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ORDER: There having been an Associate Justice of this court appointed since the adjournment of the last term,

It is ordered, That the following allotment be made of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of this court among the circuits agreeably to the act of Congress in such case made and provided, and that such allotment be entered of record, viz:

For the First Circuit, OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES,

Associate Justice. For the Second Circuit, Louis D. BRANDEIS, Associate

Justice. For the Third Circuit, MAHLON PITNEY, Associate

Justice. For the Fourth Circuit, EDWARD D. WHITE, Chief

Justice. For the Fifth Circuit, J. C. McREYNOLDS, Associate

Justice. For the Sixth Circuit, V/ILLIAM R. DAY, Associate

Justice. For the Seventh Circuit, JOHN H. CLARKE, Associate

Justice. For the Eighth Circuit, WILLIS VAN DEVANTER, Asso

ciate Justice For the Ninth Circuit, JOSEPH MCKENNA, Associate

Justice. October 30, 1916.

1 For next previous allotment see 241 U. 8., p. iv.


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American Brewing Co., United States v.
American Car & Fdry. Co., Hines Lumber Co. v.
American Fidelity Co., American Guaranty Co. v. .
American Guaranty Co. v. American Fidelity Co.
Arbuckle, Attorney General, State of Arkansas ex

rel., Fort Smith Lumber Co. v.
Archer, Admx., v. United States
Arctic Iron Co. v. Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.
Arkansas, State of, ex rel. Arbuckle, Attorney Gen-

eral, Fort Smith Lumber Co. v.
Armour & Co. v. Texas & Pacific Ry.
Atlanta Terminal Co. v. United States
Atlantic Coast Line R. R. v. United States
Ausplund v. State of Oregon

532 548 558

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532 551 559 546 563



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Bailey, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern R. R. v.
Baltimore Dry Dock & Ship Bldg. Co. v. New York

& Porto Rico S. S. Co., Clmt.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R. v. Coffland
Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern R. R. v. Bailey
Bank of North America, Wysong & Miles Co. v.
Bates, Receiver, v. Bunker et al., Admrs.
Bates, Receiver, v. Dean, Exr.
Bates, Receiver, v. Dresser, Admr.
Belknap, State of Washington v.
Ben Avon Borough, Ohio Valley Water Co. v.
Benham, Wilson, Trustee, v.
Berkman v. Caminetti, Commr. of Immigration
Birge-Forbes Co. v. Heye
Birmingham Trust & Savgs. Co., Trustee, v. United

Bishop, Admr., Ex parte

556 545 564 568 524 524 524 553 542 560 540 317

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Board of County Commrs., Osage County, United
States v.

128 Board of Public Utility Commrs. v. Ynchausti & Co.

401 Boegli, Western Union Tel. Co. v.

315 Bollis, Missouri Pacific R. R. v.

538, 552 Bone v. Commissioners of Marion County

134 Boone, Gulf & Ship Island R. R. v.

561 Bowles, Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Ry. v.

538 Bowman & Bull Co., Postal Tel.-Cable Co. v.

562 Bragg v. Weaver

57 Branson, Sheriff, v. Bush, Receiver

182 Briggs, Admx., v. Union Pacific R. R.

540 Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, Liverpool, Brazil & River Plate Steam Nav. Co. v.

48 Brooks-Scanlon Co. v. Railroad Comm. of Louisiana 396 Broussard, Ex parte

545 Broussard v. Crawford, Trustee

560 Broward Drainage Dist., Everglades Drainage League v.

567 Brown v. United States

554 Bruce, Admr., v. Tobin

552 Buena Vista, City of, Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel., Virginia-Western Power Co. v.

557 Bunker et al., Admrs., Bates, Receiver, v.

524 Burke, Union Pacific R. R. v.

548 Bush, Receiver, Branson, Sheriff, v.

182 Byron v. United States


264 547

Caffey, United States Attorney, Jacob Ruppert v.
California, State of, Kisin v.
California Industrial Accident Comm., Southern

Pacific Co. v.
California R. R. Comm., Napa Valley Elec.


Co v.

California R. R. Comm., Producers Transp. Co. v.
Caminetti, Commr. of Immigration, Berkman v.

366 228 540



PAGE Caminetti, Commr. of Immigration, Goldman v. 565 Camors et al., Trustees, Schall v.

239 Carbon Steel Co. v. Lewellyn, Collector of Internal Revenue

501 Central R. R. Co. of New Jersey, Drago v.

553 Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co., owner, v. Moore

553 Chicago, Milwauke & St. Paul Ry. v. McCaull-Dinsmore Co.

549 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. v. Cole, Admx. 54 Chipman, Ltd., v. Jeffery Co.

373 Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Arctic Iron Co. v.

558 Clifton Forge, City of, Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel., Virginia-Western Power Co. v.

557 Coffland, Baltimore & Ohio R. R. v.

545 Cole, Admx., Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. v. 54 Columbus, City of, Ohio State Tel. Co. v.

567 Commissioners of Marion County, Bone v.

134 Connors, Erie R. R. v.

557 Consolidated Window Glass Co. v. Window Glass Mach. Co.

558 Continental Bank of New York v. Prentice, Trustee 561 Cornell Steamboat Co., Morris & Cumings Dredging Co. v.

559 Corsicana Natl. Bank v. Johnson

68 Covington, City of, Gilligan v..

104 Covington, City of, Wagner et al., Partners, v.

95 Covington, Town of, Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel., Virginia-Western Power Co. v.

557 Crawford, Trustee, Broussard v. :


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Darkow v. United States
Davidovich, known as Davis, Superior & Pittsburgh

Copper Co. v.
Davis, Mergenthaler Linotype Co. v.
Davis, Davidovich, known as, Superior & Pittsburgh

Copper Co. v.



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Day, Sheriff, Thompson v.

536 Dear, Ext., Bates, Receiver, v.

524 Delawake & Bound Brook R. R. to use of Philadelphia & Reading Ry., United States v.

540 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R., Tomasco v. 551 Denver, City and County of, Mountain States Tel. & Tel. Co. v.

545 Divisor Cases

: 326 Doran, Commr. of Revenue, Twohy, Exr., v.

541 Drago v. Central R. R. Co. of New Jersey

553 Dresser, Admr., v. Bates, Receiver

524 Dryfoos v. Edwards, Collector of Internal Revenue 146 Duart, Simmons v.

547 Duhne . State of New Jersey

311 Dunbar v. City of New York

516 Duncan v. United States

566 D'Utassy, Southern Pacific Co. v.



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Eastern Extension, Australasia & China Tel. Co. v.

United States
Edward Hines Lumber Co. v. American Car & Fdry.

Edwards, Collector of Internal Revenue, Dryfoos v.
Egan, Chief of State Police, Hartford Poster Adv.

557 146

Co. v.


564 560 553 557

Equi v. United States
Equitable Trust Co., Toledo & Cincinnati R. R. o.
Erie R. R. v. Connors
Ervien, Commr. of Public Lands, v. United States
Estopinal, Sheriff, Godchaux Co., Inc., v.
Evans, Receiver, v. National Bank of Savannah
Evansville & Bowling Green Packet Co, v. Logan
Everglades Drainage League o. Broward Drainage

Ex parte Bishop, Admr.
Ex parte Broussard
Ex parte United States

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567 543 546 546

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