There's No Business That's Not Show Business: Marketing in an Experience Culture

FT Press, 24 de jun. de 2003 - 320 páginas

Say goodbye to "business as usual"--to succeed today you need show business!

How do you market in today's "experience culture"--as conventional advertising grows increasingly ineffective, and customers grow increasingly independent? Companies and brands from Altoids to Volkswagen have discovered the answer: bring show business into your business!

There's No Business That's Not Show Business demonstrates how to use "show biz" techniques to cut through the clutter, engage your customers personally, differentiate your product or brand--and create real, long--term value.

These techniques can be adapted for any product, service, or market--consumer or B2B. You'll learn how to clearly identify strategic objectives and expected outcomes; target your high--value customers; ensure that "show biz" marketing promotes your core brand message; extend your impact via PR and CRM; and, above all, achieve quantifiable results.

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Bernd H. Schmitt is a world authority on customer experience, brands, and innovation. He is Professor at Columbia Business School, Executive Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership, and CEO of The EX Group, a customer experience consulting firm. He has lectured and consulted in 20 countries, appearing on CNN, CNNfn, BBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC. He wrote the global bestseller Experiential Marketing and Customer Experience Management.

David L. Rogers heads the show business practice for The EX Group, where he works with clients to develop experiences that engage customers, differentiate products and brands, and create long-term value. Rogers came to show business via 20 years of performing, composing, and producing for the stage.

Karen Vrotsos is a freelance communications specialist. She provides consulting and research for books, online courses, and show business events. She has taught business writing and public speaking for professionals.

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