Manuale dell' ingegnere, civile e industriale

Hoepli, 1890 - 472 páginas

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Página 365 - Alhambra. Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Alhambra, with the elaborate details of this beautiful specimen of Moorish Architecture, minutely displayed in 100 beautifully engraved plates, 67 of which are highly finished in gold and...
Página 448 - MACHINERY. A Manual dealing with the Rapid and Economical Conversion of Stone. With Hints on the Arrangement and Management of Stone Works. By M. Powis BALE, MIME Second Edition, enlarged. Crown 8vo, cloth . . 9/O "The book should be in the hands of every mason or student of stonework."— Colliery Guardian.
Página 424 - Traité pratique et complet de tous les mesurages, métrages, jaugeages de tous les corps, appliqué aux arts, aux métiers, à l'industrie, aux constructions, aux travaux hydrauliques, aux nivellements pour construction de routes, de canaux...
Página 435 - THE METALLURGY OF SILVER. A Practical Treatise on the Amalgamation, Roasting, and Lixiviation of Silver Ores. Including the Assaying, Melting, and Refining of Silver Bullion. By M. EISSLER, Author of "The Metallurgy of Gold,
Página 461 - Traité de Stéréotomie, comprenant les Applications de la Géométrie descriptive à la Théorie des Ombres, la Perspective linéaire, la Gnomonique, la Coupe des Pierres et la Charpente. y' édition, revue el annotée par E.
Página 435 - The Metallurgy of Gold. A Practical Treatise on the Metallurgical Treatment of Gold-bearing Ores, including the Processes of Concentration and Chlorination, and the Assaying, Melting and Refining of Gold.
Página 463 - Camus (M?) Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, demonstrating the best forms which can be given to them for the purposes of Machinery, such as Mill-work and Clock-work, and the art of finding their numbers. Translated from the French, with details of the present practice of Millwrights, Engine Makers, and other Machinists, by ISAAC HAWKINS.
Página 405 - WATER ENGINEERING : A Practical Treatise on the Measurement, Storage, Conveyance and Utilisation of Water for the Supply of Towns, for Mill Power, and for other Purposes. By CHARLES SLAGG, Water and Drainage Engineer, AM Inst.CE, Author of " Sanitary Work in the Smaller Towns, and in Villages,
Página 424 - THE PRACTICAL ENGINEER'S HANDBOOK. Comprising a Treatise on Modern Engines and Boilers, Marine, Locomotive, and Stationary. And containing a large collection of Rules and Practical Data relating to recent Practice in Designing and Constructing all kinds of Engines, Boilers, and other Engineering work. The whole constituting a comprehensive Key to the Board of Trade and other Examinations for Certificates...
Página 374 - Values, the Tools, Machines and Practical Details connected with an intelligent and a profitable prosecution of the art, with special reference to the best American Practice. To which...

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