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Happy the schoolboy! Did he prize his bliss,
'Twere ill exchanged for all the dazzling gems
That gaily sparkle in ambition's eye :
His are the joys of nature, his the smile,
The cherub smile, of innocence and health :
Sorrow unknown, or, if a tear be shed,
He wipes it soon : for, hark! the cheerful voice
Of comrades calls him to the top or ball ;
Away he hies, and clamours as he goes,
With glee, which causes him to tread on air.

Oh! enviable, early days,
When dancing thoughtless pleasure's maze,

To care, to guilt unknown!
How ill exchanged for riper times,
To feel the follies, or the crimes,

of others, or my own!
Ye tiny elves, that guileless sport,

Like linnets in the bush,
Ye little know the ills ye court

When manhood is your wish!
The losses, the crosses,

That active men engage ;
The fears all, the tears all,

Of dim declining age ! -Burns.
How bright to him life's opening morn!

No cloud to intercept a ray ;
The rose had then no hidden thorn,

The tree of life knew no decay.
How greeted oft his wondering soul

The fairy shapes of childish joy,
As gaily on the moments stole,
And still grew up the blooming boy!

Let them exult : their laugh and song
Are rarely known to last too long :
Why should we strive, with cynic frown,
To knock their fairy castles down?

Eliza Cook.
Blest hour of childhood ! then, and then alone,
Dance we the revels close round pleasure's throne,
Quaff the bright nectar from her fountain-springs,
And laugh beneath the rainbow of her wings.
Oh ! time of promise, hope, and innocence,
Of trust, and love, and happy ignorance !
Whose every dream is heaven, in whose fair joy
Experience yet has thrown no black alloy ;
Whose pain, when fiercest, lacks the venom'd pang,
Which to maturer ill doth oft belong,
When, mute and cold, we weep departed bliss,
And hope expires on broken happiness.

3624. YOUTH. Hopefulness of SELF-FLATTER'D, unexperienced, high in hope, When young, with sanguine cheer, and streamers gay,

We cut our cable, launch into the world,
And fondly dream each wind and star our friend.

How gaily is at first begun

Our life's uncertain race !
Whilst yet that sprightly morning sun,
With which we just set out to run,

Enlightens all the place.
How smiling the world's prospect lies,

How tempting to go through!
Not Canaan to the prophet's eyes,
From Pisgah, with a sweet surprise,

Did more inviting show.
How soft the first ideas prove

Which wander through our minds !
How full the joys, how free the love,
Which does that early season move,
As flowers the western winds !

Anne, Countess of Wincheises.

Oh! the joy
Of young ideas painted on the mind
In the warm glowing colours fancy spreads
On objects not yet known, when all is new

And all is lovely.-Hannah More.
Youth with swift feet walks onward in the way;

The land of joy lies all before his eyes; Age, stumbling, lingers slower day by day, Still looking back, for it behind him lies.

Frances Anne Kemble Datia.

3625. YOUTH. Immortal Yet grieve thou not, nor think thy youth is gone,

Nor deem that glorious season e'er could die. Thy pleasant youth, a little while withdrawn,

Waits on the horizon of a brighter sky; Waits, like the morn, that folds her wing and hides

Till the slow stars bring back her dawning hour; Waits, like the vanish'd spring, that slumbering bides

Her own sweet time to waken bud and flower. There shall He welcome thee, when thou shalt stand On His bright morning hills, with smiles more

sweet Than when at first He took thee by the hand,

Through the fair earth to lead thy tender feet. He shall bring back, but brighter, broader still,

Life's early glory to thine eyes again, Shall clothe thy spirit with new strength, and fill

Thy leaping heart with warmer love than then. Hast thou not glimpses, in the twilight here,

Of mountains where immortal morn prevails ? Comes there not, through the silence, to thine ear

A gentle rustling of the morning gales ;

A murmur, wafted from that glorious shore,

Of streams that water banks for ever fair, And voices of the loved ones gone before,

More musical in that celestial air 2–Bryant.

3631. YOUTH. Sedateness in

SOMETHING of youth I in old age approve,
But more the marks of age in youth I love.
Who this observes, may in his body find
Decrepit age, but never in his mind.--Denham.

3626. YOUTH. Importance of education in

'Tis granted, and no plainer truth appears,
Our most important are our earliest years :
The mind, impressible and soft, with ease
Imbibes and copies what she hears and sees,
And through life's labyrinth holds fast the clue
That education gives her, false or true.-Cowper.

3632. YOUTH. Thoughtlessness of

We were Two lads that thought there was no more behind, But such a day to-morrow as to-day, And to be boys eternal. --Shakespeare.

3627. YOUTH: misspent.

O MAN! while in thy early years,

How prodigal of time! Misspending all thy precious hours,

Thy glorious youthful prime !-Burns.

3628. YOUTH. Perils of

Fair laughs the morn, and soft the zephyr blows,

While proudly riding o'er the azure realm In gallant trim the gilded vessel goes ;

Youth on the prow, and Pleasure at the helm ;
Regardless of the sweeping whirlwind's sway,
That, hush'd in grim repose, expects his evening

Gay hope is theirs, by fancy fed,

Less pleasing when possess'd;
The tear forgot as soon as shed,

The sunshine of the breast.
Theirs buxom health of rosy hue,
Wild wit, invention ever new,

And lively cheer of vigour born;
The thoughtless day, the easy night,
The spirits pure, the slumbers light,

That fly the approach of morn.

Down the smooth stream of life the stripling darts,
Gay as the morn : bright glows the vernal sky,
Hope swells the sails, and passion steers his course.
Safe glides his little bark along the shore,
Where virtue takes her stand : but if too far
He launches forth beyond discretion's mark,
Sudden the tempest scowls, the surges roar,
Blot his fair day, and plunge him in the deep.

Porteus. 3629. YOUTH. Rashness of

Alas! regardless of their doom,

The little victims play;
No sense have they of ills to come,

Nor care beyond to-day ;
Yet see how all around 'em wait
The ministers of human fate,

And black Misfortune's baleful train.
Ah! show them where in ambush stand,
To seize their prey, the murtherous band :

Ah, tell them they are men !-Gray.

Youth is ever apt to judge in haste,
And lose the medium in the wild extreme.

Hill. 3630. YOUTH : returnless.

THERE are gains for all our losses,

There are balms for all our pain,
But when youth, the dream, departs,
It takes something from our hearts,

And it never comes again.
We are stronger, and are better,

Under manhood's sterner reign;
Still we feel that something sweet
Follow'd youth, with flying feet,

And will never come again.
Something beautiful is vanishid,

And we sigh for it in vain ;
We behold it everywhere,
On the earth and in the air,

But it never comes again. - Stoddard.

O life ! how pleasant in thy morning,
Young Fancy's rays the hills adorning !
Cold pausing Caution's lesson scorning,

We frisk away,
Like school-boys at the expected warning,

To joy and play.Burns.

Ah! who can say, however fair his view,

Through what sad scenes his path may lie? Let careless youth its seeming joys pursue,

Soon will they learn to scan with thoughtful eye The illusive past and dark futurity.

H. Kirke White.

Stay not to sharpen your weapons,

Or the hour will strike at last, When, from dreams of a coming battle,

You may wake to find it past.

3635. ZEAL. True

ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame

The fire of love supplies; While that which often bears the name

Is self in a disguise.

3633. YOUTH. Zeal in
OH! be thou zealous in thy youth ;

Fill every day with noble toils,
Fight for the victories of Truth,

And deck thee with her deathless spoils.
For those whose lives are in retreat,

Their valour and ambition flown,
In vain the 'larum drum is beat,
In vain the battle-trumpet blown !

Oriental, tr. by W. R. Alger. 3634. ZEAL. Present

Rise from your dreams of the future,

Of gaining some hard-fought field,
Of storming some airy fortress,

Or bidding some giant yield.
Your future has deeds of glory,

Of honour (God grant it may),
But your aim will never be stronger,

Or the need so great as to-day.
Rise, for the day is passing !

The low sound that you scarcely hear
Is the enemy marching to battle ;

Arise! for the foe is near!

True zeal is merciful and mild,

Can pity and forbear ; The false is headstrong, fierce, and wild,

And breathes revenge and war.
While zeal for truth the Christian warms,

He knows the worth of peace ;
But self contends for names and forms,

Its party to increase.
Zeal has attain'd its highest aim,

Its end is satisfied,
If sinners love the Saviour's name;

Nor seeks it aught beside. – Newton.


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Age by degrees invisibly, 103
Age is froward, uneasy, 115
Age, like ripe apples, 116
Age sits with decent, 110
Ah, can you bear, 2497
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All flesh is grass, 751
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All great concernments must, 2925
All great souls make, 589
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All is of God, 2901
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All may be heroes, 1802
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All my heart this, 496
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All transitory titles I, 3357
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Ambition hath one heel, 158
Ambition is a lust, 155
Ambition is like love, 153
Ambition is the vice, 141
Ambition sigh'd, she found, 145
Ambrose of Cluny, abbot, 2722
Amid all life's quests, 420
Amid the darkness, when, 3230
Amplitude almost immense, with, 3218
Amy died. Dear little, 432
Among the sons of, 2059
An age that melts, 108
An aged Sultan placed, 1495
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An Eastern prince his, 3538
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And could we choose, 674
And faint not, heart, 2873
And Freedom thus, of, 1350

And for the heavens', 3220
And greedy avarice by, 255
And hence our master-passions, 2622
And how I bless, 2508
And if the mist, 3676
And is not youth, 3622
And is there care, 175
And is this the, 3061
And learn the luxury, 1539
And like the Spartan, 201
And may I still, 840
And may at last, 111
And oh ! that pang, 1668
Androcles from his injured, 2138
And say to mothers, 2508
And say without our, 1827
And see the rivers, 3010
And shall I e'er, 2991
And sometimes in my, 3482
And still froin him, 1940
And the brute crowd, 2497
And there lives not, 1438
And there's a lust, 3040
And they who before, 1129
And though all cry, 3065
And 'tis remarkable that, 2606
And to say truth, 3616
And touch'd with miseries, 2723
And underneath that face, 2628
And we are told, 2821
And what art thou, 405
And what is fame, 1196
And what is friendship, 1406
And what is most, 2801
And what is want, 2786
And when religious sects, 2694
And when thou think'st, 3201
And when time sweet, 580
And when yon crowd, 1713
And while Lord, Lord, 1550
And who but wishes, 2610
And who that walks, 220
And wilt thou now, 3082
Angels are men of, 174
Angels from friendship gather, 1411
Another feature in the, 129
Another hand is beckoning, 1378
Any heart turn'd Godward, 2824
Apollyon, Baalim, Beelzebub, Bel, 1746
Appearances decide and this, 200
Appearances to save his, 199
Applause waits on success, 3244
Are domestic comforts dead, 3441
Are there on earth, 185
"Are virtue,' then, and, 2715
Are we not brothers, 1065
Are we not creatures, 368
Are we sowing seeds, 3206
Arm'd at all points, 572
Arrest the present moments, 3345
Around Bethesda's healing wave, 292
Around each pure, domestic, 2761
Art may tell a, 205
Art thou aught else, 405
Art thou weary, art, 481
Art tired? There is, 2084
As a beam o'er, 3138
As a bird in, 2502
As a driver checks, 2626
As custom arbitrates whose, 652
As every day they, 3377
As folks, quoth Richard, 1195
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As I blow this, 1271
As in smooth oil, 2063
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As mid the ever-rolling, 2111
As precious gums are, 733
As rising on its, 273
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As th' untaught accident, 407
As the barometer foretells, 2598
As the fond sheep, 3097
As the heart-strings, 870
As the man beholds, 3539
As the rose doth, 222
As the uncultured prairie, 2199
As thistles wear the, 2158

As though the artist's, 1779
As though the hedgerows, 2498
As thou wilt, my, 2967
As veils transparent cover , 2334
As we do turn, 1390
As were a golden, 1475
As wrapt and hidden, 1003
Ask the swain who, 2556
Asleep in Jesus ! blessed, 673
Assail'd by scandal and, 3040
At church with mcek, 525
At evening to myself, 661
At every nation of, 636
At night, upon the, 8
At summer eve, when, 896
At the cross her, 2427
Atheist, use thine eyes, 626
Attempt the end, and, 2695
Auspicious Hope ! in thy, 1871
Authority intoxicates, and makes, 386
Authority! Thy worshipp'd symbols, 1608
Avaunt thee, horrid war, 3468
Avenge, O Lord, Thy, 2424
Avoid a villain as, 542
Avoid extremes, and shun, 1148
Avoid the politic, the, 1150
Awake in me a, 2745
Awake, my soul! lift, 1294
Awake, my soul! not, 1506
Away, then, causeless doubts, 942
Away! we know that, 2516
Away with all doubt, 2712
Away with custom, 'tis, 653
Away with death-away, 1969
Away with sorrow's sigh, 53
Ay ! idleness! the rich, 2757
Ay, Justice, who evades, 2125
Base envy withers at, 1054
Be calm in arguing, 203
Be firm ! one constant, 1274
Be it a weakness, 2437
Be it wbat it, 828
Be just in all, 32
Be kind to each, 2133
Be kind to thy, 2123
Be not afraid to, 2828
Be not always on, 2470
Be not dismay'd-fear, 616
Be not over-exquisite to, 194
Be not weary: toiling, 3491
Be patient-life is, 2243
Be patient! oh be, 2645
Be silent always when, 604
Be still in God, 2966
Be still, my soul, 189
Be strong to bear, 3252
Be thou clad in, 2779
Be thou the first, 2464
Be thrifty, but not, 1137
Be virtuous ends pursued, 3443
Be wise to-day, 784.
Be wisely worldly, but, 3513
Bear Thou my burden, 839
Bear your wrongs conceald, 522
Beautiful, yes! but the, 275
Beautiful, beautiful childhood with, 436
Beautiful the children's faces, 3281
Beautiful! How beautiful is, 3574
Beauty and Truth though, 216
Beauty gives the features, 276
Beauty is but vain, 282
Beauty is excell'd by, 276
Beauty, like ice, our, 379
Beauty, like the fair, 279
Beauty, my lord, 'tis, 275
Beauty, sweet love! is, 275.
Beauty! thou pretty plaything, 275
Beauty was lent to, 287
Beauty's a slippery good, 275
Because its blessings are, 1534
Before the idol-monster, 1941
Begin the day with, 658
Behold a patriarch of, 190
Behold an emblem of, 892
Behold, fond man ! see, 3511
Behold Sir Balaam now, 2888
Behold the Bridegroom cometh, 55
Behold the child among, 1960
Behold the child by, 2379
Behold the inexorable hour, 6gr

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