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Aots Authorizing Loans, and Synopsis of same.

Act of March 3, 1863. Authorized an issue not exceeding $50,000,000, in fractional

currilicy (in lieu of postage or other stamps), exchangeable for United States notes ini 811nis not less than thireo dollars, and receivable for any dues to the United States less than five dollars, except duties on iniports. The whole uniount issued, including postage and other stapps issued is currency, not to exceed $51), 1XN1,004), Authority was given to prepare it in the Trrasury Department, un

der the supervision of the Secretary. Act of June 30, 1864.. Authorized an ins114 in lieu of the issue iinder acts of July

17, 1872, and March 3, 183, the whole amount outstanding

under all these acts not to excred $54),1**), (X). Act of June 30, 1864.. Authorized an isalles vf $4,(WW0,6MM) of bouds, redeemablo at

the plvasure of the Government, after any, period not less than five nor more than thirty years, or, if deemed expedient, hinde payable at any period not more than forty yenrs from date. And said bonds shall bear all annual interist uot exceeding, hi per centum, payable semiannually in coin. And the Secretary of the Treasury may dispose of such bundle, or any pirrt thereof, and of any borins comnionly known as five-twenties, remaining un sold, on euch terms as lie may deem most advisable, for lawful money of the United States, or, at his discretion, for Treasury notes, certificate of indebtedness, vr cer

tificates of deposit, 18yned under any act of Congre88. Act of March 3, 1863. Authorized an issue of Treasury notes, not exceeding three

years io run, interest at not over 6 per cent. per annum, Act of June 30, 1864.. principal and interest payable in lawful money. Also,

authorized the issue of, Hid in lieu of, an pynal amount of bouds authorized by the first section, and as a part of said loun, not exceeding $211),(W), ON), in Treasury notes of any denomination not less thani ten dollars, payable at any time not exceeding three years from date, or, if thought more expedient, redeemable at any time after three years from date, and bearing interest not excred. ing the rate of 7 3.10 per centum, payable in lawful DIONY nt maturity, or at the discretion of the Secre. tary, ormi-au1111111ly; and much of them an shall be made payable, principal and interest, at maturity, shall be a legal tender to the eanie rxtent an United Statru notes, for their face value, excluding interest, and may lie puid to any creditor of the United States, at their face value, excluding integrant, or to any creditor willing to receive them at par, including interest; un any 'l'ronsiiry nutus instir under the authority of this ait, may be finde nonvertible, at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, inte mins toonide implert aler the authority of this act, and the Sensitary inny redeemt, and H111 to be canceled and destroyed in Tromsary notes ur Cuited States notte loksutufire invited onder nithority of previous acts of congrens, huil suilostitute in lieu thereof il 21 al anionut of Tresnury rutes, such as are authorized by this act, or of other United States nutrs; nor shall H118 Treu8ury not louring interent, innlled under this act, be a legal trailer, ini pay misit or rinde.mption of any notes in. sued by any bank, balking HNorintiou, or baukur, calcu

to circulate Act of Jan, 28, 1865.. wlule amount may be issued in bunds or Treasury notes, at

the discretion of the Secretary, Act of March 3, 1865. Authorized an issue of Brilm), ewm,INM in boude or Treasury

uotes;. bonds may be prudle payable at any period not more than forty years from the date of innue, or may be made redeemable at the pleasure of the Gurernment, at or after any puriod not less than five years nor biore than forty years from date, or uiay be uiade redenunble and payablo as aforesaid, as may be expressed ypou their face, and so much thoroof as may be issued in Truasury notes

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Acta Authorizing Loans, and Synopsis of same.

Act of March 3, 1865, may be made convertible into any bonds authorized by this (Continued.)

act, and be of such denominations, not less than fifty dollars, and bear such dates, and be made redeemable or pay. able at such periods as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem expedient. The interest on the bonds payable semiannually; on Treasury notes semi-annually, or appually, or at maturity thereof; and the principal or interest, or both, be made payable in coin or other lawful money; if in coin, not to exceed 6 per cent. per annum; when not payable in coin, not to exceed 7 3-10 per cent. per annum. Rate and character to be expressed on bonds or Treasury

notes. Acts of April 12, 1866, Authorized the Secretary of the Treasury, at his discretion,

amendment to act to receive any Treasury notes or other obligations issued March 3, 1865......... under any act of Congress, whether bearing interest or

not, in exchange for any description of bonds authorized by the act to which this is an amendment; and also to dispose of any description of bonds authorized by said act, either in the United States or elsewhere, to such an amount, in such manner, and at such rates as he may think advisable, for lawful money of the United States, or for any Treasury notes, certificates of indebtedness, or certificates of deposit, or other representatives of value, which have been or which may be issued under any act of Congress, the proceeds thereof to be used only for retiring Treasury notes or other obligations issued under any act of Congress : but nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize any increase of

the public debt. Acts of July 1, 1862, Bonde issued to the Union Pacific Railroad Company, in

and July 2, 1864. accordance with these acts. Act of March 2, 1867. For the purpose of redeeming and retiring any compound

interest notes outstanding, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to issue temporary loan certificates in the manner prescribed by section four of the act entitled “An act to authorize the issue of United States notes and for the redemption or funding thereof, and for funding the floating debt of the United States," approved February twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding three per centum per annum, prinoipal and interest payable in lawful money on demand; and said certificates of temporary loan may constitute and be held by any national bank holding or owning the same, as a part of the reservo provided for in sections thirty-one and thitty-two of the act entitled "An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," approved Juno three, eighteen hundred and sixty-four: Provided, That not less than two-fifths of the entire reserve of such bank shall consist of lawful money of the United States : And provided further, That the amount of such tem. porary certificates at any time outstanding shall not Oxceed fifty millions of dollars.

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Showing dates of acts creating Territories, and admitting StatesTime of holding general elections-Number

of Representatives in Congress-Date of general elections in the several States, with number of Representatives and Senators Terms of office-Times of meetiny-ocation of capitals, etc.

Governor's term of office. Years.

State Capitals.

1001 Arkanisalo. Frunch 1670 Mar. 2, 1819 June 15, 1836 18t Mon. Aug.

75 California 3 Span'd 1769

Dels re* I Swedes (1927

13 French11749 Feb. 3, 1-09 Dec. 3, 1818 Tues, af. Ist Mon. Nov. bienn. 75
11 French 17:30 May 7, 1800 Apr. 19, 181624 Tues. Oct.

100 Iowa Amer. 183: June 12, 1838 Mar. 3, 1845 211 Tues. Oct.

y Virus 1775


Tues. af. 18t Mon. Nov.240

6 French 1670 Jan. 11, 1805 Jan. 26, 1837 Tur. af, 1st Mon. Nov. 74
Minnesota. 2 Amer. 1817 Mar. 3, 1849 May 14, 14.20 Tues. Oct.

42 Mississippi 5 Freuch 1716 Apr. 7, 1798 Dec. 10, 1817 1st Mon. Oct.

92 Missonri 9 French 1763 Mar. 3, 1805 Mar. 6, 1820 18t Mon. Aug.

130 N. Hampshiru* 3 Engl, 11623


2 33 2 25 1 16 1 21 1 9 I 19 2 52 2 25 2 2 130 2 23 2 301 2 132 I 31 2 22 I 40 2 132 1 121 2 32 2 133 1 112

4 2d Mon. Nov. bicnn 2 Montgomery. 4 ist Mon. Nov. bienu. 4 Little Rock. 2 1st Mon, Jan.

2 Sacramento. 1 ist Wed. May

I Hartford. 4 ist Tues. Jan. bienn. 4 Dover, 4 4th Mon. Nov.

4 Tallahassee. 2 Ist Mon, Nov.

2 Milledgeville.
4 20 Mon. Jan.

4 Th. af. 18t M. Jan." 4 Indianapolis.
4 2d Mon. Jan. bienn. 2 Des Moines.
2 ist Wed. Jan.

2 Lecompton.
4 Ist Mon. Dec, bienn. 4 Frankfort.
4 3d Mon. Jan.

4 Baton Rouge.
1 1st Wed, Jan.

1 |Augusta,
ist Wed. Jan, bienn. 4 Annapolis.
1 ist Wed. Jan.

1 Buston.
2 18t Wed. Jan. biena. 2 Lausing.
2 18t Tu, af. 18t M.Jan. 2 St. Paul.
41st Mon. Nov. bienn

2 Jackson.
4 Last Mon. Dec. 4 Jefferson City.
1 18t Wed. June.

1 Concord.



States and

No. Meinbers of Congress.



Time of holding
general elections.

Date of Act creating


Time of Meeting of


By whom.



3 Number




Alabama 17 French 1713 Mar. 3, 1817| Mar. 2, 1819[1st Mon. Aug.

Sept. 9, 18.30 Tues. after ist Mon Sept 36
Connectivut* 4 Engi. 1633

1st Mon. April.

2d Tues. Nov.

1 Span'd 1:504 Mar. 3, 1823 Dar. 3, 1815 1st Mon, Oct.

*Engl. 1733

Ist Mon, Oct. bienn. 150

1 Amer. 1870) May 30, 1954 Jan. 29, 1861 20 Tues. Nov.

5 Fugl.
Mar. 15, 18211 2d Mon. Sept.

5 Engl. 16:34

Ist Wed, Nov.

Mnexachusetts* 10 Eugi. 16201

................ (2d Tues, March.

4 French 1694 Mar.26, 10 Feb., 1792 18t Mon. Aug.


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