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Part I.--Reviews.

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History of the Reformation. By J. H. MERLE D'AUBIGNE,


The Accusations of History against the Church of Rome, examined in Remarks

on the Principal Observations in Mr C. Butler's Works, &c. By the Rev.
G. TOWNSEND, M.A. A new edition, revised and corrected by the Rev. J. E.

Cox, M.A., .

Posthumous Sermons. By the Rev, H. Blunt, A.M.,


Select Practical Writings of Robert Trail. Íssued by the Committee of the

General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, for the Publication of the

Works of Scottish Reformers and Divines, . .

The Trial and Triumph of Faith. By SAMUEL RUTHERFORD. Issued by do. ib.

The Wandering Jew. By EUGENE SUE, .

Lessons from Scripture, or Recollections of Statements once heard with Enjoy-



Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Epistles of Paul to the Ephesians.

Philippians, and Colossians. By ALBERT BARNES, .

Abstract Principles of Revealed Religion. By HENRY DRUMMOND, Esq., 118

Illustrations of the Law of Kindness. By the Rev. G. W. MONTGOMERY of

America. English edition, with additions, by John WASHBOURN, . 119

Proceedings of the Anti-Maynooth Conference of 1845. Compiled and Edited

by Rev. A. S. THELWALL, .


Missionary Life in Samoa; as exhibited in the Journals of the late G. A.

Lundie, during the Revival in Tutuila, in 1840–41. Edited by his MOTHER,

Author of “ Memoir of Mary Lundie Duncan,” &c.,

The Jewish Chronicle, published by the American Society for Meliorating

the Condition of the Jews. (Various Numbers), .

Sermons preached in the Parish Church of St George's, Bloomsbury. By the

Hon. and Rev. H. MONTAGUE VILLIERS, M.A., Rector,

The Christian Souvenir; or, Reflections for every Day in the Year. Selected

from the Writings of approved Authors. Sixth Edition, .

Elisha : from the German of Dr F. W. KRUMMACHER. Part III.,


The Old Bachelor of the Scottish Village, .


Protest of the Free Church of Scotland, Illustrated by Subsequent Facts,

The Present Aspect of the World, and the Future Prospects of the Church,

By Rev. A. M'GILVRAY, of the Free Church, Keith,.

Sharpe's London Magazine. Parts I. and Il. Nov. and Dec. 1845, .

Hogg's Weekly Instructor, Part 8, .

Cardiphonia Latina : sive Epistolæ quædam Humaniores, in quibus Vitæ

Christianæ Ratio fusius explicatur, et jam tandem in Usum Piorum Literis

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Priests, Women, and Families. By J. Micheler. Translated from the French,

Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation; a Book for the Times. By AN AMERICAN





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A Third and Concluding Volume of Posthumous Sermons, with Pastoral Letters.

By the Rev. H. BLUNT, A.M.,

. . 264

Memoir of the late Rev. J. Reid, M.A. of Bellary, East Indies, comprising In-

cidents of the Bellary Mission for a period of eleven years, from 1830 to 1840.


. . . 265

A Summary View of the Evidences of Christianity, in a Letter from the Right

Hon. C. K. Bushe, late Chief Justice of the King's Bench. With a Preface

and Notes by the Rev. J. WILLS, C.M., .

. . . 266

The Perpetuity of the Earth; a Discourse, &c. with Notes. By J. LILLIE,. ib.

Lectures on the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, and connected Events.

By the Rev. W. BURGH, A.B. ..

Confessions of a Convert from Baptism in Water to Baptism with Water, . 267

Stories of the Primitive and Early Church. By SOPHIA WOODROOFFE. Edited,

with an Introduction, &c., by Ġ. S. FABER, B.D., :

. . 268

Clark's Foreign Theological Library-Hengstenberg on the Psalms. Vol. I. 270

The Derivation of many Classical Proper Names from the Gaelic Language, or

the Celtic of Scotland. By G. STRATTON, M.D., . .

Sermons in proof, development, and illustration of the Evangelical Doctrines of

the Church, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic; with an Appendix and Notes on

the Evangelical and Apostolic Characteristics of the united Church of Eng-

land and Ireland. By Rev. TRESHAM DAVIES GREGG, M.A., Trinity College,

A Brief Commentary on the First Epistle of St Paul to the Thessalonians. By

the Rev. A. S. PATTERSON,

The Young Instructed in the Gospel Narrative, being an Explanation of the

Principal Events in the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ, continuously arranged,

with Recommendatory Preface by the Rev. T. DREW, D.D., ..

The Scottish Church; a View of its History, Constitution, Doctrines, and Cere-


The Greatness of the Soul, &c., by John BUNYAN, to which is prefixed another

Essay, by the Rev. R. PHILIP,

Review of the Latest Events and Present State of the Church of Christ. By C.

F. WINGARD, D.D., Archbishop of Upsal, and Primate of all Sweden,


Lays and Laments for Israel: Poems on the Present State and Future Pros-

pects of the Jews. Original and Selected, with an Introductory Essay. By

the Rev. J. ANDERSON,

A New Universal Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English

Language, embracing all the Terms used in Art, Science, and Literature,

The Shadows of the Evening; or, the Signs of the Lord's Speedy Return. By


. . .

A Comparison of Prophetic Scripture with reference to the Antichrist, as to his

Person, Actings, and Future Manifestations. By HENRY KELSALL, M.D.,

The Sabbath School Teacher's Magazine, .


The Christian Treasury,

Strictures on a Sermon on the Extent of the Atonement, preached by the Rev.

J. Morrison in the Assembly Rooms, Leith,

A Warning from the East; or, the Jesuits as Missionaries in India. By the

Catechism of the Principles and Constitution of the Free Church of Scotland. 15

Protest of the Free Church of Scotland, . . . . ib.

Life of Julius Caesar.

Glimpses of the Dark Ages, .

Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament, translated, with

Additions and Corrections, from the Author's Thesaurus, and other sources.

..By S. P. TREGETALES, cical Dictionary:

The Churchman's Theological Dictionary,

: : : : 2016

Two Sermons preached on Sacramental Occasions. By the Rev. J. R. ANDER-

son, Glasgow,

Letters of John Huss, written during his Exile and Imprisonment, with Martin

Luther's Preface, &c. By Emile DE BONNECHOSE, translated by C. MACKENZIE, ib.

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