Cause, of every other sinful. Exorbitance in thee.

And therefore I cannot but think, that the Author has judiciously singled out this capital Instance of Man's Corruption, an ufurping Will, broken off from God, to draw our Thoughts as it were to a Point, and strike Conviction into the Soul; as well as juftly represented the Guilt, and fatal Consequences of it. If the Charge is false, we have comparatively no Sin; the Love and Practice of every Virtue being implied in the contrary Disposition. But if it is true, and we are not in Subjection to the Father of Spirits, adoring his Nature and Will, pleased with his Commands, and resigned to his Providences, the Word of Truth has but one Call for us, Repent and be converted. Whatever we pretend, or however we may appear outwardly to Men, so long as there is this Root of a secret En: mity against God in the Heart, an alienat. ed, self-pleasing, opposing Will, we dishonor him in the whole Course of our Lives, and the whole State of our Beings, we can have no Communion with him here, nor Enjoy : ment of him hereafter.


The peculiar Doctrines of the Gospel aré easily connected with, and follow close upon this Discovery. Guilt incurred, Punishment due, and infinite Justice demanding it, what shall ward off the Blow? Repentance, and Return to God:-So unbelieving Man fays; making a Merit of it; supposing that he has the Power to repent and return, in and of himself; and that whenever he does, GOD must receive him to Favor. But these are dangerous Suppofitions to trust to for Eternity; and utterly insufficient to relieve the Conscience, laboring under a Sense of Guilt, and looking out every Way for some better ground of Hope. I will venture to say, it is hardly possible for the convinced, awakened Soul to trust to them; and I fear those who do have another secret Suppofition in reserve, which is, that Sin is not of fo deadly a Nature, nor so odious to God, as it must be

upon the Christian Scheme. A real Belief of the Guilt and Danger of it, will necessarily be attended with alarming Appren hensions of the Defectiveness of Repentance, of its Insufficiency at the best for Satisfaction, and of our In potence to Good in the future Course of our Lives. And this Sense will dispose, if not force us to receive the much wanted, friendly Aid of Revelation; and to form our Conduct upon the Notion of a SCRIPTURE-GOD, instead of one of Qur own making. For notwithstanding the


boasted Perfection of human Reason, and our conceited, arrogant Pretences to supernatural Knowledge, God will always be unknown, as to his Counsels, Ways, and Actings, if he does not reveal himself. The Description given of him, (Exod. xxxiv. 6, 7.) as forgiving Iniquity, Transgreshon and Sin, and yet by no means clearing ibe Guilty, exceeds all the Understanding of the natural Man; and would still have been a Mystery, if Christ had not explained it, by bearing our Sins in his own Body, reconciling us to God by his Death, bringing in a perfect Righteousness for us, enabling us by his Spirit to fubdue the Power of Sin in ourfelves, and completing our Redemption by making us new Creatures, fit for Heaven.j

These great Points are clearly opened, and pathetically enforced in the following Discourses, which we doubt not will be generally confidered as the Result of Experience, answerable to their Title, and a fair Draught of The CHRISTIAN. And if the Author should be remarked by any as one of the Over-doers,hurting the Cause he would ferve ; let him be entitled to no Apology, if he has gone beyond the Rule of Scripture: Which indeed prescribes an amazing Height of Purity for such a weak, and sinful Creature'as Man; but is nevertheless neceffary to be proposed to him in its full Extent, to convince him of his Sin, bring him to CHRIST,

direct him in his Aims, prove his Sincerity, and quicken his Endeavours. And to speak only of an absolute Submission to the Will of God, who will presume to, affirm that less is required of us? It would be an ill Office in a Christian Divine, to tell Men exactly where they may stop without Hazard ; and, he would have but little Thanks for his Pains, from zealous Persons, endued from Above with a true fpiritual Taste. whose State is progressive, and their Hearts bent upon

continual Advancement in Holiness : Which is what his Description of the newes: Creature implies, and not that none can be faved who come short of it, provided they are going on to Perfection, and trust not in themselves, but in the Lord Jesuş CHRIST.

It must be confessed, he is somewhat plain, does not palliate Matters, bears hard upon the Old Man and strips him of all his Disguises: And therefore, it may be supposed that some, who have been used to prop themselves with the falfe Divinity of their Moral Character, and a decent Conformity to the external Parts of Religion, will be offended. This he knew very well, and that his hardest Work would be with Those who will let Religion do any thing with them but change their Hearts, and alter the earthly Bent of their Affections. And that there are such at all Times in Christian Countries, Pretenders to Godliness, but in


the main Opposers of the Reality of it, and the bittereft Enemies of all others to those who would lead them into that Depth and Mystery of Iniquity, their own Heart, is not to be denied. But whoever thou art, Sinner, or Formalift, be so just to thyself, and to thy eternal Interest in the Savior, as to read what is here offered thee without Prejudice, if not with Good-will, to one whom thou muft acquit in thy Conscience of any Design but Good-will towards thee. And if the Formalift, especially, should be disgusted at the home Expoftulations upon his Case, and more inclined to reject them with Disdain, than to take Occasion from them to enter upon an impartial Examina. tion of himself, let him be assured, that he has just Cause to fufpect that all is not found with him at the Bottom.

And let all watchful improving Christians, who know their Want of Deliverance, their Disability in their natural State, and want of Merit in their best, Christ's Power and Will to save them to the utmost in all Respects, their Willingness to be saved by him, faithful Adherence to him, and faithful Co-operation with the Spirit of Holiness for a renewed Will, and a fanctified Heart, choosing God for its Portion, and feeking his Kingdom and Righteousness in the first Place;- let them, I say, bless God for the Light and Spirit of the Author; and pray

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