Public Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan

F. DeKleine Company, 1905

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Amending act revising highway and bridge laws 8182
Amending act relative to formation of partnership associations 8789
Amending act relative to incorporation of associations not for pecuniary
Amending act relative to revision and consolidation of laws of public
Amending act relative to commencement of suits process service and
Act providing for the collection and dissemination of information concern
Act providing for members of certain alumni associations to vote by mail
Act preventing importation of dangerous insects and contagious diseases
Act establishing a board of accountancy 130132
Amending act relative to voluntary dissolution of corporations 136137
Amending act relative to protection of coal miners and inspection of coal
Amending act providing for the formation of street railways 148149
Amending act providing for incorporation of cities of fourth class
Amending act relative to incorporation of manufacturing and mercantile
Providing for payment of bounty for killing of English sparrows
Act defining and protecting fishing rights in Saginaw bay bordering
Amending act relative to incorporation of railroad companies with refer
Amending act relative to formation of street railway companies eminent
Act providing for spearing in Pine lake and Round lake Charlevoix county
Act protecting fish in Kalamazoo river in Marshall and Marengo townships
Act regulating the issue of warehouse certificates 206208
Act providing for the compilation publication etc of an index to the com
Amending act relative to powers and duties of townships and election
Act authorizing townships to acquire real estate for free public park
Act providing for the inspection by Attorney General of books papers
Amending act relative to incorporation of associations not for pecuniary
Appropriation for Upper Peninsula Experiment Station
Amending act relative to fans or blowers in workshops where emery wheels
Amending act relative to bail in civil actions and proceedings connected
Amending act revising and consolidating laws relative to asylums for
Act amending the general tax law four sections added 326329
Appropriation for State Board of Fish Commissioners 333334
Amending act establishing Michigan Reform School for Girls
Appropriation for the Michigan College of Mines 346347
Act dividing State into thirtytwo senatorial districts 352354
Appropriation for State Industrial Home for Girls 358359
Act prescribing the qualifications duties and compensation
Amending act relative to fraudulent conveyances and contracts relating
Amending act relative to sale of lands of persons under guardianship 387388
Amending act establishing house of correction for juvenile offenders 413414
Act preventing hunting for game on Sunday in Livingston county 419420
Amending act requiring Commissioner of Land Office to furnish certified
Act providing for the assessment of property of railroads etc by a State
Act authorizing the formation of corporations for purpose of maintaining
Appropriation for Western State Normal School
Appropriation for Northern State Normal School
Act providing for changing and determining the names of divorced women
Act providing for building rebuilding etc of bridges and roads situated
Act regulating the practice of circuit courts and providing for review
Act providing for disposition of money accumulated in post fund
Appropriation for Eastern Michigan Asylum 498499
Amending act relating to inventory and collection of the effects of deceased
Amending act relative to administration and distribution of the estates
Joint resolutions 528545
Concurrent resolution
State Treasurers report 553561

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Página 394 - Every holder is deemed prima facie to be a holder in due course ; but when it is shown that the title of any person who has negotiated the instrument was defective, the burden is on the holder to prove that he or some person under whom he claims acquired the title as holder in due course.
Página 390 - Where the instrument contains or a person adds to his signature words indicating that he signs for or on behalf of a principal, or in a representative capacity, he is not liable on the instrument if he was duly authorized; but the mere addition of words describing him as an agent, or as filling a representative character, without disclosing his principal, does not exempt him from personal liability.
Página 391 - An accommodation party is one who has signed the instrument as maker, drawer, acceptor, or indorser, without receiving value therefor, and for the purpose of lending his name to some other person. Such a person is liable on the instrument to a holder for value, notwithstanding such holder at the time of taking the instrument knew him to be only an accommodation party.
Página 394 - In the hands of any holder other than a holder in due course, a negotiable instrument is subject to the same defenses as if it were non-negotiable. But a holder who derives his title through a holder in due course, and who is not himself a party to any fraud or illegality affecting the instrument, has all the rights of such former holder in respect of all parties prior to the latter.
Página 394 - Where the transferee receives notice of any infirmity in the instrument or defect in the title of the person negotiating the same before he has paid the full amount agreed to be paid therefor, he will be deemed a holder in due course only to the extent of the amount theretofore paid by him.
Página 421 - This entire policy shall be void if the insured has concealed or misrepresented, in writing or otherwise, any material fact or circumstance concerning this insurance or the subject thereof...
Página 401 - By a valid tender of payment made by a prior party. 5. By a release of the principal debtor, unless the holder's right of recourse against the party secondarily liable is expressly reserved. 6. By any agreement binding upon the holder to extend the time of payment or to postpone the holder's right to enforce the instrument, unless made with the assent of the party secondarily liable, or unless the right of recourse against such party is expressly reserved.
Página 395 - The acceptor by accepting the instrument engages that he will pay it according to the tenor of his acceptance ; and admits — 1. The existence of the drawer, the genuineness of his signature, and his capacity and authority to draw the instrument; and 2. The existence of the payee and his then capacity to indorse.
Página 406 - Delay in making presentment for payment is excused when the delay is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the holder, and not imputable to his default, misconduct, or negligence. When the cause of delay ceases to operate, presentment must be made with reasonable diligence.
Página 403 - The acceptance of a bill is the signification by the drawee of his assent to the order of the drawer. The acceptance must be in writing and signed by the drawee. It must not express that the drawee will perform his promise by any other means than the payment of money.

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