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The Fifty-ninth Thousand. Price One Shilling; or Pott-free, Is. 6d., THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON SPELLING BOOK.

This work is rendered peculiarly attractive by the East Arrangement of the Spelling, which smoothes all difficulties experienced by beginners; and by the PLEASING and ORIGINAL READING LESSONS, which entice the Learner to advance of his own accord; while the whole is illustrated by

UPWARDS OF ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY BEAUTIFUL WOOD-CUTS of Objects and Scenes described, forming by far the most alluring introduction to learning ever published. (144 Pages )

A few copies are Coloured, Price Is. extra.

Price 2*., containing 120 beautiful Engravingt, THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON INSTRUCTOR.

Being a COMPANION to the READING BOOK: Designed for a more advanced class of Students, and consisting of Extracts from English Classical authors, from the earliest periods of English literature to the present day, with a copious Introductory Chapter upon the arts of Elocution and Composition. The latter includes examples of style chosen from the beauties of the best authors, and points out by similar examples the faults to be avoided by all who desire to become, not simply good readers and speakers, but elegant writers of their native language

Price Five Shillings, a New Edition of THE ILLUSTRATED NEW TESTAMENT,

(AUtHOrISED Version), WITH UPWARDS OF ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ENGRAVINGS. Beautifully bound in cloth, embossed and gilt sides, gilt edges. The Illustrations are from drawings by eminent Artists, expressly for this Edition, with notes historical, explanatory, and descriptive; and embellished by a novel Panoramic Picture of the Holy Land, and a View of Lower Egypt, showing the route of the Israelites from Egypt to the Land of Canaan; presenting at one view the principal cities and places mentioned in the Old and New Testament, assisted by one hundred and eighty-eight references. The Nonpareil Edition, in paper covers, price 2s. 6d. In preparation, a Series of Useful and Amusing Books, profusely illustrated with Engravings,

of which due notice will be given. Published at the Office of the Illustrated London News, 198, Strand, London. The Trade and School*

supplied on liberal terms, for Cash only. Remittances to be made to the Office.

New Edition, with numerous Additions, by JOHN BARNETT ; demy 4to, neatly bound in cloth, with

Engravings and Diagrams, price Gs. THE HAND-BOOK TO THE PIANOFORTE. Comprising an easy Rudimental Introduction to the Study of that Instrument, and Music in general, the arc of Fingering, according to the modes of the best Masters, exemplified in various Exercises, Scales, &c., in all the major and minor keys; and interspersed by relaxations from study, consisting of Popular Melodies and Romances, and Selections from the Pianoforte Compositions of the most celebrated masters; also a shirt and easy Introduction to Harmony, or Counterpoint, and a New Vocabulary of Terms. By J. AUGUSFINE WADE, author of the "Dwellings of Fancy," "Songs of the Flowers," "The Two Houses of Grenada/' an Opera ; "The Prophecy," an Oratorio, &c.

London: Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria-lane.


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To read and speak with elegance and ease,
Are arts polite that never fail to please ;
Yet in those arts how very few excel!
Ten thousand men may read—not one read well.
Though all mankind are speakers in a sense,
How few can soar to heights of eloquence !
The sweet melodious singer trills her lays,
And listening crowds go frantic in her praise j
But he who reads or speaks with feeling true,
Charms and delights, instructs, and moves us too.—Bkowhe.

O deprive Instruction of the terrors with which the young but too often regard it, and strew flowers upon the pathways that lead to Knowledge, is to confer a benefit upon all who are interested in the cause of Edu

cation, either as Teachers or Pupils. The design of the following pages is not merely to present to the youthful reader some of the masterpieces of English literature in prose and verse, arranged and selected in such a manner

as to please as well as instruct, but to render them more agreeable to the eye and the imagination by Pictorial Representations, in illustration of the subjects. It is hoped that this design has not been altogether unsuccessful, and that the Illustrated London Reading Book will recommend itself both to old and young by the appropriateness of the selections, their progressive arrangement, the fidelity of their Illustrations, and the very moderate price at which it is offered to the public.

It has not been thought necessary to prefix to the present

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