Mariam, the Magdalen, and the Mother

Deirdre Joy Good
Indiana University Press, 2005 - 240 páginas

"Offers a multifaceted discussion of the Magdalene traditions—traditions that echo well-known themes in the Hebrew Bible that go back to the story of Moses and of his sister, Miriam.... [Good] enriches our understanding of the resonances and complexity of the traditions surrounding this figure." —Elaine Pagels, author of Beyond Belief and The Gnostic Gospels

This volume presents a comprehensive portrait of Mary Magdalen. It offers original work by well-established Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars on the religious and prophetic experience of Mary Magdalen and her depiction in Christian art, and on aspects of Mary Magdalen's composite identity, which overlaps Miriamic, Gnostic, early Christian, and Manichaean traditions, together with Islamic and patristic traditions of Jesus' Mother. Rather than revisiting her singularity, this volume argues that the Miriamic roots of Mary Magdalen's composite identity and prophetic vision are prominent in all religious traditions of the first five centuries of the Common Era.

The contributors are Hosn Abboud, Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, J. Kevin Coyle, Mary Rose D'Angelo, Mary F. Foskett, Deirdre Good, Antti Marjanen, Carol Meyers, Claudia Setzer, and Stephen J. Shoemaker.

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The Miriamic Secret DEIRDRE GOOD
Miriam Music and Miracles CAROL MEYERS
Mary Magdalene a Beloved Disciple
Literary Genealogy
Women and Men in Mark
Early Christian Prophecy and the Context of John
The Magdalene
Mary of Nazareth
Idhan Maryam Nabiyya Hence Maryam
Revisiting the Marys
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Deirdre Good, Professor of New Testament at General Theological Seminary in New York, is author of Reconstructing the Tradition of Sophia in Gnostic Literature and Jesus the Meek King.

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