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Your ave, light and know them not. They are even all thac ever were acquainted with or saw you; at Home, Abroad, in all Companies, you were ignorantly patronizing the Cause of Rebellion. At beít, you can but recollect a few upon whom you have done the Majesty of God signal Disgrace. Go then, bring ibefe back : Desperate Project I Some of

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them are no where to be found; fome in distant Parts of the Earth ; and others departed, dead it may be in their Sins, having left behind them a Race of ev.l Doers, and Iniquity for an Inberitance to Childrens Children. Thou canst not but tremble at the Thought. But at least recover those to God who are still alive and wilb thee. treat with them by the Glory of their God and thine, by the eternal Worth of their Souls and thy own: Try upon them all the Force of Argumene and Tears. Alas! fome would mock, fome would despise, and some would diffemble with thee. It would be no small Conquest, shouldst thou gain so much as one. OR consider ye

Thou wast a living Inf

vaintance caught Sin of

yed it to others. Say,

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flexion is enough to make every Heart fail, while he thus evidently fees the irreparable Dishonor he hath brought upon God.

SPEAK now, what Hope haft thou of doing God Right? Wilt thou venture thy Soul upon it, that thou hast made no Breach upon the Glory of God which thou haft not, or canst not sufficiently restore ? Wilt thou be bold to reft the Caufe of thy eternal Acceptance with God upon this Plea? I will answer for thee, that thou darest not meet the righteous God in Judgment upon so lame a Confidence. Already thou art crying for Mercy; the Lord pardon-thy Servant in this Tbing. But how would thy Cry be increased, couldst thou see the Dishonor which Sin does to the Majesty of Heaven, as thou wilt assuredly see it, when thou shalt stand with the assembled World before the Judge of Quick and Dead! When thou shalt behold God magnificently glorifying himself upon sinful Men and Devils for the Difhonor they have done him! Couldst thou know the Hurt which thy Sins have brought upon the Glory of God, as thou shalt then know it, how would thy wounded Soul cry out for Mercy!

Putting the matter now upon the most favorable footing; supposing you absolutely and most intirely returned to your Allegiance, you see how it muft fare with you


for the Dishonor you have done God, how incapable you would be of rendering back the Glory you had deprived him of.

But can I make such a Supposition concerning you? Can I address you as a Person returned to God, as one framed again to the Temper of a Creature? I know not any Power

you have in yourself to become thus: I know your utter Detestation of and Aversion to it. This leads to

The second Thing which you have to get over, in order to your settling the Difference which Sin hath made between God and you; You must put on the Disposition of a Creature; and this you cannot. Now having gained this Point with you already, that Sin hath destroyed the Image of God in your Soul, by what was advanced in the former Discourse; I shall speak to you as a Person convinced that he is set up for himfelf and is: at Enmity with God; as to one who hath found that he likes not to retain God in his Knowledge, being turned away from him to earthly and carnal T Tags in all the Affections and Choice of h Soul, and who consequently is assured of his intire Incapacity to enjoy spiritual and eternal Happiness, till this linful Law in bis Members be rooted out, and he be brought back to a perfect Purity of Heart and the true Spirit. of a Creature.



I SUPPOSE you know all this : But you must be told, that you had never been acquainted with it, had not God declared it to you. Now that you have been informed of the Nature of God and Happiness, and have been made to see the Waste which Sin hath made upon your Soul, you can discover the Consistency of this Reafoning, and the Need you have of being renewed in the Spirit of jour MindBut had you been left to yourself, you had perhaps never thought of it, would not once have suspected the ill State you find yourself to be in ; possibly would have known nothing of God at all, no not so much as that there is any such Being; or at best, have fat down with very confused Notions of his Perfections. And I leave yourself to determine, how in such Circumstances you must have remained altogether ' excluded from all Possibility of recovering the Spirit of a Creature. You are indebted therefore to a foreign Help, even for this Knowledge of God, yourself, and the Nasure of a reasonable Happiness.

HOWEVER, supposing you well informed of your Cor dition, and of the Need you lie under to frame your Heart again to the Temper of a Creature and a Dependent; how will you effect this Change upon yourself?

THE Word of God is plainly against you in this Matter: “ You cannot turn " and prepare yourself by your own natural

“ Strength

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