Proceedings of the American Psychological Association, Volume 1

Macmillan, 1893 - 29 páginas
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Página 44 - In no case may we interpret an action as the outcome of the exercise of a higher psychical faculty, if it can be interpreted as the outcome of the exercise of one which stands lower in the psychological scale
Página 56 - Have you ever, when believing yourself to be completely awake, had a vivid impression of seeing or being touched by a living being or an inanimate object, or of hearing a voice; which impression, so far as you could discover, was not due to any external physical cause...
Página 24 - ... the images were often curiously arbitrary and sometimes almost undecipherably symbolic. For example, it took him a long time to discover that an odd symbolic image which accompanied the word "value " was a faint, partial image of a man putting something in a scale.
Página 104 - ... only a part of its exciting substance at once ; three chemical constituents of the exciter of the greysensation can therefore now be present separately (under the influence of three different parts of the spectrum respectively) and they severally cause the sensation of red, green and blue. But when all three of these substances are present at once, they re-combine to produce the exciter of the grey sensation, and thus it happens that the objective mixing of three colors, in proper proportions,...
Página 21 - Further, he says that in the beginning man was born from animals of a different species. His reason is that, "while other animals quickly find food for themselves, man alone requires a prolonged period of suckling. Hence, had he been originally such as he is now, he could never have survived.
Página 18 - VOYELLES A noir, E blanc, I rouge, U vert, 0 bleu, voyelles, Je dirai quelque jour vos naissances latentes.
Página 13 - Memorial shall, subject to the supervision and direction of the Secretary of War, be in charge of three commissioners, consisting of Army officers, civilians, or both, to be appointed by the Secretary of War, one of whom shall be designated as chairman and another as secretary of the commission.
Página 42 - ... disvulnerable — ie, better able to resist pain. Carle assured me women would let themselves be operated upon almost as though their flesh were an alien thing. Giordano told me that even the pains of childbirth caused relatively little suffering to women, in spite of their apprehensions. Dr. Martini, one of the most distinguished dentists of Turin, has informed me of the amazement he has felt at seeing women endure more easily and courageously than men every kind of dental operation. Mela, too,...
Página 9 - Note upon the Controversy regarding the Relation of the Intensity of the Stimulus to the Reaction-time.
Página 122 - In this connection it is interesting to notice that those parts of the cortex which, according to the current view, were to be associated with the defective sense organs, were also particularly thin. The cause of this thinness was found to be due, at least in part, to the small size of the nerve cells there present. Not only were the large and medium-sized nerve cells smaller, but the impression made on the observer was that they were also less numerous than in the normal cortex.

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