Scotland in Early Christian Times, Volume 1


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Página 135 - prayer, and health came to him. After that Columcille gave to Drostan that town, and blessed it, and left as his word, ' Whosoever should come against it let him not be many-yeared or victorious.' Drostan's tears came on parting from Columcille. Said Columcille, ' Let DEAR be its name henceforward.
Página 142 - 3 broad, a small keel from head to stern, a few ribs across the keel, and a ring of pliable wood around the lip of it, the whole covered with the rough hide of an ox or horse. The rower sits on a transverse seat in the middle.
Página 134 - After this the mormaer went to entreat the clerics that they should make prayer for the son, that health should come to him ; and he gave in offering to them from Cloch in tiprat to Cloch pette meic Garnait. They made the
Página 205 - and a bishop that was with him " took the bells that they had, which they rang hardly, and cursed the king and place, and prayed God that no king or queen ever after should or could dwell in Tara, and that it should be waste for ever.
Página 192 - which lies in the open churchyard, they are fastened down to a wooden framework, and there left for a whole night with a covering of hay over them, and St. Fillan's bell is put upon their heads. If in the morning the unhappy patient is found loose, the saint is supposed to be propitious
Página 145 - I pray thy blessedness, 0 holy Presbyter, St. Patrick, that whosoever shall take this book into his hands may remember the writer Columba, who have myself written this gospel in the space of twelve days, by the grace of our Lord
Página 216 - is as follows :— JAMES, be the grace of God King of Scottis, to all and sindri our liegis and subditis spirituale and temporale to

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