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COMPLETE WORKS. Riverside Edition. With a Portraits, and papers hitherto unpublished, xx vols., each, lamOj gilt top, $1-75; the set, $19.25.

It Nature, Addresses, and Lectures (formerly known as Miscellanies), -3. Essays. First Series. «a* Essays. Second Series. ^4» Representative Men. 5. English Traits. Jbr Conduct of Life, ■*■• Society and Solitude. 8. Letters and Social Aims. 9. Poems •*•»* Lectures and Biographical Sketches. 11. Miscellanies.

New Little Classic Edition. 11 vol's., in arrangement and contents identical with above. Each, i8mo, $1.25; the set, *i3-7S

POEMS. Household Edition. With Portrait. i2mo, #1.50; full gilt, $2.00.

ESSAYS. First and Second Series. New Authorised Popular Edition, complete. 12mo, gi.oo; paper, 50 cents.

NATURE, LECTURES, AND ADDRESSES; together with REPRESENTATIVE MEN. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo, $1.00.

PARNASSUS. A collection of Poetry edited by Mr. Emerson. With Introductory Essay. Household Edition.

I2Hi0, $1.50.

Library Edition. Svo, $3.00.

EMERSON BIRTHDAY BOOK. With Portrait and Illustrations. 24in0, $1.00.

EMERSON CALENDAR BOOK. 32mo,parchment-paper, 25 cents.

CULTURE, BEHAVIOR, BEAUTY, POWER, WEALTH, Illusions, Books, Art, Eloquence. Modern Classics, No.

2. 32in0, 75 cents. School Edition, 40 cents. NATURE, SUCCESS, GREATNESS, IMMORTALITY,

Love, Friendship, Domestic Life. Modern Classics, No.

3. 32mo, 75 cents. School Edition, 40 cents. FORTUNE OF THE REPUBLIC and other American Essays. Riverside Literature Series, No. 42. i6mo, paper, 15 cents.


Boston And New York.

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COPYRIGHT, 1865 AND 1876,

By Phillips, Sampson & Co., And Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Copyright, 1883,
By Edward W. Emsrson.

Alt rights reserved.

The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass., XT. S. A.
Printed by II. 0. Houghton & Company.

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