Memoir and correspondence of ... sir James Edward Smith, Volume 2

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Página 181 - He rules with wide and absolute command O'er the broad ocean and the steadfast land : Jehovah reigns, unbounded, and alone, And all creation hangs beneath his throne : He reigns alone ; let no inferior nature Usurp, or share the throne of the Creator. He saw the struggling beams of infant light Shoot through the massy gloom of ancient night ; His spirit hushed the...
Página 380 - Tis sweeter far to me, To walk together to the kirk With a goodly company! — To walk together to the kirk, And all together pray, While each to his great Father bends, Old men, and babes, and loving friends And youths and maidens gay!
Página 401 - God calms the tumult and the storm ; He rules the seraph and the worm : No creature is by him forgot Of those who know, or know him not. 4 And when the last dread hour shall come, While shuddering nature waits her doom, This voice shall wake the pious dead,
Página 379 - In matters of eternal concern, the authority of the highest human opinions has no claim to be admitted, as a ground of belief; but it may, with the strictest propriety, be opposed to that of men of inferior learning and penetration; and whilst the pious derive satisfaction from the perusal of sentiments according with their own, those who doubt or disbelieve, should be induced to weigh, with candor and impartiality, arguments which have produced conviction in the minds of the best, the wisest, and...
Página 381 - To give our views of God, in one word, we believe in his Parental character. We ascribe to him, not only the name, but the dispositions and principles of a father. We believe that he has a father's concern for his creatures, a father's desire for their improvement, a father's equity in proportioning his commands to their powers, a father's joy in their progress, a father's readiness to receive the penitent, and a father's justice for the incorrigible.
Página 112 - I rejoice you have met with Froissart, he is the Herodotus of a barbarous age; had he but had the luck of writing in as good a 10 language, he might have been immortal. His locomotive disposition (for then there was no other way of learning things), his simple curiosity, his religious credulity, were much like those of the old Grecian.
Página 377 - His creed was the New Testament, and he read it as a celebrated divine recommends ; that is, ' as a man would read a letter from a friend, in which he doth only seek after what was his friend's mind and meaning, not what he can put upon his •words.
Página 482 - The weighty bullion of one sterling line Drawn to French wire would through whole pages shine.
Página 442 - Virginia at the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth.
Página 382 - It is not because he is our Creator merely, but because he created us for good and holy purposes ; it is not because his will is irresistible, but because his will is the perfection of virtue, that we pay him allegiance. We cannot bow before a being, however great and powerful, who governs tyrannically. We respect nothing but excellence, whether on earth, or in heaven.

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